Reviewing Invensis Learning Training & Certification Courses

As a CEO of ‘Swiss based leading multinational telecommunications company,’ my primary job is to focus on all the processes and activities inside the organization. As the business is completely based on Information Technology, I always learn new things to improve my knowledge and skills of my employees through training & certification courses.

With internet-based learning or eLearning, everything has changed in this digital world. Anyone can learn anything with the electronic gadgets in hand. Therefore, it will not be helpful only for the students but also for the employees working at any level.

Our telecommunications company always strives for excellence in the products and services it provides. Therefore, all the employees are highly motivated to work towards the organization’s success. But, in the current competitive world, it is essential to go with the trend and learn new skills to adapt to that. So then, all I want is to improve the capabilities and skills of my employees. This upskilling aims to scale the project size to work on productivity and quality.

How Did I Get Into Invensis Learning?

I have planned to provide courses to upskill employees in our organization and improve their skills for better productivity. To implement the upskilling, I have researched the relevant courses and the websites that provide effective learning.

When I searched for the websites that provide certification courses, I found multiple numbers. However, I want different courses to be offered to my employees as a group, and I need all of them under a single roof. Therefore, it has helped me filter some of the top websites that provide my requirements.

From those, I have selected two. One of them is Invensis Learning. My attention towards Invensis Learning is the facilities they offer, like corporate group training, 1 to 1 Training, and customized training.

Invensis Learning is working as a training partner for fortune 1000 companies which made me strongly believe they are worth the trust. I was convinced with the prices of their courses and the time schedules that they offer for the courses.

Invensis Learning has syllabuses that are approved by various governing bodies. In addition, they provide lifetime access to the resource materials for the courses they provide, which would be helpful for my employees.

I can specify the information and skills my staff want to possess through Invensis by offering training and development opportunities to them. My employees can learn new skills or receive updates on honed ones through training and development programs, which can increase productivity.

Courses Opted for My Employees

Our company is working on many projects from various domains in Information Technology and software development. Therefore, the employee must be trained in the relevant course depending on the available skills, experience, and certifications.

Following are the courses that have been provided to my employees.

  1. ITIL 4 Foundation – CDS & DPI
  2. PMP Certification
  3. Lean Six Sigma Green Belt, Yellow Belt & Black Belt
  4. Prince 2 Foundation & Practitioner
  5. Change Management Foundation & Practitioner
  6. SIAM Foundation & Professional
  7. Agile – CSM, CSPO, SSM, PSM, PSPO, Leading Safe
  8. ITIL 4 Foundation – for French & German
  9. Prince2 Foundation & Professional – for French & German
  10. PMP Certification – for French & German

The courses I have mentioned above are for employees in the organization in upskilling their agile project management, project management, quality management, and IT service management.

With more than 60 courses, Invensis Learning provides certification courses in every domain. You can find any certification that will suit your organization’s employees or individual needs. The courses cover most of the requirements in an effective manner for the respective level.

If it is a basic level, the trainers help learn from scratch. They utilize the available time properly to complete the course with essential subject knowledge. The instructor-led classes help the learners clearly understand the concepts.

What Did I Like Most About Invensis Learning?

I have not been personally involved in any courses from Invensis Learning. But I had attended some classes and received feedback from my employees. With the feedback from the employees and personal experience in training classes, I liked Invensis Learning and the reason is explained below:

On-site training with Accredited Trainers

Trainers from Invensis Learning are highly qualified and skilled. They provided on-site learning services, which were made very interactive and interesting. Trainers also helped clarify doubts on time and were supportive during the entire training. The quality of training provided by Invensis Learning was the top benefit.

High-Level Satisfaction

Satisfaction was the most important benefit that we have claimed as an organization. The employees were highly satisfied with the training courses provided by Inveneis Learning. They asked for feedback in the middle and immediately provided the requested changes. I believe that Invensis Learning provided training satisfaction to all the employees who attended.


Invensis Learning provided us with a range of courseware tailored for every course. With the high-quality courseware, learners improved their knowledge and cracked the exam on their first attempts. Courseware was designed based on the syllabus for the course and was very clear to read. Furthermore, courseware was available for every course, so it was easy to learn the course without searching for external sources.

Access to popular resources

When the employees were in training, they needed some resources from popular websites. Invensis Learning provided access to those resources, which are included in the course fee. We were not supposed to pay anything extra for the resources or materials provided during the course. It helped improve the learning experience with additional support from a good source.

Preferred style of teaching in own language

We have the option of selecting the training based on the native language. Some of the learners find it easier with their language rather than in English, where Invensis Learning assists in providing such services. We had opted for French and German languages to improve the understanding capabilities of the training.

How Are My Employees Feeling?

To understand the reviews about the training courses from Invensis Learning, I have asked for reviews and feedback from the employees. I have received more positive feedback on Invensis Learning as they have provided excellent training services. They felt really good about both the training and resources provided by them.

They felt the training not only helped to upskill their existing skills but also learned new skills that will help them in the future. For example, they can now make the decisions independently, which helps them to depend on others even for small decisions. The time they had taken to complete the project was also reduced with increased quality. Some conveyed that the resources provided are helpful in practically implementing the skills in the projects. It has also improved their time management, problem-solving, and other essential project management skills.

This made me recommend Invensis Learning to other organizations and individual learners. With the training in their languages, many employees felt very comfortable and easy learning. The way of delivering the concepts is very clear for them to understand, making them feel better. The challenges in understanding the English language have been removed with the help of vibrant trainers from Invensis Learning.

What Has My Organization Gained?

From our company, many employees have attended the training on their respective domains for upskilling. Since the training was effective and helped improve the skills and experiences, it has also helped the organization. Employees have utilized the skills and knowledge in their projects, improving the quality.

In the organization context, all the employees were high on the skills with which they will work on complex and challenging projects. It also helps in improving decision-making capabilities and self-organizing skills. In addition, other skills improved with the training provided by Invensis Learning.

Proper guidance and training on top-level courses for employee professional development helped the organization grow to the next level. As a result, the workplace now feels energized with improved skills.

Why Invensis Learning?

Even I had the same question before enrolling in the courses from them. Before choosing anything, it is necessary to research and understand its positives and negatives. I did a lot of research to understand Invensis Learning and felt something good.

Not all will learn independently, and some need support from others to simplify the learning process. Mentorship plays a vital role in such cases, and thus I need a proper mentor who can guide my employees in a positive direction to upgrade their skills and knowledge in a particular domain. I was excited about how they mentored and trained my employees in upskilling.

The syllabus provided for all the courses are complete and capable enough to improve the skills and gain knowledge on a subject. The time they spent explaining the concepts and the way of delivery is also clear. Other resources like study materials will also help meet the learning objectives.

Invensis Learning has highly qualified and accredited trainers capable of delivering the required concepts to the learners. You will access the courseware they developed to crack the exams in a single attempt. They have the option called retrospective sessions, so my employees have attended all the classes without fail.

Are Their Claims Legit?

Since I was about to enroll my employees in the certification, I doubted whether it was claiming its real achievements or not. But, once I read the reviews on their learning services, some of my doubts became clear. Finally, after joining multiple courses and obtaining feedback from my employees, I found their claims true.

They provide trustee services with fulfilling all the said advantages. When my employees completed and reviewed the IT courses, most were satisfied with their portfolio and training. As they said, they follow the guidelines from top governing bodies responsible for providing the certification. As a result, more than 50000 learners have gained skills and experience from Invensis Learning from diverse backgrounds.

As they claim, all team members were satisfied with their training on upskilling. The mentors understand the person’s capabilities and will deliver the concepts. In some cases, some of the employees followed their learning style as it is different from how they were taught in the past. Apart from that, they don’t claim anything fake and can believe in their learning courses.

Is Invensis Learning Worth It?

Invensis Learning provides five different learning modes that the learner can choose based on convenience. The learning modes available are Classroom Training, Live Virtual Training, Corporate Groupe Training, E-Learning, and focused 1-to-1 training. I have selected Corporate Group Training which is cost-effective and instructor-led training. In addition, the classes are customized, which helps in providing the training to the team members in an effective manner.

Group training provided on-site from Invensis Learning was really helpful. I will recommend Invensis Learning to anyone interested in effectively training their organizational employees. Also, for individual training, Invensis Learning would be helpful. It helped the employees who have attended the training courses on various domains and the entire organization.

For the time and money you spent on training courses with Invensis Learning, and you would gain back skills and knowledge. So from my point of view, it is YES. Invensis Learning is worth paying for what they provide. In addition, the process of thinking and performing has been changed in many employees, which is seen as a boost for the organization.

Do I Recommend Invensis Learning?

As a company’s CEO, I recommend Invensis Learning to the other companies. If your employees have no experience or are highly experienced, Invensis Learning would be highly helpful for upskilling. I felt a good experience with them, and they are capable of providing top-class learning services in every aspect.

The reviews from my employees are highly positive during course learning and even after that. When talking about the outcomes or productivity from the course, I can see a gradual increase in the productivity and quality of the task. In addition, I can say that Invensis Learning helps with materials required to study.

If you are an organization’s management team or a company CEO, I would highly recommend you do a gap analysis at your organization to upskill and take all those demanding courses from Invensis Learning to understand how they are good at learning services. With positive reviews from most of my colleagues and the results, I recommend Invensis Learning to organizations and individuals planning to upskill. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose Invensis learning?

Invensis Learning is a pioneer in offering globally recognized certification training courses for individuals and businesses worldwide.

Along with its technique, Invensis offers top-notch course materials. Organizations have accomplished high-impact learning because of this, which has improved knowledge, performance, and competence.

Is Invensis Learning an EXIN-accredited provider?

For all reputable certification programs, Invensis Learning is a certified training provider. With a global network of trainers, knowledge partners, and subject matter experts, they have developed their training solutions to satisfy the demanding market needs.

Additionally, it offers training delivery options for both individuals and corporate teams dispersed across time zones and locales.

Governmental organizations including AXELOS, PeopleCert, IASSC, EXIN, EC Council, DevOps Institute, and others have accredited its training and certification programs.

Through instructor-led workshops and LMS access, you can participate in a special learning ecosystem that mixes formal and informal learning opportunities.

Why choose Invensis Learning for PMP course?

Delivering globally recognized training and certification programs, Invensis PMP Training has trained 10,000+ professionals worldwide. They are a valued partner for Fortune 500 enterprises, small and medium-sized businesses, and government agencies.

They follow international standards set by organizations like PMI, AXELOS, ISACA, DevOps Institute, and PEOPLECERT in their certification training programs.

Invensis PMP Training offers professional development alternatives in addition to training.

Additionally, it collaborates on training with some of the biggest names in the world, including Johnson & Johnson, the United Nations, Verizon, Allianz, Aramco, Qatar Airways, Sabic, Ecobank, American Savings Bank, Total Gas, the Australian government, etc.

What are some values of Invensis Learning?

Some values of Invensis Learning include:

  • Valuable Consultation: With extensive experience providing services internationally and industry-specific knowledge, Invensis PMP Training can help. As a result, Invensis value-added consultations assist you in determining the best solution to your business problem.
  • Customized Services: Across the majority of company activities and industry verticals, Invensis PMP Training offers end-to-end bespoke business process optimization services.
  • Skill and Expertise: Invensis PMP Training asserts that it is one of the best places to assist you in reaching your objectives because of its trained workforce, extensive industry expertise, and utilization of the most recent technologies and procedures.
  • Easy PMP Certification: Fast-paced workplaces and a competitive market created a need for PMP certified project managers. Because of the important and enormous demand, it has generated for project managers who can successfully complete a project from beginning to end.
  • Project managers from all industries who want to see continuous professional growth should pursue the PMP degree. This certification will give you valuable project management knowledge and abilities that will set you apart from your peers and increase your chances of earning money.

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