10+ Best Financial Analyst & Modeling Courses Online (2024 Updated)

best financial analyst and modeling courses online

Want to become a Certified Financial Analyst? We have brought together the 5 best financial analyst & Modeling courses online researched by bankers.

Before talking about the courses, let us know the skills you will learn from best financial analysis & modeling courses.

Skills You Can Gain From Financial Analyst & Modeling Course:

  • Financial modeling
  • Accounting
  • Spreadsheets and presentation
  • Valuation
  • Budgeting and forecasting
  • Research
  • Financial planning and analysis
  • Strategic thinking 

The Scenario Of Jobs In The Finance Sector:

Via: Payscale (verified)

A particularly useful technique for evaluating a company’s financial performance is financial modeling. It entails developing a mathematical model that can assist in carrying out financial statement analysis and aid in company decision-making.

The demand for financial analyst & modeling is on the rise with the increase in economic activity. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (LBS) projects growth of about 11% for the financial analyst profession from 2016 to 2026. The projection indicates huge job opportunities lying ahead for financial analysts.

As a financial analyst & modeling individual, your annual package will range from $68000 to $120000. You can scale even higher with experience. 

The financial analyst role is not specific to wall street firms only. Banks, Asset management companies, real-estate investment brokerages, insurance companies, and other financial corporations or data-driven businesses employ financial analyst.

With the ability to reduce risks through data-driven analysis, a financial analyst is on its way to becoming the most highly demanded job in the financial sector. However, you will need certification to land a Financial Analyst role in major financial corporations. 

To help you on your journey to becoming a financial analyst, we have brought together a list of the 5 Best Financial Modeling Courses Online.

The Best Financial Analyst & Modeling Course By Bankers

1. Financial Modeling & Valuation Analyst (FMVA)(CFI)


FMVA is a premier certification course for financial analysts worldwide. While the course is comprehensive and flexible, it has a robust syllabus. Adding immense value to your CV, FMVA teaches you the skills required to get started with the financial analyst job.

Over one million students have graduated from CFI, and the majority of them work with prestigious companies like Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, BlackRock, Amazon, etc.

FMVA Course Content:

FMVA syllabus is divided into three types of courses.

  • Prep courses (These are optional)
  1. Accounting Fundamentals
  2. Reading Financial Statements
  3. Excel Crash Course – Spreadsheet Formulas for Finance
  4. Introduction to Corporate Finance
  5. Math for Corporate Finance
  6. Capital IQ Fundamentals
  7. Macabacus Essentials
  • Core courses
  1. Financial Analysis Fundamentals
  2. Accounting Principles and Standards
  3. Building a 3 Statement Financial Model
  4. Business Valuation Modeling Part I
  5. Business Valuation Modeling Part II
  6. Budgeting and Forecasting
  7. FP&A Monthly Cash Flow Forecast Model
  8. Scenario & Sensitivity Analysis in Excel
  9. Dashboards & Data Visualization
  10. PowerPoint & Pitchbooks
  11. Professional Ethics
  • Elective courses (Complete a minimum of 3 courses)
  1. Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A) Modeling
  2. Leveraged Buyout (LBO) Modeling
  3. The Amazon Case Study 
  4. Presentation of Financial Information
  5. Real Estate Financial Modeling
  6. Startup / e-Commerce Financial Model & Valuation Course
  7. Mining Financial Model & Valuation
  8. Renewable Energy – Solar Financial Modeling Course
  9. Corporate & Business Strategy
  10. Advanced Excel Formulas Course
  11. Excel VBA for Finance

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Course Features:

  • Learn key practical concepts The course makes you familiar with accounting basics like fundamental accounting principles, key accounting standards, etc. It also discusses capital investments, optimal capital structure, the financing process, and other key finance concepts.
  • Excel & presentation skills – The course imparts excel and presentation skills required by financial analysts for day-to-day financial analysis.
  • Building & analyzing financial statements – It teaches analyzing and building logically designed financial statements and well-structured models.
  • Budgeting and forecasting – The course focuses on in-depth budgeting and forecasting and tracking performance using variance analysis and other methods. It explains different valuation methodologies and optimal strategic alternatives.
  • Learn from industry experts – CFI has world-renowned instructors who have decades of experience in the finance field. Some of them are Tim Vipond, Scott Powell, and Darren Tong.

Course Details

  • Price: Self-study- $497/year & Full-Immersion- $847/year (Get Access to All 4 Courses )
  • Certificate: Yes
  • Duration: 120-200 hours (Self-paced)
  • Curriculum: Beginner to Advanced
  • Format: 100% online, video-on-demand


  • Learn practical on-desk skills
  • Self-paced and flexible learning with online exams
  • High credibility of the certificate globally
  • Beginner Friendly


  • Not much rigourous training

Let’s move to the second best financial analyst course online

2. Online Professional Certificate In Corporate Finance (New York Institute Of Finance)


New York Institute of Finance (NYIF) is an excellent platform to train for financial services. With over 90 years of experience, NYIF has trained countless finance employees across the globe. Leading companies like SEC, Morgan Stanley, Bank of America, etc., train their employees at NYIF.

Its corporate finance certificate is recognized globally and adds weightage to your CV. The course teaches you the fundamentals of financial analysis, including mergers and acquisitions. NYIF offers virtual, online, and in-classroom courses. 

You can read NYIF Review in detail in this article.

Course Content:

  1. Financial accounting
  2. Management accounting
  3. Corporate credit analysis
  4. Corporate finance
  5. Business valuation
  6. Project valuation
  7. Mergers and acquisition
  8. Corporate treasury management: Funding and investments

Course Features: 

  • Learn financial decision-making process The course focuses on elements of corporate investment projects, the flow of corporate funds, and helps you relate the Efficient Market Hypothesis to financial decision-making in the corporate world.
  • Real-world knowledge The course teaches you practical skills required for a financial analyst job. It helps you understand the impact of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act on financial decision-making, etc.
  • Adds value to the CV NYIF is present in more than 125 countries. NYIF certificates are recognized globally and will add value to your CV.
  • Self-paced course – The course is self-paced, and you can learn at your convenience.

Course Details:

  • Price: $1545
  • Certificate: Yes
  • Duration: 60 hours
  • Curriculum: Beginner
  • Format: 100% online, video-on-demand


  • High brand value & well-recognized globally
  • Teaches skills highly relevant to the job
  • Industry experts


  • Little Expensive

3. Financial Analysis For Decision Making (edX)

Financial Analysis For Decision Making (edX)

Partnering with globally best schools and educational institutions edX is an online learning platform. It delivers knowledge and experience to learners.

Financial Analysis for Decision Making is from Babson college, one of the top academic institutions. This course is a free-to-audit course. It means you can access all the course material like videos, quizzes, and assignments free of cost. But, to get a certificate of completion, you will have to pay a fee.

This course will teach you to analyze business opportunities for financial viability. It also focuses on securing funding, making financial decisions for the business, etc. This is one of the best financial modeling courses. 

Course Content:

Week 1: How are Businesses Funded?

  • Introduction
  • Equity
  • Debt
  • Hybrids

Week 2: Forecasting Cash Flows for Ideas and Projects, Incomplete section

  • Introduction
  • New Product or Service
  • Cost Reduction Idea

Week 3: Evaluating Projects and Ideas, Incomplete section

  • Introduction
  • Breakeven and Payback
  • Net Present Value
  • Internal Rate of Return

Week 4: Valuing Stocks, Bonds, and Companies, Incomplete section

  • Introduction
  • Valuing Bonds
  • Valuing Stocks
  • Valuing Companies 

Course Features: 

  • Learn analysis of financial opportunities The course focuses on analyzing business opportunities for financial viability through the valuation of stocks, bonds, and companies. It also teaches evaluation of new ideas for new products or services and determination of cost and benefits.
  • Equips you with tools It aims at equipping you with the practical tools and techniques required to fund a growing business.
  • Learn from the best – EdX has partnered with global academic institutions with world-renowned instructors.
  • Excellent course material The course material includes videos, quizzes, assignments, exercises, and real-world case studies.

Course Details:

  • Price: Free to audit
  • Certificate: Yes, with a fee
  • Duration: 4-6 weeks (Self-paced)
  • Curriculum: Beginner
  • Format: 100% online, video-on-demand 


  • Course materials are accessible for free, including videos, exercises, and quizzes.
  • World-renowned instructors
  • Flexible timeline
  • Graded assignments


  • This course is for beginners.

4. The Complete Financial Analyst Course 2023 (Udemy)

With over 200,000 students enrolled, this course is the best course on Udemy. It is the most comprehensive and practical course to learn financial analysis. The course focuses not only on teaching financial analysis but also on tools required for analyzing financial statements like Microsoft Excel and PowerPoint.

The course teaches everything from basic to advanced concepts and requires no prior knowledge to enroll. It is the best course, as it has a combination of interactive quizzes, practical exercises, extensive course notes, and downloadable reference material. This is one of the financial analyst courses online you should consider.

Course Content:

  • Microsoft Excel- Basic to Advanced functions
  • Modeling in Excel
  • Accounting basics 
  • Advanced accounting
  • Financial statement analysis
  • Working capital management
  • Fundamentals of business & financial analysis
  • Business analysis in excel
  • Finance 101
  • Capital Budgeting
  • Tesla practical case study
  • Powerpoint basics
  • Learn from case studies – The course consists of extensive case studies to learn from real-world examples.
  • You can go through our how to become financial analyst article

Course Details:

Course Features:

  • Learn a multitude of topics – The course covers all the required topics for financial analysis like business analysis, valuation, budgeting, and a lot more.
  • Excel and presentation skills It gets you acquainted with Microsoft Excel and Microsoft PowerPoint required for financial analysis.
  • Suits all levels The course teaches fundamental concepts and progresses to advanced topics.
  • Price: $100 
  • Certificate: Yes 
  • Duration: 18-20 hours
  • Curriculum: Beginner to Advanced
  • Format: 100% online, video-on-demand


  • Covers all the topics and tools required for financial analysis
  • Builds practical skills 
  • It consists of 491 downloadable resources
  • Lifetime access


  • Higher focus on excel and accounting than on finance

Now let’s move to the last best financial analyst course online.

5. Finance & Quantitative Modeling For Analyst Specialization (Coursera)

Finance & Quantitative Modeling For Analyst Specialization (Coursera)

Offered by the University of Pennsylvania, this specialization consists of four courses that give you a complete understanding of financial modeling and analysis. It helps you understand both financial and non-financial metrics required to analyze financial performance.

Coursera provides an excellent platform to learn the courses at your own pace and opt-out by choice. The course teaches you to leverage spreadsheets and understand quantitative modeling. It is a multifold specialization that dives you deeper into the world of data and financial modeling.

Course Content:

Course 1- Fundamentals of Quantitative Modeling

  • Introduction to models
  • Linear models and optimization
  • Probabilistic models
  • Regression models

Course 2- Introduction to Spreadsheets and Models

  • Introduction to spreadsheets
  • From spreadsheets to models
  • Addressing uncertainty and probability in models
  • Simulation and optimization

Course 3- Financial Acumen for Non-Financial Managers

  • Introduction, balance sheet, and income statement
  • Cash flow statement
  • Financial statement analysis
  • Linking non-financial metrics to financial performance

Course 4- Introduction to Corporate Finance

  • Time value of money
  • Interest rates
  • Discounted cash flow analysis
  • Return on investment

Course Features:

  • Dives deep into business and financial modeling – The course dives deep to teach both financial and non-financial metrics affecting the financial performance of a company.
  • Imparts practical and technical knowledge – It equips you with spreadsheets, modeling techniques, and common investment analysis applications used by financial analysts with hands-on practice.
  • Explains real-world situations – The course explanation is full of real-world situations covering finance fundamentals, corporate decision-making, and financial intermediation.

Course Details:

  • Price: $ 90
  • Certificate: Yes
  • Duration: 1 month, 8 hours/week
  • Curriculum: Beginner to Advanced
  • Format: 100% online, video-on-demand


  • No prior knowledge or experience required
  • Flexible schedule and self-paced lessons
  • Hands-on project for applied learning
  • Graded assignments and quizzes with peer feedback


  • Can get boring 
  • Lack of practical examples

6. Corporate Finance Foundations Online Class | LinkedIn Learning, formerly Lynda.com 

Ready to take your corporate finance skills to the next level?

Since the financial choices a company makes can impact its performance and valuation, corporate finance is a very important topic for executives, managers, and accountants. 

In this finance course online, you’ll learn the basics of corporate finance and its impact on decision making and business growth. 

It is, in fact, one of the best finance courses on LinkedIn Learning, taught by professors Jim and Kay Stice, that lay the foundation for how corporate finance works, as well as make the connections between business activity and finance. 

Through these finance training tutorials, you’ll learn the role of risk in financial decision-making, the benefits of diversification, how short and long-term financing can impact cash flow and business operations, and the various ways businesses use equity or debt to finance corporate capital. 

Finally, you also get to learn about the mysterious capital asset pricing model, CAPM.

7. Finance Foundations: Corporate Governance Online Class | LinkedIn Learning, formerly Lynda.com 

What’s a better way to learn corporate governance in finance foundations than through this best selling finance course online?

In this LinkedIn Learning finance course, Jim and Kay Stice explore the foundations of corporate governance, including the key aspects and considerations when creating a corporate governance plan. 

Once you take the course, you’ll get to learn the various roles in an organization and draw connections between those roles and the financial overview needed to maintain your business financial integrity. 

To make it more interesting, the instructors share actual stories about companies that failed in integrity, and how, as a financial manager, you can learn from those stories to avoid future financial failings. 

In fact, these stories also illustrate the creation of some regulatory laws, such as the Sarbanes-Oxley Act.

Finally, you’ll finish off by covering corporate responsibility to stakeholders, where you’ll look at responsibilities to customers, suppliers and local communities.

8. Learning Investment Banking: The Complete Course | Udemy 

This is one of the best finance courses on Udemy as it starts off by introducing you to the four main areas of investment banking, capital markets, advisory, trading and brokerage, and asset management.

Once you take this finance training, you’ll learn the subtleties of initial public offerings, seasoned equity offerings, private placements, bond issuances, loan syndications, securitizations, mergers & acquisitions, restructurings, trading instruments, asset management vehicles, among others.  

In addition to that, there are also lessons on different valuation techniques like the ones used by Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley and J.P. Morgan. 

So you’ll be able to carry out a Discounted Cash Flow valuation, a multiples valuation, and an LBO valuation. This will enable you to accurately estimate a company’s cost of capital and future cash flows. 

After completing this course, you’ll have valuable technical skills, which make you the leading candidate for senior roles in industrial companies and Private Equity firms.

9. The Complete Personal Finance Course: Save, Protect, Make More | Udemy 

This is another great course that will teach you personal finance online.

It is actually taught by Chris Haroun, an award winning business professor, Columbia University MBA Graduate, and former Goldman Sachs employee.

Basically, you’ll learn everything you need to know to save more money, protect more money, and finally make more money.

He embraces a hands-on approach to learning where he’ll provide you with a very comprehensive Excel spreadsheet that contains more than 25 exercises to help you save, protect and make more money. 

By the time you complete this best finance course on Udemy, you’ll know how to analyze and significantly decrease your personal expenses so as to significantly increase your net worth.

There are also classes on understanding and improving your credit score, creating a perfect budget, the best way to file taxes, and how to create your own diversified investment portfolio consisting of stocks, bonds, commodities and real estate investment trusts.

10. Finance & Quantitative Modeling for Analysts Specialization | Coursera 

Would you like to advance your corporate finance skills to become a financial analyst?

First of all, the role of a financial analyst is quite dynamic, complex, and driven by a variety of skills. 

By learning finance using this finance course on Cousera, you’ll acquire a wide range of skills, ranging from a basic understanding of financial statement data and non-financial metrics that can be linked to financial performance, as well as deep diving into business and financial modeling. 

You’ll also pick up skills on how to utilize spreadsheet models, modeling techniques, and common investment analysis applications to help you make informed financial decisions and investments.

Finally, this finance course online also introduces you to the world of corporate finance, where you’ll gain a better understanding of finance fundamentals, including a variety of real-world situations spanning personal finance, corporate decision-making and financial intermediation.

Final Words:

Learning financial analysis is not as difficult as you believe. With the training from the right source, you can become a certified financial analyst. 

These are the 5 best financial analyst & modeling courses online, which will set you in the right direction to become a certified financial analyst & modeling. We hope you found the course that is the best fit for you. 

Financial Analyst & Modelling Courses FAQs:

Is it mandatory to have a certificate to become a financial analyst?

No, the certificate is not mandatory. However, certification increases your credibility and equips you with the practical tools and techniques required for the job.

How much does a certified financial analyst make?

As a financial analyst, you will earn $48000 to $86000 as a fresher. You scale higher with experience.

Will the certification help me in my career if I am already in the banking sector?

Yes, if you are already in the banking and finance sector, certification will help you scale higher, get better roles, and increase your pay.

Does online certification hold value?

Yes, online certifications hold value and credibility. They are great value additions to your CV. 

Are there more financial analysis & modeling courses online?

Yes, there are more but this are the most credible best financial analysis courses

Also, Wall Street Oasis is a great platform. You can go through the Wall Street Oasis Review further.

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