15+ Best Software Testing Courses Online in 2023

software testing courses

If you are a professional software developer then you definitely should learn software testing in order to up the reliability of your applications.

By learning accessiblity testing, functional testing and interactive testing, you are setting yourself up on the path to becoming a freelance software tester, and probably landing an entry-level software testing job later down the line.

However, in order to be great at software testing, you need to learn from the best software testing courses and certifications online that will teach you the latest and most efficient software testing tools.

By deploying properly tested software using tools like Jenkins, you’ll prevent bugs, reduce development costs and improve performance.

In this article, we are going to look at the best software testing courses and certifications online to get you started learning how to become a software testing expert.

You’ll learn how to perform API testing of microservices, unit testing of C# applications as well as testing JavaScript applications.

Let’s get started.

1. Introduction to Software Testing | Coursera
2. Pragmatic Unit Testing in Java 8 with JUnit | Educative
3. Testing Vue.js Components with Jest | Educative
4. MasterClass Software Testing with Jira & Agile | Udemy 
5. The Complete 2022 Software Testing Bootcamp | Udemy 
6.  Robot Framework Test Automation – Level 1 ( Selenium ) | Udemy 
7.  Business Analyst: Software Testing Processes & Techniques | Udemy 
8. Software Testing and Quality Assurance: The Big Picture | Pluralsight 
9. Automated Software Testing: Model and State-based Testing | edX 
10. Learn Software Analysis & Testing | Udacity
11. Software Quality Assurance: QA & Agile Testing | Tutorialspoint 
12. Learn Testing for Web Development | Codecademy 
13. Test Automation with Selenium WebDriver and Python | FutureLearn 
14. Unit Testing for Data Science in Python Course | DataCamp 
15. Software Testing Fundamentals Course | Edureka 

1. Become a Test Automation Engineer Learning Path | LinkedIn Learning

By learning software testing techniques using this software testing course online, you can speed up the pace of software delivery, improve quality, and stay relevant in your career as a tester. 

Through this LinkedIn Learning path, you’ll learn the fundamentals and get hands-on practice with Selenium, Python, and other test automation tools.

So basically, you’ll discover the fundamentals of test automation, master Selenium testing tools and frameworks, as well as explore how to use Python to automate your tasks.

You’ll mainly focus on Selenium by covering installation and basic use cases. Here, you’ll find out how to set up the test-writing framework, WebDriver, and Selenium Grid, which allows you to distribute the testing load and run tests against a remote server. 

There is also a comprehensive introduction to Robot Framework, a free, open source, keyword-driven test automation framework for automating software tests quickly and easily. 

Unreal Engine Courses
Automation Testing Courses

2. Software Testing Foundations: Test Techniques Online Class | LinkedIn Learning

Technique is something you develop to ensure that whatever you deliver is the best possible outcome of your work.

This is one of the best software testing courses online where the instructor, Mike Fine,applies this idea to software testing. 

According to the instructor, the more refined and honed your software testing skills are, the better the results of your testing. Whether you’re a software tester looking to add to your skills, or prepping for an ISTQB certification, mastering many different test techniques only increases the chances that you have the tools to accomplish any task. 

Through this online training you’ll learn the key techniques like black-box testing, white-box testing, and experienced-based testing. 

If you’ve worked in software testing before, then you know that these techniques are often full of esoteric lingo and complicated terminology. However, the instructor gives some advice on how to communicate your testing process so your results aren’t lost in technical jargon.

3. MasterClass Software Testing with Jira & Agile -Be a QA Lead | Udemy 

This is one of the best software testing courses on Udemy that will help you become a software tester faster and more efficiently.

In this online course, you’ll find everything you need to learn and master Agile Scrum practices, software development life cycle, QA process, software testing methodologies, as well as project management tools like Jira, and Bugzilla.

So technically, you’ll get to gain project lead skills, even if you don’t have prior experience .

Once you take this course you’ll get to understand how software projects are handled in Agile environments, as well as learn how software testing is handled in the traditional software development life cycle. 

By the end of this Udemy course you’ll know how to write edge test cases with out of the box thinking, while completely understanding the process of defect life cycle.

4. The Complete 2022 Software Testing Bootcamp | Udemy 

If you’d like to learn how to become a software tester then this is one of the best software testing courses on Udemy to get you started.

In this course, you’ll pick up all the required knowledge that you need in order to land your first software testing job whether it is a full-time job or a freelancing gig.

During this software testing training you’ll learn about manual testing basics, Agile testing basics, API & web services testing, and performance testing using tools like JMeter & HP Loadrunner.

You’ll also be introduced to some of the most popular freelance testing websites, and common manual testing interview questions.

This online course for learning how to become a software tester also teaches you unit testing using tools like JUnit5-Mockito, and Black Box test techniques like equivalence partitioning, boundary value analysis, decision table testing, and state transition testing.

5. Agile Testing Online Class | LinkedIn Learning, formerly Lynda.com 

Do the words Agile and Scrum sound familiar?

In this course, you’ll learn how to create higher-quality software at a faster pace by implementing Agile testing methodologies in your organization. 

Throughout this online software testing course, instructor Ash Coleman helps you boost your understanding of the role and methods of software testers, as well as how testing can enhance your agile workflow. 

To start off the course, the instructor, Ash, takes you through the role of the software tester in Agile teams, detailing how testers govern, monitor, and encourage quality practices. 

Next, you’ll dive deep into the Agile software testing approach and establish where testers can really add value. 

At the end of this course,  you’ll be acquainted with key testing processes and responsibilities, including bug tracking; explore both manual testing and test automation; and discuss how continuous integration can be incorporated into the mix.

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