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25+ Best Roblox Game Development Courses Online in 2022

If you are a professional game developer then you should definitely add Roblox to your arsenal of game development tools.

Learning to code games using the Roblox game engine is quite interesting as you’ll also need to learn Lua scripting because it uses both C++ coding and Lua scripts.

However, learning Lua scripting for Roblox game development may take a little longer than it would take you to learn Python scripting. That being said, with dedication and some elbow grease you can get up and running with Roblox game development in Lua in just a matter of weeks.

In this article, we are going to review the best Roblox game development courses and certifications online that will teach you how to code games in Roblox Studio.

Through these Roblox courses, you’ll also get to learn Roblox scripting through Lua for advanced game creation, even if you’re a complete beginner.

Let’s get started.

1. Learn How To Code Games In Roblox Studio | Udemy 
2. The Ultimate Beginners Guide to Game Development with ROBLOX | Udemy 
3. Roblox Scripting Made Easy for Beginners! Learn How to Create Games! | Mr. CoolTeacher | Skillshare 
4. Beginner Roblox And Lua: Start making Games with Roblox Studio | Nico Kaupenjohann | Skillshare 
5. Roblox Advanced Coding Course | Udemy 
6. Roblox Programming and Game Creation | Udemy 
7. Matt’s Roblox Coding Course | Vexeval Tutorials | Skillshare 
8. Create your first obby game in Roblox | Ferhan Yildiz | Skillshare 
9. Roblox Lua Game Development For Beginners: Make Roblox Games | Udemy 
10. Roblox for Beginners: Learn to Script Your Very Own Games! | Udemy 
11. How To Make/Earn Robux in Legit Ways | Udemy 
12. Roblox Concepts 01 – Create Your Own NPC Quest Giver | Udemy 

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