15+ Best PowerShell Courses & Certifications Online in 2023

best powershell courses online

What is the best way to learn PowerShell? 

Learning PowerShell is important if you’d like to automate tasks in a Windows environment, just the same way that you might need to learn Bash shell scripting to do the same for Linux. 

Without a proper understanding of PowerShell, it may become challenging for you to manage Microsoft’s Windows Server products as most of them require PowerShell proficiency. A lack of which would make the administrative operation of such products an uphill task.  

To better understand PowerShell and make the most of Microsoft products, you’ll need to take the best PowerShell courses online. 

These training programs will arm you with the command line knowledge you need to manage your Windows servers and machines more efficiently and effectively. They will also help you write task automation scripts to save you valuable time. 

In this article, we’ll discuss the best PowerShell courses & certifications online in 2023 for mastering PowerShell. 

Let’s get started. 

1. Microsoft PowerShell Course: Master PowerShell for IT Professionals [Udemy]
2. Windows PowerShell Training | PowerShell for System Administrators [Udemy]
3. Introduction to Windows PowerShell 5.1 [Udemy]
4. Windows PowerShell in Less Than 2 hours – 15 Hands-on Demos! [Udemy]
5. Advanced Scripting & Tool Making using Windows PowerShell [Udemy]
6. PowerShell for Active Directory Administrators [Udemy]
7. PowerShell Version 5.1 and 6: Step-by-Step [Udemy]
8. Introduction to PowerShell [Pluralsight]
9. Windows PowerShell Boot Camp [Udemy]
10. Learning Path: Powershell: Getting Started with Powershell 6 [Udemy]
11. PowerShell from Beginner to Sheller and Scripter [Udemy]
12. Creating Graphical Interfaces for Powershell Scripts [Udemy]
13. Administration and Automation with Windows PowerShell [Udemy]
14. Learn Windows PowerShell 7 (Hands-On) – PowerShell Beginners [Udemy]
15. The Complete PowerShell 6. x Masterclass: 3-in-1 [Udemy]

Are you an IT professional looking to learn PowerShell? 

Then the Microsoft PowerShell Course: Master PowerShell for IT Professionals course on Udemy by Tom Meservy is one of the best PowerShell courses for you. It’ll teach you basic PowerShell fundamentals and commands that you need to organize files and automate various other tasks.  

On the flip side, if you’re a system administrator, the Windows PowerShell Training | PowerShell for System Administrators training on Udemy by Infinite Skills is among the best PowerShell courses & certifications online that you could take. This course will show you how to use advanced PowerShell features to manage your domains and servers, among other system administration tasks. 

If you’d be interested in leveraging your PowerShell knowledge in Active Directory administration, be sure to also check out my review of the best Activity Directory courses to explore complex concepts such as forest designs. 

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