Codecademy Full Stack Review 2024: Guide to Full Stack Development

Codecademy is popular for its hands-on practical learning approach and now it is one of the most trusted online learning platforms. In this Review, I will share my experience along with the syllabus, projects, curriculum, pros and cons of the Full Stack Career Path.

About me and My Motivation

“Hi, my name is Samuel George, I used to be a Data Analyst before delving into Codecademy’s software engineering career path., and now I have my Job” – Customer Experience Engineer (Internet Banking) at Access Bank Plc. In this Codecademy Full Stack Review, I will share my experience on completing Codecademy Full Stack Career Path and provide a review on it.

My motivation for enrolling in Codecademy was the quality of the course and the content they have…for me, it was Full Stack Engineer Career Path. 

I had gone through multiple online provider course contents, and Codecademy stands out. At first, it seemed One could never complete the curriculum, but as you begin, you realize it only takes discipline to see it through.

Codecademy Full Stack Engineer Projects

1. Built a menu for bytes of China

Codecademy SQL Query

This was the first project and it helped us to solidify one’s ability to query a simple Relational Database. Here, you will leverage PostgreSQL for your queries.

Personally, I found this a bit challenging, 

I had to refer to the course and topics and the forum groups, to ask some questions. 

By the end of the project, I was more than happy that I did, as it helped me build the confidence I needed to keep pushing through the rest of the course.

I learned through participating in this course, how to create a relational database, query, and read meaning to the data.

2. Ravenous

Codecademy Project Ravenous

In this project we have to develop a client-side React application, utilizing the Yelp API to search for local businesses. In total, there will be four parts to this project:

  1. Creating Static Components
  2. Passing Information to Components
  3. Setting the State of Ravenous Components
  4. Interacting with the Yelp API

This project should let users search for restaurants, view a list of restaurants returned by the Yelp API, and sort through restaurants using a filter.

This project was really super demanding, especially for a total newbie at the time. 

Completing this project consolidated an intermediate understanding of API integration to a React web app.

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3. Tsunami Coffee

In this project, you will have to edit the existing Tsunami Coffee website code so that the website appears correctly on varying screen sizes, the website should be responsive for all the resolutions. 

In addition, you’ll contribute styles that will make this website more visually appealing. 

This project will build on your knowledge of HTML and CSS, garnered from the syllabus, in redesigning an existing website. 

In the real world, software engineers would be redesigning web apps that have long existed; and so, I found this project very exciting.

My Codecademy Full Stack Engineer Project Experience

Codecademy Full Stack Project

Actually, Codecademy was not the first learning platform I tried, but it is going to remain at the top of my list. 

I did various research on the right platform to learn software engineering, and as I said earlier, Codecademy stands out.

Honestly, you will find some projects super challenging, while others., relatively easy. 

But I bet you, the great thing about it is from the first day you begin learning with Codecademy, you begin coding. 

Codecademy has a 100% hands-on approach to learning. For this reason, the probability of getting lost in the projects is relatively slim as it is only a reflection of implementing the lessons you have learned.

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Pricing of the Codecademy Full Stack course

The pricing is perfect for me, $15/month. During Tech festivals, Black Friday, there are various offers. 

Codecademy offers a free month for Pro subscription to a well-designed curriculum.

(How much do you pay? any offers were running? Do you think the course price Is justifiable)

My thoughts on Course Timeline

Codecademy’s in-app streak, helps students keep the learning momentum up. 

You get to set your goal and expectation and have it on your learning page all through the lifeline of your learning journey on the career path of your choice.

The course is packed with a lot, but trust me, it has everything you need to begin a career as a full-stack web developer.

If you ever have the intention to finish in record time, and you must toggle between a full-time role at your job and learning, I advise you to engage at least 8% per week.

Engagements of all forms account for the streak, and engagement in the course content accounts for the total percentage completed.

My thoughts on Codecademy features: 


Codecademy has one of the best engaging communities out there.

Currently, Codecademy has several levels of communities that are all super engaging and helpful:

  1. Codecademy Forums: Here, students ask questions right out of the lessons page and have other students and moderators guide them. I still believe this has one of the greatest record times in terms of response. In this web app, there are categories based on the projects in the path you are enrolled, and the lessons and topics, subtopics in each module. It gives the students the opportunity to get detailed information and help from other learners, each step of their learning journey.
  1. Codecademy Discord Community: Here, out-of-the-app, is a discord-hosted community of over 30k members/learners who are all willing to help other students. In this app, sections are grouped into programming languages, career paths, regions, etc.…you are sure to find a section where you fit in. However, it is recommended to ask your questions in the right section.
  2. Codecademy Facebook Group: This is a Facebook group comprising of learners, experts, and friends of Codecademy.
  3. YouTube Channel
  4. Codecademy Chapters (worldwide)

Career services: 

Every career path has in it, Interview preparation guides, modules strictly dedicated to ensuring you land a job. 

Access to soft skills videos in-between career paths that motivate learners and links to beautiful resources for sustainability. 

Codecademy at some points accept software internship applications from graduands, which is also open to the public. 

The current Codecademy Community Coordinator was once a Pro learner and Chapter leader.

Pros and Cons of the Codecademy Full Stack Engineer Career Path – 

Now, let’s know about the Pros and Cons of the Codecademy Full Stack Career Path in this Codecademy Full Stack Review.

Pros – 

I honestly love the hands-on approach to learning; the ability to get 98% coding time (learning) and a community that is 24/7 available to avail your challenges.

The most striking thing for me is the zeal in other learners to help one another. I can’t remember the last time I had to go out to the community for any issue I faced.

Cons – 

The materials available for setting up an offline environment aren’t quite detailed. A fix on that would help a lot, hopefully soon.

Can I get a Job with Codecademy Full Stack Career Path?

Graduating from Codecademy doesn’t guarantee a job, but I did, and you can too. 

What I believe is, learning is a personal decision, but being extraordinary at it, is even more personal and demands extreme dedication and focus. 

Codecademy gives you the ticket to grasping the opportunity of your lifetime – a career in tech.

Do I recommend it to others?

Well, I really do recommend Codecademy. 

There are many reasons behind it, first for their incredible supportive community, and their hands-on approach to learning, plus their price is relatively affordable when compared with the quality of content you are getting. Hope you like this Codecademy Full Stack Review useful and interesting.

Samuel G.

“I believe technology, through apps and designs, can be leveraged to inspire, shift paradigms and challenge the status quo. I am ever committed to educating and inspiring young people to discover, harness, and leverage their passion to inciting positive change in the society.” – Samuel C George.

Samuel G

“I believe technology, through apps and designs, can be leveraged to inspire, shift paradigms and challenge the status quo. I am ever committed to educating and inspiring young people to discover, harness, and leverage their passion to inciting positive change in the society.” – Samuel C George.

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