How To Teach Seniors To Use Zoom (The Complete Guide)

How To Teach Seniors To Use Zoom

Hate it or love it, Zoom meetings are a part of our lives now. Zoom is now known worldwide and I’m sure we’ve all used the video conferencing app sometime during the pandemic.

Going forward, this application is still going to remain a part of our lives in both formal and informal settings.

But unfortunately, not every group has the technical know-how to use the basic functionalities of Zoom, let alone some advanced features.

What is zoom for seniors?​

Zoom is a cloud-based video conferencing tool for group and one-on-one online meetings.

There’s no real application called Zoom for seniors. That said, Zoom can be used in many ways by seniors.

To put it simply, Zoom is an easy-to-use software that can help seniors video chat with family, friends, and many more.

Why seniors need zoom​

Like everyone, seniors need to stay connected and one of the most efficient means of communication is through video calls.

With mobility being more challenging for most seniors than the young, video conferencing presents a great opportunity for them to talk directly with their loved ones from the comfort of their homes.

This is where Zoom comes in. Zoom is a free and easy-to-use video-conferencing application that enables seniors to talk to family members, friends, health care professionals, and more.

Additionally, Zoom requires very little know-how to initiate or join a meeting.

Zoom 101 For Seniors​

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Download Zoom For Seniors​

The first step is to teach seniors how to download Zoom. Since Zoom can be used on computers, smartphones, and tablets, it can easily be installed by following or outlining these specific instructions.

How to download Zoom for Windows​

To install Zoom on a Windows desktop or laptop computer, simply visit At the top-right of the page, you’ll see a “Resources” menu.

Simply move your mouse over it and you’ll be presented with a list of sub-menu items including “Download Zoom Client”.

Click Download Zoom Client to be presented with the various Zoom clients, and then click “Zoom Client For Meetings” to download the Windows version of the Zoom application.

Alternatively, you can also visit Google and then type “Download Zoom”, then click the first link to be presented with the various Zoom clients.

If they’re using a MacBook, the same process can be followed to receive the pkg file that can be easily installed.

Simply double-click on both Windows and macOS to install the Zoom desktop client.

How to install Zoom on Android​

If they’re on an android phone, they simply search for the “Play Store” application on their phone and tap it to launch.

Once the application has been launched, tap the search bar at the top and then type in “Zoom”.

You will be presented with “ZOOM Cloud Meetings”. Simply tap “Install” to install the application on your android phone.

How to install Zoom on iPhone​

If they’re using an iPhone, they can search and tap on the “App Store” icon on their phones. Once the application has been launched, tap on search and then type “Zoom”.

Select “ZOOM Cloud Meetings” from the available apps and then tap on “Get” to install the application.

Setting Up a Zoom Account​

Once the application has been installed, You can either choose to Sign up for an account or simply join a meeting.

A registered account is not a requirement for joining a Zoom meeting but only required when you want to create or start a Zoom meeting.

Zoom Sign Up On Android and iOS​

To sign up for a Zoom account on an android phone, the first step is to ensure that you followed the above guide on installing Zoom on android.

If Zoom has been successfully installed, simply look for the Zoom app on your android device or pull up the search feature and type Zoom.

Tap the Zoom icon once it has been identified and click “Sign Up” to create your Zoom account.

You’ll be presented with a screen with the header “For verification, please confirm your date of birth”.

Simply set your date of birth and tap “set” to proceed to the next screen. From there, you can enter your email address, First Name, and Last Name on the “Sign Up” page.

Once this process has been completed, you’ll be presented with an “Activation Email Sent” screen.

Verify the account by checking your email for a mail from Zoom. Click on the “Activate Account” button and add a password to your account on the appropriately named “Account Info” screen.

Click “Continue” and then feel free to skip the next steps and go back to your Zoom application.

Go back to the main homepage, tap “Sign In” and then enter your email and password to sign in to your account.

How Seniors Can Start a Zoom Meeting​

Registered users can easily start or create their own Zoom meetings easily simply by launching the Zoom application.

The fastest way to start a Zoom meeting is to click the “New Meeting” icon once a registered user is logged in to the application.

Select “Start a Meeting” to begin your meeting. Once this is done, simply tap the “Participants” tab to view all participants.

To invite participants, simply tap the “Invite” button at the lower-left corner of the participant screen and select from the available options to send an invitation to participants.

You can also click “Copy Invite Link” if your preferred platform to send invitations is not on the list.

How Seniors Can Join Zoom Meetings​

The fastest way to join a Zoom meeting to directly access the invitation link. To ensure that seniors are not burdened with the other complications, An invitation link can be sent out for them to easily access and join a meeting.

Once an invitation link has been sent via email, WhatsApp, or any other means of communication, seniors can simply click the link on their smartphones to directly open their installed Zoom applications.

If they’re already logged in, they can simply enter the meeting passcode to successfully join the video meeting.

Another option is to send the meeting ID to participants. Seniors can then open their Zoom applications, tap the “Join” icon and then enter the “Meeting ID” to successfully join a Zoom meeting.

How To Add Contacts To Zoom​

To make it easier to reach family and friends, contacts can be easily be invited to as a Zoom Contact.

Simply tap the “Contacts” icon at the bottom of the Zoom application. Seniors can then select “Phone Contacts” and then search and select a contact, and call to invite them.

Another option is to send them an automated Zoom contact request if the contact’s email address is available.

Zoom Activities For Senior Citizens​

Who said people can’t have fun indoors. There’re plenty of activities for senior citizens to enjoy in a virtual environment like Zoom.

Zoom exercises or workout for Seniors​

Trainers in recent days have been leveraging video conferencing platforms like Zoom to make remote workouts interactive.

Using this means, trainers are able to help seniors correct bad forms and make recommendations to each participant.

Seniors can leverage this especially since most of these forms of training do not require the use of any heavy equipment.

This also comes with the added advantage of accountability as trainers are able to observe participants and through such platforms.

Zoom games for seniors​

Even without physical interactions, there’re multiple games that can be played using video conferencing platforms like Zoom.

Some of these games include:

1. Pictionary​

Zoom comes with a whiteboard feature that when used properly can facilitate learning and many other activities.

To use the feature, it is necessary to ensure that the whiteboard and chat features in Zoom are activated before starting or creating your meeting.

2. Five Things​

Another simple game that can be played on Zoom is Five Things. To play, simply name a person and a topic. That person is then given 15 seconds to name five specific things within that topic.

Once the player succeeds, he then names another player and a topic. The game then continues in that manner.

3. Charade​

Another obvious game, perfect for online gameplay. Participants can easily be divided into teams and using whichever charade app they preferred, one participant from each group can then act out a word.

To make it easier for others to see, the acting participant can use the spotlight tool or feature available in the Zoom application.

The Bottom Line

Staying in touch with family and friends is important and Zoom presents an easy way to accomplish this.

Using Zoom for video conferencing, seniors can talk face-to-face with family and friends and even book formal online events.

Physicians can easily reach their patients and other forms of formal consultation can easily be scheduled and completed.

Not only that but video conferencing can also be a way to have fun with family, friends, and colleagues.


How Can I View Participants on Zoom?

Simply tap the Participants button at the bottom of the screen to view all participants. On the right side of each participant name, video, microphone, and sharing icons are visible to show participants with these features of their phones enabled at any point in time.

Can others see me on Zoom meeting?

Simple answer. Yes. But you can also tap “Stop video” to hide video of yourself.

How can I mute a Zoom Call

Click or tap on the speaker button at the top-left corner of your Zoom meeting to enable or disable meeting sound

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