15+ Best SAS Courses & Certifications to Take Online in 2022

best sas courses

Are you looking for the best SAS courses online?

SAS is a fairly easy programming language if you’re interested in learning business analytics. However, the challenges of learning SAS usually stem from a superficial overview of data preparation techniques by most SAS tutorials you’ll find online today. 

After all, SAS Studio operates on a GIGO policy. In other words, the output you get is only as accurate as the quality of data you feed it. 

To learn both SAS and vital data cleaning techniques, you’ll need to take the best SAS courses online. 

You’ll learn how to extract data from different sources and data types, how to solve common SAS errors, and how to use Proc SQL, among other advanced SAS topics you’ll need to easily handle complex data sets in the real world. 

In this article, we’ll discuss the best SAS courses & certifications online in 2022 to make you a SAS guru. 

Let’s dive right in. 

1. Learn SAS Programming BASE Certification Course [Udemy]
2. SAS Programmer Professional Certificate [Coursera]
3. SAS Programming Complete: Learn SAS and Become a Data Ninja [Udemy]
4. SAS Advanced Programmer Professional Certificate [Coursera]
5. SAS Programming – Learn SAS from Beginner to Advanced [Udemy]
6. Getting Started with SAS Programming [Coursera]
7. Statistical Data Analysis with SAS [Udemy]
8. SAS Statistical Business Analyst Professional Certificate [Coursera]
9. Complete & Practical SAS, Statistics & Data Analysis Course [Udemy]
10. SAS Visual Business Analytics Professional Certificate [Coursera] 
11. Programming in SAS for beginners [Udemy]
12. Statistics with SAS | Coursera [Coursera]
13. Logistic Regression using SAS – In-depth Predictive Modeling [Udemy] 
14. Structured Query Language (SQL) using SAS [Coursera]
15. The Simplest Guide to SAS Programming- SAS Base-SAS Advanced [Udemy]


 Time may also be an important factor when choosing the right online SAS training for you.

If you’d like a quick SAS certification preparation course, I recommend the Learn SAS Programming BASE Certification Course on Udemy by Sharon Cheng. It will guide you toward becoming a SAS Certified Associate and is one of the best SAS courses online to cover popularly tested SAS concepts. 

If you’d want a more comprehensive SAS tutorial, then check out the SAS Programmer Professional Certificate on Coursera by Stacey Syphus. It’ll take you from basic data preparation methods to advanced SAS programming principles, so it’s among the best SAS courses & certifications online for beginners.

R is also a great programming language for statistical analysis. So spare some time for my guide on the best R programming courses, if you’d also want to learn how to leverage R for data science. 

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