An Honest Oxbridge Home Learning Review 2024

Oxbridge home learning review
Oxbridge home learning review

Oxbridge home learning review 2022:Is It Worth It?


  • Covers wide range of courses
  • Great tutor support


  • Needs Improvement in customer support
  • Poor pass rate

Better Alternatives:

Key points: 

Oxbridge has a 97% pass rate with 33% of graduates having A or above grades. 

Their headquarters are situated in Birmingham, the United Kingdom has annual revenue of €16 million and has 90 employees currently.

This Academy has helped thousands of students get into their dream college and achieve their goals. 

Oxbridge home learning covers all courses in vast fields such as mathematics, economics, languages, and personal interest. Some of the additional features of courses monthly payments, unlimited tutor support, great discount on courses. 

This is also a member of an association of distance learning colleges that promises quality education. 

Moreover, they also have some free courses that will help you gain extra knowledge free of cost, and gain an NUS extra student card. 

In 2020, Oxbridge home learning has won the gold trusted service award, and has received many awards in past years.

Opportunities After Course: 

  • Getting placed in top universities
  • Chances of getting a job
  • Get well-recognized certificate

By completing these courses, you will gain a lot of practical and deep knowledge that will help you accelerate your career.

Having a renowned name and a good pass rate, you have a high chance of getting admitted to top universities for getting a job.

Advanced features: 

No Oxbridge home learning Review is complete without talking about some advance features of these courses.

EMI facility available: 

If you cannot get the whole amount once, you get a monthly EMI facility that helps to pay the bill partly.

The EMI options available are 3, 6, and 9 months. You need to add some extra deposit to enrol through this facility.

Exam pass guarantee: 

Oxbridge home learning provides exam pass guaranteed to the students, which helps parents and students to build trust. 

Claiming 97% pass rate Oxbridge 33% graduates have got A and above grades. Bother if you don’t pass the exam this Academy provides free support in your next exam. 

Unlimited tutor support: 

You will get access to a personal tutor that will help you throughout the course regarding any doubts. 

You can connect with your private tutor via Email or phone as many times as you want. 

Guaranteed exam center: 

Oxbridge has access to all exam centers across the country; you will get a guaranteed exam centre in the United Kingdom.

If you are outside the UK, you have to apply for external and private sources to get the available exam centers.

Better Alternatives:

About the Founder:

Matt Jones, who is an award-winning serial entrepreneur who is the founder of Oxbridge home learning, also runs two successful multi-million startups. 

Matt himself has won many awards such as: 

  • Leader of the Year (2019) 
  • Winner of all winners award 
  • Startup Director of The Year (2019) 

Besides him, Oxbridge Academy has won many awards since 2017, all mentioned Here. 

Interview with Matt Jones: 

What do you do currently? 

Oxbridge home learning keeps me busy and online education is true for a passion for me. He adds It is a great way to serve people and improve someone’s life. 

What is your inspiration? 

It takes me back to my passion for teaching a properly nurtured quality education which keeps me going through ups and downs. 

I want to create an immersive Distance learning program designed according to the learners. 

He follows the Mantra of Anywhere, Anyhow, Anytime, Anybody, which means accessible to anyone around the globe.

Whom do you admire? 

Parents and my team. Matt is inspired and encouraged by his parents to start a business and has given him plenty of time to do so. 

What advice would you give for the people starting out? 

Listen and learn. Learn from the mistake of others rather than creating yourself, and don’t be afraid to ask for help. 

Courses offered:

You will get access to a wide range of courses in every field from nutrition, food science, to Math and Biology.

Basic courses are divided into three categories, Distance learning, A level, and GCSE courses.


Most popular A level courses: 

  1. Maths 
  2. Biology 
  3. Psychology 
  4. Business 
  5. Chemistry 

And many more, choose the course according to your interest and future prospects Here

GCSE Courses: 

The average study time for this course is 120 to 150 hours, having additional time for assignments.

There are 14 different GCSE courses offered in every category, such as psychology, physics history, Maths, and many more.

Distance learning courses: 

There are 21 distance learning courses offered by Oxbridge home learning in every field to gain the latest information and insights into the industry.

Some of the different courses are child care, counseling, design and photography, event management, and more you will see on their official website.

How does it work? 

Once you enrol in the course, you will receive login details and access to the My Oxbridge portal, where you get access to all your learning material.

You will get access to lectures, recorded videos, quizzes, assignments, and interactive activities, and the course duration is generally 12 months or 24 months based on the course you choose. In this Oxbridge home learning review, we will cover all essential topics.

Must do things during the course: 

  • Attending almost all lectures 
  • Completing one introductory assignment 
  • And 10 assignments
  • Oxbridge has exam centers all over the United Kingdom, and they can take exam space. 

Submit your work to the tutor, and they will give feedback based on your work. Upon completing the course, you will receive an equivalent certificate in schools, colleges, and Universities. See Course Content Here

This helps the student to score marks in exams which contributes to the final grade. Therefore I decided to write an Oxbridge home learning review.

TOTUM student card and Its Benefits? (NUS)

With Oxbridge courses, you get an NUS extra’s TOTUM student card, following are the benefits of it:

  1. Offers on 200+ UK Brands
  2. 42000+ global discounts
  3. Mobile app for daily needs


Good pass rate and course content: 

After researching a lot of Oxbridge home learning reviews from Trustpilot, Glassdoor many students and parents are satisfied with the content of the course and instructors. 

Oxbridge home learning claims a good pass rate of 97 % and many students have placed in top universities or have got a good job. 

Covers wide range of courses: 

Oxbridge covers a wide range of courses A level, GCSE courses, and distance learning courses. 

You will get access to almost 20 A level courses, 14 GCSE courses, 21 distance learning programs, and 4 short courses in almost all categories. 

Great tutor support: 

You will get unlimited Tutor support during and after the course via phone and Email. Phone support with your private tutor, which only a few institutes offer, helps students solve the doubts.


Poor customer support: 

Besides being good course content, some parents complaint about poor customer support and problem such as getting certificate late. 

FAQ On Oxbridge home learning Reviews: 

How can I contact Oxbridge home learning for any query?

There are three methods where you can contact this Academy:
By phone- 0121 630 3000
Online chat (Real Humans)
Submitting contact us form
Mail at

Are there courses available besides A level and GCSE?

Yes there are, courses available in almost all categories all mentioned on their official website 

How much time does the course lasts?

A level and GCSE courses lasts for 24 months distance learning program last for 12 months.

What if I change my mind? 

Based on the student’s feedback, we are confident that you will enjoy the training. Moreover, there is a 30 back money-back guarantee if any reason you are not satisfied. 

What is EMI facility? Is it legit? 

Yes it is, you can pay for courses in 3,6, or 9 months period depending on your budget.

What if I’m outside UK?

It is an online platform you can enroll the course anywhere from the globe.

Who should do the Courses?

Mostly students and job seekers.

Is it the same qualification as traditional school and college?

Yes it is, the curriculum and qualification is the same as offline learning

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