Top Online Assessment Tools for Kindergarten: A Guide

Online Assessment Tools For Kindergarten

Formative or summative, assessment is necessary for learner evaluation.

This enables teachers to ascertain the progress of learners and make any necessary preparations to provide aid to learners who need additional help or are falling behind in specific areas.

Unfortunately, evaluating learners at the kindergarten level can be quite challenging since teachers simply can’t put test papers in front of them to read and answer.

Additionally, these learners have short attention spans making it difficult to leverage some traditional assessment approaches.

And although there are multiple tools online for learner assessment, most of these tools are geared towards older learners.

This is why we’ve put together some great online assessment tools for kindergarten learners available on the market.

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What Is Assessment In Kindergarten​

Assessment is the process of monitoring, recording, and documenting the work children do and how they do it to make informed educational decisions.

To put it simply, assessment with respect to kindergarten is leveraging various information-gathering approaches to make informed diagnostic decisions about learners.

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Type Of Assessment Used In Kindergarten​

Kindergarten Entry Assessment (KEA)​

This form of assessment is administered in the first few months of school. It involves asking learners specific questions, giving them a task to complete while observing them, and giving a diagnostic test.

In some cases, teachers can also leverage a combination of these approaches.

These tests help teachers, early childhood providers, and families better understand and support the readiness of the learner.

KEAs aim to give children a strong academic start and put them on a path to academic success.

The primary purpose of the Kindergarten Readiness Assessment is to improve the quality of classroom instruction and other services provided to students from birth to 3rd grade.

Formal Assessment​

A formal assessment is a data-driven, systematic examination that analyzes what and how well pupils have learned.

It measures students’ competency or knowledge of the subject matter and helps compare learners to set criteria.

This form of assessment is usually used in high stake situations like admission, placement, and tracking.

Informal Assessment​

This form of assessment is usually designed and developed by the teacher.

It is spontaneous and can easily be included in routine classroom activities and can help measure students’ performance and progress.

Some of the most common early childhood informal assessment approaches include:

  • Observations
  • Checklist
  • Behavioral assessments
  • Peer assessment
  • Self-assessment
  • Portfolios

Informal assessments are spontaneous types of assessments that may easily be included in day-to-day classroom activities and are used to measure students’ performance and progress.

Informal evaluations are based on substance and performance. Teachers can assess children through their ability to work in groups, their drawing, singing, pronunciation, self-expression, and many more.

Teachers, in this case, need to assess learners through their modality of strengths. If a learner is good at singing, teachers can then leverage this avenue to assess learners.

Assessment Tools For Kindergarten​

ESGI – Best Kindergarten Assessment Tool​

ESGI is a virtual assessment tool that enables teachers to easily monitor the progress of their students.

This tool is designed specifically for learners from Pre-kindergarten to the second grade. It comes feature-packed to facilitate the learner assessment process.

The platform comes pre-loaded with well-categorized assessments that teachers can select from for learner assessments.

These editable pre-loaded assessments are categorized by subjects and grade levels and users can also create their own custom assessments and easily share them with their colleagues.

The best part of the application is that it automatically generates reports, charts, and graphs for student data which can easily be shared.

Student data can nicely be filtered to show data for a particular class, student, or even an assessment.

Teachers can use this data to monitor learners struggling in a particular area so they can help address these challenges.

Features of ESGI

  • User-friendly report
  • Editable templates
  • Easy card and letters generation
  • Create personalized letters
  • 2k+ preloaded assessments
  • Custom assessment design
  • Shareable assessments
  • Individual lessons
  • Group creation
  • Generate scheduling forms
  • Parent conferencer tool
  • Generate personalize multi-language letters and reminders

ESGI comes with great features which enable teachers to easily assess their learners.

From report card generation to creating personalized tests, ESGI provides a wide variety of tools geared towards making the whole process of evaluation easy for teachers.

Whether you want to generate and send report cards to parents or you want to generate personalized parent-teacher conference notifications, ESGI has you covered.

The system also generates flashcards which can be used by parents at home to supplement the child’s education.

JumpStart Academy​

Next on our list is JumpStart. This interactive and colorful tool comes with various activities for learners to perform in the classroom and at home.

JumpStart is made for learners from age 3 to age 8. Users can tap into their repository of worksheets, and activities for both home and classroom.

JumpStart Academy comes with cutting-edge technology that enables teachers to gain better insight into the progress of their learners.

The fun and interactive activities are made purposely to attract the attention of children and help them to learn in the process.

Features of JumpStart

  • Assessment benchmarking & tracking
  • Assignments
  • Intuitive ‘common core navigator’s tool
  • District/Principal dashboard
  • Teamwork/Team competitions in class

From JumpStart Academy Math to JumpStart Academy coding, this tool comes fully packed with features to make learning and assessment easy.

Funbrain Jr.​

If you’re looking for printables, games, and stories for kindergarten learners or kids, look no further.

Funbrain provides free visually attractive stories with Funbrain characters for children to read as well as interactive games to play.

Unfortunately, the online games run on Flashplayer which most modern browsers don’t recommend so running the games on a browser can be challenging.

But Funbrain Jr. comes with a mobile application for their games which is only available on the AppStore.

Features of Funbrain Jr.

  • Interactive games
  • Trace & coloring and more printables
  • Fun stories
  • Activity stickers

Funbrain Jr. also provides various printables from multiple categories which can be downloaded and used in your teaching.

Teach your learners and children to color or even connect the dots with these great printables available for free download.

The Bottom Line​

There are a few assessment tools for kindergarten learners but these three are some of my favorites.

If you’re looking for extensive functionality, ESGI is the one to go for. It is feature-packed and purposely built to make online assessment easier.

Additionally, it comes with many other features that make it easier to involve parents in the progress of their children.

With 2k+ preloaded assessments geared towards early childhood learner assessment, it’s one of the best tools in its bracket.

Early childhood assessment should be fun and enjoyable for both children and teachers. Leverage these to make it even more interactive.

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