15+ Best Selenium Courses & Certifications Online in 2023

best selenium courses

How do you become a software testing expert?

Becoming great at software testing involves learning the most popular software testing frameworks like Selenium that make delivering bug-free software a breeze.

Will solid skills in the Selenium testing framework, you’ll be able to write tests for your web applications as HTML tables or code it in your programming language of choice, then run your tests in any web browser.

If you want to learn the Selenium framework in the most effective way, then I recommend you start with the best Selenium framework courses online.

By learning from the pros, you’ll be able to use Selenium WebDriver with Java, build test automation using TestNG, as well as learn how to use Selenium WebDriver with the C# programming language.

In this article, we are going to look at the best Selenium courses and certifications online to get you started learning Selenium online.

1. Selenium WebDriver with Java +Frameworks Tutorial | Udemy 
2. Selenium WebDriver Training with Java & Many Live Frameworks | Udemy 
3. Building Test Automation Framework using Selenium and TestNG | Coursera 
4. Create Your First Automation Script Using Selenium and Java | Coursera 
5. Selenium WebDriver 4 With Java – Novice To Ninja + Interview | Udemy
6. Selenium WebDriver Masterclass with C# | Udemy 
7. Learning Selenium Online Class | LinkedIn Learning
8. Selenium Essential Training Online Class | LinkedIn Learning
9. Selenium WebDriver with Java for beginners | Udemy 
10. Selenium WebDriver + Java. Complete step by step course. | Udemy 
11. Creating Automated Browser Tests with Selenium in C# | Pluralsight 
12. Automated Web Testing with Selenium and WebDriver Using Java | PluralSight 
13. Selenium WebDriver Masterclass (Basic + Advance + Architect) | Udemy 
14. Selenium WebDriver with C# for Beginners + Live Testing Site | Udemy 
15. Master XPath and CSS Selectors for Selenium WebDriver | Udemy 

1. Selenium WebDriver with Java +Frameworks Tutorial | Udemy  

If you’d like to get your software testing career launched then you should definitely consider learning automated testing with Selenium.

In this Selenium course on Udemy, you’ll learn the Selenium Webdriver through live examples in automating web applications testing in all supported browsers.

The good thing is that you don’t  need to have any previous Java coding experience to start taking this course. It is one of the best Selenium courses online because the instructor takes you through the setup installation, as well as helps you pick up the Java basics you’ll  need along the course.

At the end of this training, you’ll also find a preparation for the most common Selenium interview questions to help you prepare for a job interview.

You’ll also learn about how to handle Rich Web UI using advanced WebDriver, and some of the real time challenges you’ll face in WebDriver and their solutions.

2. Selenium WebDriver Training with Java & Many Live Frameworks | Udemy 

Selenium is basically a web based automation testing tool initially started by Thoughtworks and currently supported by Google developers.

Here you’ll learn Selenium by covering topics on how you can automate web based applications and implement various frameworks such as Data driven, Hybrid, Page Object model, Page factories, and Cucumber BDD. 

Along this course, you’ll also go through architect level topics where you will see detailed implementations of 7 live projects with many frameworks and approaches covered, including parallel execution frameworks, multithreading, and Java generics.

There are also lessons for acquiring an in-depth knowledge of core Java that covers basic if, else, loops arrays, basic OOPS – inheritance, polymorphism, interfaces, abstract classes, Collections, Reflections and many more topics related to Java i.e. File Handling, Log4j, JavaMAIL API, Interactive report generation using ReportNG, Extent Reports etc.

3. Building Test Automation Framework using Selenium and TestNG | Coursera 

Selenium is one of the most widely used functional UI automation testing tools and TestNG is a brilliant testing framework.

It features a test automation framework with a well defined set of guidelines for writing test cases.

By learning Selenium using this online course, you’ll be able to reduce maintenance costs and testing efforts and will provide a higher return on investment (ROI) for your team if you are looking to optimize your processes.

It is a great resource for learning Selenium because it embraces a hands-on, practical approach to learning automation testing.

Here you’ll go through the concepts involved in writing reusable and structured code which is easy to maintain and understand, creating helper classes or utilities, writing effective test cases, and generating reports and logs.

So by the end of this tutorial you’ll know how to create an automation layer and write a generic method to invoke a browser and navigate to a URL.

4. Create Your First Automation Script Using Selenium and Java | Coursera 

If you didn’t know, Selenium is the most widely used UI automation tool among web developers to test web applications.

By the end of this one-hour project-based online course, you will learn the basics of the selenium automation testing tool. 

It is the best Selenium course online because, through hands-on, you will go through concepts like using the Eclipse IDE, creating a new project, hands-on with commonly used selenium commands, interacting with common elements of a web application like textbox, radio buttons, normal buttons.

From taking this course, you’ll acquire vital skills in software testing, functional testing, test automation, and selenium automation.

This training also includes creating a new Java project in the Eclipse IDE and configuring it to run with Selenium and TestNG. Once complete, you’ll move to writing your first test case using the TestNG library file.

There is no better way to learn software testing than through practice.

5. Selenium WebDriver 4 With Java – Novice To Ninja + Interview | Udemy

If you are a quality assurance professional and manual tester looking to jumpstart a career in test automation, then this is the course you’ve been looking for.

Through this Selenium course on Udemy, you’ll cover a range of topics, from Selenium WebDriver basics, Java concepts, the TestNG framework, among others.

It is basically a one stop course for becoming an expert in web automation testing. What’s more interesting is, the instructor assumes you are a complete beginner so he starts every topic from scratch with the basics.

In order to get a better idea of how this framework works with production applications, the examples you’ll use are taken from testing actual hosted web applications. This way you can understand how the different components can be automated with confidence.

At the end of this Udemy course, you’ll know how to code in Java, database testing, performance testing, and behavior driven testing using Cucumber.

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