15+ Best Distributed Systems Courses & Certifications in 2023

distributed systems courses

Distributed systems are the reality today for most organizations. 

So without effectively learning about Hadoop and other important cloud computing technologies that are powering distributed systems and modern workflows, it would be almost impossible to fit into such job environments.  

With distributed systems often spanning several networks and tools, it can be a complex subject to learn if you don’t know what languages are ideal, and how to optimize various components.  

If you learn from the best courses on distributed systems, however, you’ll be able to build and maintain complex and scalable distributed systems.

From Spark to Akka, these tutorials cover all the latest technologies that make up modern distributed systems and will prepare you for any cloud computing role you desire. You’ll be able to build, scale and maintain distributed databases and applications

In this article, we’ll discuss the best distributed systems courses & certifications online in 2023 to make you a distributed systems guru. 

Let’s get started. 

1. Cloud Computing Concepts | Coursera 
2. Distributed Programming in Java | Coursera  
3. Distributed Computing with Spark SQL | Coursera 
4. Distributed Systems & Cloud Computing with Java | Udemy 
5. The Ultimate Architecting on the Cloud Course | Udemy 
6. Real World Vagrant For Distributed Computing | Udemy 
7. Hadoop – Hands on Enterprise Distributed Storage | Udemy 
8. Git for Distributed Software Development | edX 
9. Fundamentals of Distributed Systems | Pluralsight 
10. Getting Started with HBase: The Hadoop Database | Pluralsight 
11. Azure Administration: Load Balancers and Gateways | LinkedIn Learning 
12. Developing Distributed Applications with C# & ZeroMQ | LinkedIn Learning 
13. Distributed Systems for Practitioners | Educative
14. Hadoop Ecosystem Essentials | FutureLearn 
15. Distributed Computing Course: Learn Multithreading in Python | BitDegree 

Do you have experience in Java programming?

If you’re a Java developer looking to leverage your knowledge to learn distributed systems, the Distributed Systems & Cloud Computing with Java on Udemy by Michael Pogrebinsky is for you. You’ll learn how to build huge parallel Java applications and high-performing cloud-based software, making it one of the best courses on distributed systems to learn cloud computing with Java. 

If you have experience in C++ on the other hand, the Cloud Computing Specialization on Coursera by the University of Illinois is a perfect choice.  In addition to cloud computing, you’ll explore NoSQL databases and machine learning. Consequently, it is one of the best distributed systems courses and certifications online to get a feel of big data analytics. 

To deep dive into Spark, which is a popular component of distributed systems today, check out this review I wrote on the best Apache Spark courses to understand how Spark can help tame big data in complex distributed systems.

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