My Experience: Jim Kwik’s SuperBrain Review (2024 Latest)

Jim Kwik Mindvalley Review

Hello, This is Akshansh .

I graduated from mindvalley superbrain a few backs, I will share my personal experience of learning with them along with some pros, cons, and should you buy it?

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Hii, My name is Akshansh Shrivastav & I’ve been a Mindvalley learner for quite a while. Having completed four courses which are Jim Kwik’s SuperBrain┃Sleep Mastery┃6 Phases Of Meditation┃Be Extraordinary.

My Journey: What Made Me Enroll Into Mindvalley?

I am a software engineer turned into a management consultant working with one of the Big 4. As a consultant, I am often poured a lot of information. I was seeking a course that can help me Optimize my brain usage.

In my free time, I practice Yoga and Meditation. I financially support a girl orphanage in my Hometown. I strongly believe in giving back to society and keeps on doing my bit whenever and wherever possible.

After going through a lot of research I got to know about Jim Kwik and Mindvalley. I went through some of the videos on YouTube and found them very good. It took me around 10 days to decide on getting myself enrolled into Jim Kwik Super brain masterclass at Mindvalley.

Like we have personal trainers for keeping our body fit, I choose Jim as my personal trainer for keeping my brain fit.

Post completion of this course I have been following Jim on his Instagram and LinkedIn to get newer learnings. Jim is just full of wisdom which none can afford to miss.

My Thoughts On The Curriculum:

The curriculum is very well crafted and bite-sized learning lessons it is easy to digest. In the initial lesson itself, Jim taught us about 4 keys to learn any project quickly using a FAST acronym. Superbrain has four parts – Techniques, Toughness, Theory, and Tribe.

Before even the start of the course, there is a session on Notes taking and notes making. I use the concept of notes making in my regular client calls for better retention.

Welcome To the Fundamentals:

Mindvalley dashboard

In this section of Jim Kwik SuperBrain Review, I will talk about the fundamentals of this course. In this first lesson, Jim talks about the importance of the brain and emphasizes training it.

He suggests that it will be one of the best investments of time of trainees and I believe that indeed it is. One of the quotes I remember from this section is if knowledge is my power then learning is my superpower.


mindvalley lifestyle course

I think one of the famous videos of Jim is on the importance of morning routine. I made changes in my schedule by remembering my dreams just after waking up as our brain is most active at night and while we are sleeping our brain is still learning.

Making my bed and hydrating myself. Jim mentions about 10 nutrients that are extremely beneficial for the brain. I have been taking 6 out of those based on the availability and my dietary habits.

Remembering Long Lists:

Jim mentions the science of memorizing and gives easy to use a methodology to remember long lists. He explains chain linking and how to integrate this in our daily life using a brain mapping example.

Examples of basic associations were also mentioned in this section. His FDR techniques mentioned in lesson 15 are just super awesome. The ancient alphanumeric code of memory for Sounds and Application was a new concept for me. 

Vocabulary & Languages:

He mentions the time duration for which we should do a learning session and then take a break after. He also mentions what to do during those breaks

Memorizing Speeches & Texts:

He made us learned about the PEG method and CREATE method to remember texts. I wasn’t knowing that there is a forgetting curve also like we have a learning curve.

This course talks about how to remember things for a longer duration using spaced repetition method and location method.

I was someone who always used to sleep less or you can say I have been a person who considered sleep as my last priority as I was just busy being busy but this course helped me in understanding the power of sleep and its role on stress management.


Note-taking and note-making were something he mentioned in this section along with how to think of when some numbers come in. I now have to use the peg method and basic association method to learn. Eg. one for sun, two for socks, three for traffic lights, etc.

He mentions that speed comes through practice so I often practice the learnings from this course to reap the maximum benefit.

Lifestyle Integration:

Practices like juggling and using the opposite hand more are some of the key lifestyle integrations that I have already done.

For getting the best results I now use the Pomodoro technique which I was known about before this course but now I use this technique more after knowing its immense benefits and the correct way of doing it.

In case if you have made your mind, you can free sign up here.

Mindvalley SuperBrain Review: Thoughts On Bonuses

Speed Reading – Leaders and readers and readers are leaders. Overall, it was a good session but since it is a bonus section not a lot of content was in it.

Remembering your dreams – Jim has already mentioned this topic in his YouTube videos so it was more of a revision for me.

My major takeaway from this lesson was to ensure that I am not climbing the wrong ladder. At times we all want to do a lot of things and takes a lot of things to our plate but we should.

Overcoming Procrastination – Though this was a short lesson but impactful!

Your 8C’s to muscle memory – This course has a lot of acronyms and this 8 C’s was a good way to keep the tools handy.

The GPA method is something that I learned from this course which I believe can be applied to do goal setting and goal getting. No one can hit a goal if he/she cannot see it.

Top Learnings From The Course:

  1. Knowledge x Action = is my Power.
  2. Knowledge is not only power but pure profit.
  3. Success has two parts: showing up and playing full out.
  4. Various techniques like the FAST method and FAME method
  5. Rituals like making up my bed and remembering my dreams.

There have been numerous I was able to learn other learning apart from the above mentioned. I see a very transformed person whom I was before and whom I have become now.

Mindvalley’s Learning Experience:

This course has been well crafted for everyone who wants to improve and train his brain. Jim has taken care of the course delivery by keeping it very lucid.

He tells a lot about his students and their struggles and how they overcame them. Overall Mindvalley is a great platform for learning.You must also read Mindvalley Coupon Codes

They have a unique way to make things learn using the quest. Though I purchased a Mindvalley subscription only for Jim’s course there are multiple other courses that I am accessing through it.

The only challenge I saw was the pricing. Paying 500$ is a big amount for me. In the future, if they can reduce the course pricing that will be super awesome. I was able to access this course on my laptop and mobile so it was great in terms of accessibility.

Now we will move to the impact part of this Mindvalley superbrain review.

Impact Of Course On My Life?

I believe now I have adequate tools for keeping my brain optimized for the rest of my life. As Jim says in his course that genius leaves clues, the tools that I have been able to accumulate from this course are from the top performers.

I am heeding to become one. I have deeply included a few of the morning habits mentioned in this course in my daily routine.

My Thoughts On Jim Kwik -The Instructor:

Here in this section of Jim Kwik’s Superbrain review, I want to introduce to the instructor. Jim is one of the best mind coaches. He has trained top performers from the world and what he has prepared is an owner manual of the brain.

Jim has trained World-class professionals and entrepreneurs to turbo-charge their career performance. And high-flying CEOs to process information and lead their organizations to victory.

He is a highly skilled keynote speaker, trainer, and speed-reading coach. I was able to relate more with Jim as he tells that he was just like any of us but he trained his memory to become someone with impeccable memory so anyone else too can.

Meet Jim Kwik
Meet Jim Kwik

In the next section of Jim Kwik SuperBrain Review, we will discuss timeline of the course

My Thoughts On Course Pricing:

I was pretty happy with the course that I paid 500$ for 1-year mind valley membership.

No discounts were running. I would have been really happy if they would have provided some discounts. Mindvalley Black Friday Sale is also going on, you can check it out.

What I Liked:

I got the value for what I signed in for. I think I got the value for my time invested. Small bite-sized learning helped me to digest the knowledge I gained easily. The best part of this course is that it teaches a lot of techniques and acronyms to remember them.

Jim rightly says we don’t have a memory we do memory. In today’s world we all are bombarded with a lot of information and to process that we have not been taught in school.

As Jim mentions emotion multiplied by information becomes a long-term memory. In school, we used to feel bored most of the time and that is the reason most of us do not remember periodic tables and calculus.

Learning is not a spectacular job, Jim asks us to take action. We have implementation days to ensure whatever he makes us learn we implement that.

Lessons like 10 keys to superbrain and 4 ways to learn any subject faster are gems lessons which I believe should be the first thing to be taught to school/college-going students.

What I Disliked:

I don’t think this course is updated from time to time. If there were updates provided then it would have added more values, but the existing content is anyways top-class.

I don’t think anyone will regret signing up for this course and it is so well crafted.

Conclusion: Is It Recommended?

Absolutely, anyone who is focusing on learning and wants to get the science of how the brain works should get enrolled in this course. I just loved how simple yet important techniques can be a game-changer.

Superbrain is a fantastic course if you want to learn how to better look for your brain.

Some of the techniques mentioned have already been applied by me. And it made me realize how crucial my lifestyle is to maintaining the health of my brain.

Hope this Jim Kwik SuperBrain Review has helped you.

Akshansh Shrivastav

Associate Manager at EY-Parthenon & Software Engineer | For improving productivity & personality completed a few courses from Mindvalley.

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Akshansh Shrivastav

Associate Manager at EY-Parthenon & Software Engineer | For improving productivity & personality completed a few courses from Mindvalley.

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