How To Link Google Forms To QR Code

Link Google Forms To QR Code

Google Workspace comes with some of the best collaboration and productivity tools on the market. One of such tools is Google Forms. Using this tool, teachers can easily create surveys, assessments, quizzes, and many more for their students.

Links can then be shared with learners who can then access them through their computers smartphones.

Unfortunately, these links are usually very long, and a change or error with a single character in the link address leaves it broken.

This problem isn’t unique to Google Forms alone but some solutions like link shortening and QR code can easily be used to make it easier for learners to access a link.

These solutions can be applied to any link but we’ll be focusing on easy ways to link Google Form to QR code.

Although name shortening is another means of sending links to students with little margin for error, it still comes with some similar flaws as most original URLs.

The best option would be to connect your Google Form to a QR code to eliminate any potential errors in the link.

This will enable learners to easily access a Google Form using an application like Google Lens to scan the QR code.

What Is QR Code And How Do You Use It

QR Code is essentially a machine-readable code consisting of pixel patterns. Modern technology now enables QR codes to go beyond simple black and white squares but to include specific colors and even icons.

It stores data that can connect directly to a web URL, phone number, application, and many more. This can easily be translated with applications like Google Lens to access stored information.

To use a QR code, simply install your preferred QR code reader application on your smartphone.

Launch the application and then ensure that the QR code is in the square frame on your screen.

Readers like Google Lens will easily show the content of the scanned QR code on the phone screen.

This can be clickable URLs, phone numbers or whatever information contained in the QR code.

If it’s a URL, simply click the link to open the link in your preferred browser, or open in your dial screen if it’s a phone number.

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Link Google Form To QR Code

There are several ways by which a Google Form can be connected to a QR code.

This includes using third-party Google Workspace add ons for Google Forms and using external QR code generators.

Google Form QR Code Add-On

One of the most reliable ways to link your Google Form to a QR code is to use third-party add-ons.

The Google Workspace Marketplace has some of the best add-ons for various purposes, that can be added to Google Workspace applications.

This includes QR code add-ons for Google Forms. My favorite in the market is the QR Code Generator add-on.

QR Code Generator add-on enables users to create a QR code for their Google Form. The add-on is easy to use and users can simply click on the add-on icon on the toolbar in Google Forms to access it.

Unfortunately, this add-on is not free to use but users are allowed to use some free credits to create about 14 QR codes.

Once these are exhausted, users would then need to subscribe to one of their month, yearly, or lifetime plans.

The plans are quite affordable so if you use Google Forms often, purchasing the lifetime membership at a discounted price would be worth it.

If you’re interested in Google Workspace add-ons to supercharge your Google Slide presentations, check out our article on the best Google Slide add-ons for teachers.

External QR Code Generators For Google Forms

My favorite QR code generator is called QRcode Chimp. Want to create a QR code for an event, social media link, coupon, business, Google Maps, an app, Google Meet, Zoom Meeting, a presentation, an email, or even an SMS?

The app for you is QRcode Chimp. It is easy to use and comes with great features for further customization.

Edit and decorate your QR code however way you want it with this feature-packed application.

To connect your Google Form to a QR code, simply click the “Send” button in your Google Form and then select the link tab.

You will be given a shareable link to your Google Form. Simply click “Copy” to copy the link and visit QRcode Chimp, paste the link into the URL field and then check or tick the “Make dynamic” box if you’d like tracking and analytics on your link.

You can then download the QR code right away or select “Save QR Code” to save your progress to your dashboard.

Simply send the downloaded QR code to your students who can scan them to easily access the link.

I would recommend testing the QR code out once the link has been generated.

Use the “Decorate” feature to select and create some fun and exciting shapes for your QR code.

The best part about this application is that you can download your QR code at very high quality up to 4096 x 4096.

QRcode Chimp is a freemium product but the free plan comes with all the above-listed features and more.

The free plan enables users to create up to 1000 scans per month while the premium versions come with even more monthly scans.

Unless you have thousands of students scanning the generated QR code, the free plan should be more than enough.

The Bottom Line

Many other QR code generators on the market can help you link to your Google Form, files, and more but I believe the QRcode Chimp is one of the best on the market.

The software is free and makes QR code generation easy. Whether you aim to use your Google Form for educational, corporate, or personal purposes, use this application to create a simple QR code to make it easier for your audience to access your survey, questionnaire, or quiz.

You can also use the QR Code Generator add-on for Google Forms as it simplifies the whole process within your Google Form.

But unlike the QR Code Generator add-on, the QRcode Chimp has the added advantage of being used outside Google Forms.

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