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15+ Best Scratch Programming Courses Online in 2023

What is the best way to learn Scratch programming?

While Scratch might be geared towards young developers, it proves a highly visual and simplified language that can help you get into app development without the traditionally steep learning curve involved. 

That said, many Scratch programming online tutorials are directed at kids, and may not leverage modern web development trends that are suitable if you’re an advanced web app developer. 

Consequently, I’ve rounded up the best Scratch programming courses online that will help you learn Scratch for professional development as well. 

This review includes online Scratch training perfect for young learners, teachers, and advanced developers as well, so you’re sure to find the right training program to help you achieve your specific goals. 

In this guide, I’ll take you through the best Scratch programming courses online in 2023 that’ll make you a Scratch expert who can competently build 2D and 3D apps. 

Let’s get started.

1. Code Yourself. An Introduction to Programming | Coursera 
2. Basic Game Development using Scratch | Coursera 
3. Start Coding with Scratch 2.0 | Pluralsight 
4. CS50’s Introduction to Programming with Scratch | edX 
5. Full Scratch 3.0 Programming: Beginner to Advanced | Udemy 
6. Scratch 3.0 for Teachers | Udemy 
7. Physical Computing with Scratch using Raspberry Pi | Udemy 
8. Scratch Programming for Everybody | Udemy 
9. Scratch: Create Fun Games and School Presentations | Udemy 
10. Learning Scratch | LinkedIn Learning 
11. First Look: Scratch 3.0 | LinkedIn Learning 
12. Scratch to Python Programming | FutureLearn 
13. Scratch Programming for Raspberry Pi |Tutorialspoint 
14. Scratch Programming – Coding for Kids | Skillshare 
15. Coding for Kids – Learn to program with a Dad & Son | Skillshare 


Would you like to teach Scratch better? 

If so, you may want to try out the Scratch 3.0 for Teachers | Teach Coding with Games & Scratch training by Chris Mall, which is specially designed to help you teach coding to your class more effectively. 

However, Scratch is not just for young audiences and teachers, which is why you’ll find that this review of the best scratch programming courses online has many options for professional developers as well. 

You could try out the Full Scratch 3.0 Programming Course: Beginner to Advanced course by Nat C if you’re keen on getting into professional game development. 

This Scratch training will also teach you universal programming concepts, which will come in handy when venturing into advanced app designs.

Python is also another great language for web development. So be sure to also take a look at this review I wrote on Python programming courses, which will help you get into more advanced development.

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