15+ Best Payroll Courses & Certifications Online in 2023

best payroll courses

How can you make payroll processing more efficient? 

When it comes to managing payrolls, taking the wrong courses will result in you having to learn Microsoft Excel in a non-optimal manner. You may have to master complex formulas that can be challenging to learn, in addition to being time-consuming, therefore leading to payment delays.

With delayed payrolls, comes extra scrutiny on your company’s financial integrity and your department’s ability to meet KPIs, while employee morale also diminishes. 

Consequently, you’ll need to take the best payroll courses online to accelerate your payroll management processes and become more efficient as an accountant.

All of these courses will teach you how to use Microsoft Excel with simple yet effective techniques, involving straightforward Math skills that’s easy to learn and put into practice. 

Moreover, they cover important statutory compliance requirements across various countries that you’ll need to observe as well to avoid legal trouble.

Let’s get started. 

1. Payroll Calculations Training for Financial Accounting [Udemy] 
2. Payroll Accounting With Visually Effective Excel Dashboards [Udemy] 
3. Complete Payroll Management in Excel &TALLY ERP9 &TallyPrime [Udemy] 
4. Understanding Payroll for Beginners [Udemy] 
5. Payroll Processing in India – Mastercourse for practitioners [Udemy] 
6. Payroll Management [Udemy] 
7. Payroll Journals [Udemy] 
8. Statutory Compliance for Payroll in India – An Introduction [Udemy] 
9. Payroll Accounting Introduction [Udemy] 
10. Effective Wage Payment for Corporations [Udemy] 
11. Processing of Child Support Orders in the Payroll Department [Udemy] 
12. Learn Payroll Administration Basics on Excel – Short Course [Udemy] 
13. Bookkeeping and Payroll with QuickBooks & Iris (12pay soft( [Udemy] 
14. Free Payroll Accounting Tutorial – Payroll Processing in India – For Professionals [Udemy] 
15. Free Payroll Accounting Tutorial – Payroll Processing in India – An Introduction [Udemy] 


What payroll legislation should you pay attention to? 

If you’d like to figure out how various legislation policies affect your payroll management process, then you should take the Payroll Calculations Training for Financial Accounting by Robert Steele.

This payroll online training will show you how to observe various tax regulations when creating your payroll. 

For a more comprehensive course, you’ll find that the Payroll Accounting With Visually Effective Excel Dashboards on Udemy by A.M.A.M Mubeen is one of the best Payroll courses online.

It’ll show advanced payroll formulas that will simplify and accelerate your payroll processing. 

For more information on improving your accounting process, you should pair this review of the best payroll courses & certifications online with my other review of the best Tableau courses on Udemy. 

Tableau is a powerful visualization tool that’ll you make better sense of large employee data. 

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