Is Google Analytics Certification Worth It?

Google Analytics Cerification

Many people ask me whether the Google Analytics Certification is worth it or not? Does this certification help us in our career in any way? Is it necessary to get the certification or just the deep insights about Google Analytics is enough?

People can verify their understanding of the platform by earning an official certification from Google for Analytics.

However, a lot of people wonder if the Google Analytics accreditation is worthwhile.

And my answer to them always remains the same.

Yes, the Google Analytics Certification is worth it. Always!

Google Analytics today is most widely used platform to know about visitors coming on our website and where they are coming from.

Whether you have a blog or an e-commerce website Google analytics helps you find crucial information used to optimize site’s performance.

Learning Google Analytics is must if you are planning to have a career in Digital Marketing or start your own website.

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Now as you have made up your mind to learn Google Analytics let me tell you Google provides free training on it’s self-hosted Analytics Academy , which we will discuss later in this article.

Now , to get Google Analytics Certification you need to apply for Google Analytics Individual Certification (GAIQ) exam. After passing GAIQ , you can proudly call yourself as Google Certified. Congratulations!

But many people resist to get certified because they really don’t know how much Google Analytics Certification is worth it for.

They remain in dilemma whether it will really benefit them or not.

Here’s why it’s valuable to get certified.

Google analytics certification worth it

Benefits of Google Analytics Certification

1.Get Pro at Google Analytics

Learning Google Analytics is must, as discussed earlier, if you are planning your career in digital marketing or want to start your own blog.

Again Google Analytics is not just what we see on its dashboard rather it has lot of hidden potential that one should explore.

If you take the exam seriously, it does provide proper understanding of the concepts.

Understanding GA will help you in following ways:

  • You get to know your customers
  • Understand behavior of your visitors
  • Understanding pattern of visitors eg.demographics, age, gender
  • Helps in planning ad campaigns

2. Build a strong resume

In this competitive world it’s really important to upgrade your career and stay ahead of the competition. You might have seen lot of candidates being ostentatious about their resume and grab that job which they might or might not deserve.

Here’s the chance to showcase that you are backed by Google and not any ordinary organization.

On passing the Analytics Certification exam you get a badge from Google saying you are Google certified analytics user.

This might increase the possibility of you getting that high paying job you are looking for

3. Upgrade your LinkedIn profile

Same goes for LinkedIn as well. The certificate you just received, can boost your LinkedIn profile and increases your chances of getting an offer letter from someone looking for potential candidate like you

4. Get listed in Google’s database

Once you pass the google analytics certification exam, you get listed in Google’s database as being Google Analytics verified. It’s a proud feeling to get listed on Google’s database. Isn’t it?

5. Triumph your competition

There will be people claiming that they have details knowledge of Google Analytics .

What makes you stand out of them? The Certification, Right?

There is a difference between going through some YouTube tutorials and getting taught by Google techies.

This is how the certification will help you stay ahead of the competitor.

6. Understanding Google Analytics will help you understand other Analytics software like Adobe Analytics, Smartlook
Google analytics is not the only analytics software you will come across.

Google analytics is not the only analytics software you will come across.

Other software’s might have some advanced features that large organizations uses to keep track of their websites.

Even Google analytics has its Premium version called Google Analytics 360, which is bit costly but provides additional features than the standard version.

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Having a certification will ease your understanding of other such software’s.

Now you got the reasons why the Google Analytics Certification is worth it for.

Google Analytics Certification Cost

To be certified you need to apply for Google Analytics Individual Certification (GAIQ) . And the good news is the test is now completely free.

Cost: Free

Earlier this certification used to cost $50.

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How to get Google Analytics Certification

Before taking GAIQ, I recommend you to learn Analytics in depth from any free courses available on the internet.

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You can also learn GA from Udemy.

2018 Google Analytics Bootcamp from Udemy is a good course to learn Analytics for any beginner and can help you to crack GAIQ in its first attempt itself.

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