15+ Best Vim Courses & Certifications Online in 2023

best Vim courses online

What is the best way to learn Vim quickly and effectively? 

Vim is a powerful text editor to learn and is a lot less involving compared to learning Microsoft Office and Word in particular, although each does have its share of unique advantages. 

That said, most online Vim learning tutorials you’ll find today tend to overcomplicate this simple text editor, weighing you down with hours of content, most of which is repetitive and offers very little value.

To get the shortest path to Vim mastery, you’ll need the best Vim courses to show you the way 

Packed with important keyboard shortcuts and tips on how to easily memorize them, these Vim tutorials will enable you to grasp advanced Vim editing and navigation techniques. Moreover, you’ll learn how to write code and use Vim like a command line expert. 

In this article, we’ll discuss the best Vim courses & certifications online in 2022 to make you the ultimate Vim master. 

Let’s get started. 

1. Learn Vim Text Editor for Linux, Unix, Mac, and Windows [Udemy]
2. Vim Essentials – One Hour to Proficiency (Vim Tutorial) [Udemy]
3. Vim for Ruby Developers [Udemy]
4. Master vi / vim Linux Command-Line Text Editor [Udemy]
5. Vim Masterclass for absolute beginners || GET CERTIFICATE || [Udemy]
6. VIM From Novice To Ninja [Udemy]
7. Learn to Master Vim [Udemy]
8. VIM Text Editor for Beginners [Udemy]
9. VIM Advanced Tutorial [Udemy]
10. Learn and master the Vim text editor [Udemy]
11. Free Vim Text Editor Tutorial – ABC of VIM [Udemy] 

Would you like to use Vim to edit plain text files? 

Then the 1. Learn Vim Text Editor for Linux, Unix, Mac, and Windows tutorial on Udemy by Jason Cannon is a superb option. This tutorial will show you the basics of transforming text files across various operating systems, making it one of the best Vim courses to gain cross-platform Vim expertise. 

If you’re keen on using Vim for editing Linux configuration files, then try the 2. Vim Essentials – One Hour to Proficiency on Udemy by Joseph Call. You’ll learn how to use Vim for coding, including pointers on using Vimdiff for simple file comparisons. It is therefore among the best Vim courses & certifications online for developers.

If you’d also like to master other important Linux concepts, my review of the best Linux courses on PluralSight is an excellent entry into learning basic and advanced Linux features.

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