My Story: Katharina Vujinović

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My name is Katharina Vujinović and I’m from Vienna, Austria.

At the moment, I work as a Junior iOS Developer at Upstream Mobility. 

Earlier, I used to work as a biochemical analyst. But, in 2020 I decided to follow my passion. I felt stuck career-wise in my previous role — I knew that I wasn’t reaching my potential. And I knew that there was a job out there for me that would make me a lot happier.

So, I enrolled in an iOS nano-degree with Udacity. This was the start of a new journey for me, and I’m glad I took the leap. My course began back in November 2020 and I graduated in April 2021.

Of course, starting a new career and learning an all-new subject was challenging. But, it was a challenge that was exhilarating. It turned out to be one of the most gratifying experiences of my life. 

Now, here I am, on a new path, looking forward to great new opportunities and a fulfilling new career. 

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