15+ Best Signal Processing Courses & Certifications Online in 2022

signal processing courses

What are some of the best signal processing courses online? 

Most students often struggle with the wrong signal processing tutorials, which fail to satisfactorily address an important statistical concept that you need to thrive, i.e. Fourier transforms. 

Fourier transforms are extensively used in signal processing, and you may therefore also want to check out this review of online statistics courses, which will give the mathematical foundation you need to succeed.  Without the right foundation, it becomes hard for you to join the dots.

That said, the best signal processing courses give you the foundation you need to master signal processing. 

These courses are taught by industry experts and will also arm you with the basic Math skills needed, all in the same program.

In this guide, I’ll take you through the best signal processing courses & certifications online in 2022 that will make you an analog and digital signal processing guru. 

Let’s get started. 

1. Master the Fourier transform and its applications [Udemy]
2. Signal processing problems, solved in MATLAB and in Python [Udemy]
3. Digital Signal Processing (DSP) From Ground Up™ in Python [Udemy]
4. Digital Signal Processing (DSP) From Ground Up™ with MATLAB [Udemy]
5. Signals and Systems: From Basics to Advanced [Udemy]
6. Basics of Digital Signal Processing for Power Engineers [Udemy]
7. Acoustic, Analog and Digital Signals Explained [Udemy]
8. Signal Processing- Discrete Fourier Transform (DFT/FFT) [Udemy]
9. Learn Audio Studio: AI-Powered Noise Cancellation Tool [Udemy]
10. Digital Filters – FIR & IIR [Udemy]
11. Learn Digital Signal Processing – From Basics To Advanced [Udemy]
12. Digital Filter Design [Udemy]
13. A Simple Introduction to Digital Signal Processing [Udemy]
14. Introduction to Fourier Transform and Spectral Analysis [Udemy]
15. Signal Processing Solutions With Python [Udemy]


Do you have good experience with MATLAB? 

If so, I suggest the course on how to Master the Fourier transform and its applications on Udemy by Mike Cohen. It’ll show you how to use advanced Fourier transform techniques, making it one of the best signal processing courses for intermediate learners. 

On the flip side, the Signal processing problems, solved in MATLAB and in Python training on Udemy, also by Mike Cohen, is a great starting point with some basic MATLAB skills. You’ll learn how to improve your MATLAB skills before moving into advanced data cleaning techniques, which makes it one of the best signal processing courses and certifications online for beginners 

For a better understanding of signal processing and data analysis, check out my review of the best data science courses online, which will help you understand MATLAB and Python at a more in-depth level. 

Lerma Gray

Lerma is our expert in online education with over a decade of experience. Specializing in e-learning and e-courses. She has reviewed several online training courses and enjoys reviewing e-learning platforms for individuals and organizations.

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