15+ Best MBA Courses & Certifications Online in 2022

best mba courses

Choosing the right MBA course can be a tough nut to crack, to say the least.

This challenge is usually a result of the endless options we have in terms of business development courses and MBA programs. A typical search for the best MBA course online normally involves hours of evaluating the institution or instructor’s qualifications and reputation.

In fact, you may even have to excruciatingly dig up details on the program’s academic ranking, and sometimes even evaluate each program’s teaching methodology one at a time, just to be sure you’ll acquire the skills to manage even a small business effectively after completion.

To save you the legwork, I’ve put together a list of the best MBA courses online. 

Aside from adequately preparing you for the GMAT exam, these tried-and-tested tutorials will arm you with important marketing and project management skills that you need be an efficient business leader. 

In this guide, we’ll discuss the best MBA courses & certifications online in 2022 that will help you earn your MBA degree. 

Let’s get started. 

1. MBA Course: Marketing and Business Strategy [Udemy]
2. Foundations of Management Specialization [Coursera]
3. The MBA Core Courses – With Real Business Case Studies [Udemy]
4. Finance for Non-Finance Professionals [Coursera]
5. Management Planning & Control Course in an MBA program [Udemy]
6. International Business Essentials Specialization [Coursera]
7. Financial Accounting You need to know for the MBA [Udemy]
8. Math for MBA and GMAT Prep [Coursera]
9. MBA Strategy: Success in Business School & Personal Planning [Udemy]
10. Business Strategy [Coursera]
11. MBA in Marketing – (As I Teach This at Universities) [Udemy]
12. Management Skills for International Business [Coursera]
13. MBA – Strategic Management – Industry Change & Value Curves [Udemy]
14. Innovation & Entrepreneurship – From Design Thinking to Funding [Coursera]
15. Master of Business Administration (MBA) Practical tests [Udemy]


Are you keener on picking up marketing strategies than mere management skills? 

If so, you’ll find that the MBA Course: Marketing and Business Strategy training on Udemy by Navdeep Yadav is one of the best MBA courses online for you. It is curated from the syllabus of top universities and dives specifically into business strategies and marketing. 

The Foundations of Management Specialization training on Coursera by Marc Badia is a better choice if you’re more concerned about business management, and how you can succeed in a leadership role.

Whatever course you decide to go with from this review of the best MBA courses and certifications online, you’re certain to enhance your portfolio and grow your professional career. 

However, if you’d be interested in small business management, be sure to also take a look at my other guide on the best small business courses that are certain to boost your SMB productivity skills. 

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