Teacher Appreciation Letter

Teacher Appreciation Letter

None of us would be where we are today without the guidance of a caring teacher. And while teachers may not demand any show of appreciation for their role in our lives, it’s sure to put a smile on your favorite teacher’s face.

A simple thank you letter shows them that you appreciate the effort they put into the guidance they’ve provided to you or your child (in the case of a parent).

But if you’re not sure how to structure the letter, we’ll be taking a look at some samples that will give you some ideas or even modify them for your specific teacher.

Tips For An Effective Appreciation Letter

The most important part about this letter is how well it conveys your appreciation to the teacher. You should keep these things in mind:

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Keep It Concise

You don’t need to write a very long letter to your teacher. Just stay on topic and let them know the impact they’ve had on you and how.

If they provided some tips that helped academically in something they did that has had an impact on you, try and convey this in your letter.

Decide What To Write

Before you write the letter, it’s important to list a few things that the teacher did that helped you or your child. It’ll help jog your memory when you’re finally writing the letter.

Think about specific moments or things they did, that were impactful or made a bit of a difference in your life.

Be Genuine

We’ll be providing some templates that you can use, but it’s essential that you modify them to convey your heartfelt gratitude. Don’t exaggerate or make up experiences just to make your letter sound more impressive.

Consider The Format

Do you want to send a handwritten or typed letter? A handwritten letter has a more personal feel to it but a typed letter would be much more legible.

If you believe your handwriting would equally legible, you should opt for a handwritten letter. That said, they would still appreciate a typed letter.


Proofreading your letter shows that you put thought and effort into your writing. Proofreading will ensure that you identify and correct any grammatical errors.

If you’re still a student, it shows that you’re progressing academically, which would also make them proud of your progress and their role in that progress.

Professional Tone

Make sure that you address the teacher by their proper name. Do they prefer a Mr., Miss, Ms., or Mrs.? Make sure that you use their appropriate title when addressing them in the letter as well as on the envelope.

Avoid using acronyms, emojis, and other forms of informal language, and also remember to always maintain a professional tone in your letter.

Teacher Appreciation Letter Examples

Template 1 – Appreciation From Student For Helping Understand A Subject

Dear {{Title And Surname}},

I always struggled with {{Subject}}, so I had little hope going into your class. But you had a way of teaching which made concepts I would ordinarily struggle with, easy to understand. For the first time since I started learning {{Subject}}, I was excited about coming to class and wasn’t worried about a teacher calling me out to answer a question.

I can’t thank you enough for helping me overcome my fear of {{Subject}} and develop a genuine interest in the subject. I wish you were still my {{Subject}} teacher but I’m grateful for the foundation you’ve given me.

I will never forget your impact on my academic life and will forever be grateful. Thank you for being an amazing teacher.

{{Full name}}

Template 2 – Appreciation From Student To Strict Teacher

Dear {{Title And Surname}},

I never thought I would be writing this letter, but looking back now, I can’t thank you enough for pushing us to do our best in your class. You always asked for perfection in class and I never understood why until now.

I’m sure others felt the same way, but I dreaded coming to your class. I remember {{What you did because you dreaded the class}}. But your expectations pushed me to commit to my studies and strive for excellence.

You pushed me outside my comfort zone and instilled in me the value of perseverance and attention to detail. This lesson laid a solid groundwork for my approach to education and has proven to be beneficial in various other aspects of my life.

I will never forget your impact on my life and will forever be grateful. Thank you for being an amazing teacher.

{{Full name}}

Template 3 – Appreciation From Parent To Teacher

Dear {{Title And Surname}},

I hope this finds you well. I would like to thank you for the great job you’ve done with {{Child’s Name}}. I’ve noticed a significant improvement in {{His/Her}} {{Subject}} grades and a very positive attitude toward learning.

I’ve been worried about {{His/Her}} grades in {{Subject}} and was thinking of hiring a tutor to help {{Him/Her}}. So, it was surprising to see significant progress in {{His/Her}} recent test results.
I had a chat with {{Him/Her}} and it looks like I owe you a great debt for everything you’ve done. I appreciate the extra time and attention you’ve dedicated to helping my child succeed in {{Subject}}.

I would like to also support any way possible. Please let me know if there’s something I can do at home to help {{Him/Her}} keep up this progress.

Thank you for being a great teacher who genuinely cares about {{Child’s Name}}.

{{Full name}}

Template 4 – Appreciation From Parent To Kindergarten Teacher

Dear {{Title And Surname}},

Thank you for all the hard work and dedication you’ve shown my child. {{Child’s Name}} seems to enjoy going to school and talks about you all the time. I can also see that she’s doing well academically as she’s already able to recite the alphabet to {{How far the child can recite the alphabet}}.

I was initially worried that {{she/he}} may not get along with the other kids or even like schooling but I’m glad {{she/he}} has a teacher like you. As I’m sure you’ve already noticed {{Child’s Name}} can be {{Troublesome/Quiet/Other}}, so please let me know if there are any behavioral issues.

Additionally, I would be grateful if you could suggest any activities we could do at home to support {{Him/Her}} academically.

Thank you very much for everything you’ve done for {{Child’s Name}}.

{{Full name}}

Template 5 – Appreciation From Former Student To Teacher

Dear {{Title And Surname}},

I hope this finds you well. I recently {{What reminded you to contact the teacher}} and wanted to express my profound gratitude for everything you did for me when I was your student.

You saw potential in me long before I could see it in myself and you pushed me to do my best in your class. You instilled in me perseverance and attention to detail; qualities which laid a solid groundwork for my approach to learning and life in general.

I will always be appreciative of your kindness and support every step of the way. You were always there with a listening ear, sound advice, and encouraging words, whether I needed help understanding a concept or motivation.

Your approach to teaching made learning fun and fostered my love of knowledge. Above all else though, it is your kindness, support, and steadfast commitment to my success that I will remember the most.

I will never forget your impact on my life and will forever be grateful. Thank you for being an amazing teacher.

{{Full name}}

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