15+ Best Android Courses & Certifications Online in 2023

best android courses

Would you like to learn android app development? 

It is quite easy to get put off by the huge learning curves of complex app development courses which require too much time to master, instead of simply showing you how to become an Android app developer.

Deciding on what programming languages and tools are great for mobile app development can also be challenging given the many options we have today. As a result, it might not be clear what Android courses are beginner-friendly, and offer immediate results without having to toil under a lot of coding work.

For these reasons, it’s important to know how to choose the best android app development courses and certifications online. 

The potential is huge for you to earn big with revenues from Google ads and in-app purchases. But before you get there, you need to enlist the help of a thorough online course that will show you how to become an Android developer step by step.

In this article, I’ll take you through the best android courses and certifications online to learn from scratch in 2023 so you can make secure and profitable apps. 

Let’s get started. 

1. Complete React Native Developer | Zero To Mastery 
2. Java for Android | Coursera
3. Build Your First Android App | Coursera 
4. The Complete Android N Developer Course | Udemy 
5. The Complete Android R + Java Developer Course™ : 2023 | Udemy 
6. Android Java Masterclass – Become an App Developer | Udemy 
7. The Comprehensive Android App Development Masterclass | Udemy 
8. Marketing your Android apps | edX 
9. Effective Android Testing for Mobile Developers | LinkedIn Learning 
10. Working with Android Tools and Testing | Pluralsight 
11. Kotlin Android Development Nanodegree | Udacity 
12. Modern Android App Development with Kotlin | Educative
13. Android Game Development | Tutorialspoint 
14. Android Certification Training Course | Edureka 
15. Learn Flutter and Build Android & iOS Apps From Scratch | Skillshare 

1. The Complete Android N Developer Course [Udemy]

Are you interested in learning Android Nougat? 

Then this is the course to hone your Android N development skills and set you on a promising Android app development learning path.

In this course, you’ll be building Uber and Instagram clones, which will give you the knowledge to create your own social networking and rider apps. Learning by building is actually a great approach to becoming an Android developer.

This is the best android course online in terms of value as you also get free web hosting for an entire year. You won’t need to spend extra to host any web apps you’ll build. 

Excellent support as the instructor is always available in the forums so you can get help with the course material when you need it. 

Unfortunately, this class uses an older version of Android Studio which may look a little outdated. The good news is that you can still sufficiently follow through and even apply the same concepts to newer versions. 

2. Android App Development [Coursera]

Would you like to work in app development?

If you want to launch a career in app development, this 5-course specialization will set you on the roadmap for Android app development. 

In this Android tutorial, you’ll learn Java programming and its key features. This will enable you to learn how to build and integrate the various components of Java programs. In fact, Java is one of the best languages for mobile development.

You’ll also learn how to use SQLite and other tools in the thoroughly hands-on completion project of this series, which really puts you to the test to unlock your app development creativity. 

Thanks to this Android training online, you’ll get to do plenty of programming assignments. Each week offers practice exercises for you to learn from, making this one of the best android courses on Coursera.  

However, Java is a little more cumbersome for app development than Kotlin in terms of coding as it takes a lot more code to implement the same feature in Java than in Kotlin. On the other hand, Java has its benefits as well such as faster compilation times and bigger community support.  

3. Creating Your First Android App with Kotlin [LinkedIn Learning]

Would you like to learn Kotlin in under an hour?

Then this is among the best android courses online that guarantee you a shortcut to stress-free app development. In fact, this course can help you acquire the basics you need to prepare for the Google Android development certificate.

Through these tutorials for Android, you gain a simple overview of the beta components of an Android app. In the end, you’ll learn how to seamlessly integrate all these parts for an operational app with an appealing GUI. 

In addition to that, as an Android developer, you’ll learn how to build and properly store the AndroidManifest.XML file so you can conform to Google’s policies on accessing sensitive user data and avoid legal trouble.

So by the end of it all, you’ll acquire working knowledge brought in by an instructor who runs her own successful mobile development company. 

On the downside, because it is a quick tutorial, it’s not the best android course on LinkedIn Learning if you’d like to go in-depth with Android Studio. Nonetheless, the course delivers on its promise and you will be able to use key Kotlin features in Android Studio to create your first app. 

4. The Complete Android Oreo Developer Course – Build 23 Apps! [Udemy]

For a huge range of multi-app development skills, this is the best android course online that will enable you to build up to 23 Android applications, and learn Android development in the process.

If you were wondering how to become an Android developer, this online training will enable you to build highly lucrative social networking and video game apps like Instagram and SuperMario Run via Kotlin and Java without prior coding experience. 

So you’ll learn Android 8.0 Oreo development, taught in an easy-going and informal style that makes for a very fun way to effectively learn and build real apps.

Besides, you’ll be using Kotlin for hands-on app building, which is offered in a bonus Kotlin mini-course. As a result, this is the best android course on Udemy if you want to become an app developer. 

However, this course centers around an older development environment i.e. Android Studio 3.0.1. Even so, this IDE is one of the best beginner-friendly platforms and you can still follow through even if you’d prefer to use the latest version. 

5. Build Your First Android App (Project-Centered Course) [Coursera]

Do you learn better with hands-on teaching? 

You’ll fit right in with this project-centered Android course online. It is among the best android courses on Coursera because you also get customizable building blocks to speed up your development process. 

Along this course, you’ll acquire important tips on storyboarding. This way, you’ll be able to visualize your prototypes and make changes early on in development. 

You’ll also create the HelloWorld app, which will enable you to get a hang of the Android Studio IDE and how basic app development tools work before venturing into more complex designs. Building this HelloWorld app is particularly important if you want to know how to start Android development.

It also offers excellent visual support in the way of PDFs and guiding screenshots.

Unfortunately, this tutorial doesn’t cover a few important app aspects like how to use scrolling menus and list adapters. The Java and android studio basics covered still remain vital to basic app development nonetheless. 

6. Learning Android Security [LinkedIn Learning] 

Would you like to improve your android security? 

For securing android systems and data therein, this simple Android tutorial is all you need.    

By learning Android development through these tutorials, you’ll pick skills on how to remove geotag location data from images so that you can prevent cybercriminals from tracking you. 

Besides, you’ll get to know how to take contingency measures to protect sensitive information in case your device gets stolen. You also get 2 CPE credits if you’re studying computer software & applications and 1 PDU for project management. 

By the end of this Android training program online, you’ll have proven tips on protecting your online accounts using intelligent password management tactics and other strategies to address common vulnerabilities. 

If you’re keen on building an app after taking this course, this may not be the Android tutorial you are looking for. However, with the skills you’ll acquire here, you’ll know where to start Android app development. That said, android security is still an important aspect of Android app development. 

7. Android Java Masterclass – Become an App Developer [Udemy]

Do you prefer learning Java for Android app development? 

Then you’ll fit right in with this Java masterclass that’ll quickly take you from beginner to expert while showing you how to learn Android development easily.

By taking this course, you’ll learn how to build Android 7 Nougat apps with Java programming. This will enable you to build high-performing apps for older android versions, which still account for a huge user base today. 

This is the best android course online as far as support goes. You can have your questions answered in under 24 hours, including simple questions like how can I become an Android developer?

It has a strong focus on AppCompat. This means you’ll build apps that accommodate the latest versions of Android as well as older ones too. Being able to build apps that are compatible with various OS versions is a core part of professional Android application development today.

Unfortunately, the course faces a few deprecated issues since it’s been a while since it was last updated.

8. Kotlin for Java Developers [Coursera]

How much time does it take to learn Android app development?

If you are already a Java developer the welcome to the course that will help you shorten the learning curve and time for Android development today.

It doesn’t always have to be a choice between Java or Kotlin programming, and this is the best Android course online for combining the best of both worlds.

By taking this Android training program online, you’ll learn Kotlin syntax and the basics of app development, presented in a simple way by an excellent teaching approach that not only touches on language features but also how it all works under the hood.

So you’ll pick up skills in Java interoperability, and how you can transfer Java knowledge and syntax to hit the ground running with Kotlin. I think this is a really interesting way to learn Android development.

Basically, you get to make apps by doing, thanks to many Kotlin exercises, which makes this one of the best android courses online for practice. You also get helpful feedback from the exercises. However, the instructor’s strong Russian accent can get in the way of certain lessons at times, but you can make do with the subtitles to get through these parts.  

9. Android Development Essential Training: Your First App with Kotlin [LinkedIn Learning]

For beginners looking to get a foothold in fast Android development, you could try this insightful Kotlin tutorial.  

It is the best android course online because if you are looking for the best way to learn Android app development.

Through this training, you’ll uncover little-known tips on using Android Studio and SDK tools to build apps from the ground up. It teaches about Gradel scripts, which can help you automate various processes during app-building.Mixes programming and markup languages like Java, Kotlin, and XML.

So this LinkedIn Learning class for Android development provides you with a versatile learning approach that prepares you for most IDEs.  If you are wondering whether you need to learn Java to develop Android apps then you now have this answered.

By the end of this Android certification course, you’ll definitely be building apps using only Kotlin programming.

You may run into some trouble importing some of the projects from GitHub. This shouldn’t be a big problem though the instructor offers prompt technical assistance in the Q&A should you get stuck.  

10. The Comprehensive Android Development Masterclass [Udemy]

If you’d like to add facial recognition features to apps you develop, this is an excellent course to get you started. 

In this Android course online, you’ll learn how to use modern libraries such as ROOM persistence for a convenient and efficient way to save android data. 

Since it is a well-updated course, it is one of the most recent and best android courses on Udemy as the instructor is constantly adding new material that shows you the ropes of step-by-step Android app development.

In fact, you’ll learn ML Kit face detection API which you can use to add an extra layer of security to your apps. Even though a little controversial, face detection is becoming a key skill in professional Android app development.

The downside to this course is that you may need to briefly learn SQL programming before you can better progress through the database portions. However, don’t fret about learning SQL because it is particularly helpful when developing an educational Android app.

If you’re an intermediate learner with basic SQL and programming knowledge, you’ll find that it is among the best android courses online in terms of structure and depth of concepts covered.

11. Programming Mobile Applications for Android Handheld Systems: Part 1 [Coursera]

Offered by the University of Maryland, this Android certification course is for you if you’d love to build apps in Java and monetize them. 

In this online class, you’ll find concise step-by-step videos for learning Java and Android. A nice and inclusive pace of speech makes this the best android course on Coursera for both native and non-native English speakers. 

Besides, there are Lab assignments on Android Studio IDE, which wonderfully bring together both theory and practice. Both skills are non-negotiable among Android app programmers.

You’ll also get some bonus content, complete with a free Ebook, to get you started with the various app stores and monetization. Being able to monetize your apps and receive recurring revenue can be a great source of motivation to keep building and maintaining your app.

Because this course is a little dated, you may have problems with permissions and importing libraries. Even so, it still makes for a great beginner course if you’d like to get a feel of android programming. 

12. Android Studio Essential Training [LinkedIn Learning]

For 2023’s latest course on Android Studio and the new features that’ll help you power through design, you’ll find this course provides what you seek. 

So if you want to become an Android developer, you should take this course because you’ll get to use Jetpack Compose, one of Android’s newest libraries to completely build a native user interface exclusively on Kotlin. 

Along this course, you’ll pick up important shortcuts on how to write and debug your code. It is therefore the best Android course online for time-efficient troubleshooting. 

By the time you finish this online course, you’ll be able to use virtual device support, resource managers, and layout editors to become a more efficient and faster developer. 

If you’re an intermediate learner hoping for complex Kotlin challenges, this may not be the best way to launch a career in Android development because most of this will be repetition to you. That said, it is a good refresher for all as it features the latest updates on Android Studio. 

13. The Complete Android R + Java Developer Course™: 2023 [Udemy]

Android R, also known as Android 11, is Google’s latest iteration of the mobile OS. This java course teaches you all about Android R and how you can leverage these skills to become the best Android developer.

By taking this course, you’ll learn how to build PayPal integration features into your android system, which will come in handy if you decide to build an eCommerce app or just want to add a convenient monetization option. 

You’ll also receive regular course updates to tap into the latest app development trends, which makes it one of the best Android courses online in 2023.

Finally, there is an extra legacy course by the instructor for creating apps on older versions of Android as well should you want to expand your market reach. 

It’s worth noting that some of the course content is duplicated. However, you can simply fast forward through these areas although repetition is not bad for learning reinforcement. 

14. Developing Android Apps with App Inventor [Coursera]

The MIT App Inventor offers an excellent development environment with reduced coding responsibilities and an easy way to test your app. 

This course teaches how to use this IDE by providing you will in-depth lessons on how to make an interactive dolphin game and an alarm clock application as well. This will give you a better understanding of the block-based programming needed to maneuver the App Inventor. 

In addition to that, you’ll also get many quizzes to test your working knowledge, making this the best Android course online if you’re looking for a challenging and practical course for launching a career in Android development.

There is also a section that teaches you how to use the WebViewer component, should you need to display any documents hosted online in-app to your users. 

However, the course quizzes could be better placed. As they are now, some of the quizzes come before the tested concepts. Fortunately, this doesn’t take away from it being one of the best android courses on Coursera as you can retake the quizzes. 

15. Android Studio Essential Training 2020 [LinkedIn Learning]

As far as android studio 4.0 goes, this is an incredible tutorial about taking advantage of the IDE’s new features. 

By taking this Android certification course online, you’ll learn how to use Android Studio 4.0 and its new motion editor. This added feature will help you liven mundane user interface designs, especially if you are interested in distributing your Android apps later.

You’ll also learn how to use the build analyzer feature to understand why your build times are slow. As a result, you’ll be able to better optimize your workflow thereby delivering fast and efficient apps. When your apps are impressed by your work, you’ll be your own judge of whether it is worth learning Android app development today.

This course is updated periodically and the instructor is open to suggestions for new topics you’d want him to cover. I’d even say that mastering Android Studio is a prerequisite for Android development in 2023. 

If you upgrade to a newer Kotlin version, you may experience errors with the motion editor. Often, you can easily remedy this by checking to see if all dependencies are updated too. If that doesn’t work, the instructor promptly offers technical aid in the Q&A. 


What are your goals for app development? 

Objectives are important for determining the best Android courses online to learn from scratch in 2023. By setting your objectives straight you can ascertain whether you have the things needed for Android app development or not.

To simply get a feel of app development and all that it entails, The Complete Android N Developer Course [Udemy] is a nice place to start. You’ll learn a step-by-step procedure to create an Android app.

Albeit it covers an older version, many of the Android Studio IDE concepts it discusses are still relevant and many smartphone users today still use older versions.

If you’re more interested in app development as a career choice, I suggest you try the Android App Development [Coursera] specialization. It provides you with what you should learn for Android app development.

This 5-course Android certification training online will teach you all you need to know from building with Java up to app maintenance and publication.

It’s a great choice if you’d like to work with a particular company or get into freelancing. 

Lerma Gray

Lerma is our expert in online education with over a decade of experience. Specializing in e-learning and e-courses. She has reviewed several online training courses and enjoys reviewing e-learning platforms for individuals and organizations.

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