8 Best Online Learning Tools You Must know To Maximize Your Productivity

8 Best Online Learning Tools You Must Know To Maximize Your Productivity

E-learning today is highly interactive, engaging and also, growing by the minute. Unlike the earlier times of Online learning, students are no longer scrolling through a myriad of PDF documents and zip-files. Learning through video calls or along with students across the globe through live-online study sessions they have excused themselves from being textually suffocated. Online learning has undergone evolutionary development to no-longer bore students. So, if you are on a quest to discover ways to experience online learning in a compelling manner, go through the article and know about some interesting softwares that might change your life. The list comprises online tools that can make E-learning much more effective and interactive. Using these tools will enhance your involvement in projects. These tools also ensure to keep your creative drive on track.  

Tutors as well as students who are striving to make their online study experience worthwhile must bookmark this compilation for later reference. Tools such as screen recorders, online grammar nazis, digital organisers and more will help you grow. Enabling online study along with students or working on solo projects these tools for sure will maximize your productivity online. 


8 Best Online Learning Tools You Must know To Maximize Your Productivity

First on the list is trello, a free software that helps you organize your tasks efficiently. This is a great portal to use for group projects and collaborations. With features of to-do lists, deadline setters, team updates and more, it maintains the flow of teamwork. You can manage your work and timing along with an in-built robot to assist you with regular reminders, to-do list fixes and more. Trello helps everyone on the team stay on schedule constantly motivated and on their toes. The funky interface of trello also motivates you to pleasantly stay focused.


8 Best Online Learning Tools You Must know To Maximize Your Productivity

A free user-friendly tool that allows you to create and design any kind of file you would need in your day-to-day learning. Be it making a creative presentation for the class or designing an outstanding resume for yourself, Mycanvas enables you to design documents and files fashionably in desired formats. Making sure that your creative flow isn’t hampered, this tool allows you to design as per your own taste and personality. This multi-dimensional software could be accessed through online web or by handy cellphones fueling your productivity with good quality results.


8 Best Online Learning Tools You Must know To Maximize Your Productivity

Mural is an online platform dedicated to facilitate virtual teamwork. Using mural along with your teammates you can organise, allocate and visualise progress in real time. The software has a variety of options and features to help you create the best of projects. Designing, socialising, interactive working and recording individual and overall progress are some of the key features of mural that help you innovate and stay connected.

                Mural’s has a lively interface. Students must experiment with the vivid innovative templates of storyboards, innovators compass, research-user interviews, data flow diagrams, feature goals and tracking, decision tree etc. As an advantage for students conducting research or maintaining notes online, you can organise and record findings online on mural with ease.

Articulate Storyline

This is an appealing tutorial creator. With articulate storyline you can convert blank canvases into moving lessons. Multimedia options of video, audio, images and more can be stitched together to create desired courses.The software also facilitates interaction. Students are provided with the option to clarify queries simultaneously on articulate storyline. Due to the overall study experience that the software provides, it is now widely used by the educational community as well as many other industries to create research content, training lectures, knowledge sharing sessions and so on.


Camtasia is a screen-recording, audio and video software. Users can create tutorials while working on the screen. This is especially helpful for students and tutors working in the fields of math. You can solve problems and record your computer screens while you do so. The step by step recording allows students and tutors to understand concepts clearly. Camtasia’s user friendliness enables more people to create content online with ease. Coders, tutors, and students enjoy using this software.


8 Best Online Learning Tools You Must know To Maximize Your Productivity

Studying online can get monotonous and lonely. Under such circumstances, students easily lose interest and get distracted. To be able to focus and fixate yourself on the task in hand, use mooclab. Students across the world sign-up and study together. It is an international online study forum for all students. This is a wonderful way to create a positive environment to study online amidst the lockdown.  


8 Best Online Learning Tools You Must know To Maximize Your Productivity

One of the highly recommended software to link your computer. With all your communication switching online, students are required to draft tons of emails and documents everyday. It is difficult to keep a constant tab on the correctness of your language. Hence, Grammarly acts as a  quality check master. It facilitates automatic corrections wherever necessary and also provides suggestions for better usage of words online. Helping you polish your vocabulary and writing skills, it also fixes your grammar. Once you link the software to your chrome or your cell phone, you can continue working on your documents, emails etc without any hassle. Grammarly automatically checks on words, sentence structures, spellings and more. It helps you improve in English and to maintain interpersonal communication.


A user-friendly video recording and editing app. Students can use the app to create small clips and presentations. The inbuilt video templates make it easier for  students to select their desired template and the app adjusts the video accordingly. Video clippings, audio, images, music, screenshots and more can be added and edited as desired. 

Studying online can be challenging and stressful. Hence, to achieve maximum productivity while you’re studying online ensure keeping your mind positively engaged. To engage is the key. Using different tools, features and softwares that mindboggle you is one way to do so. Engaging yourself in multiple tasks, activities, a variety of softwares and a good interface will help you stay positive and attentive. Smart features online can also help maintain a set screen time to avoid tension.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I become more productive as an online student?

Set a timer and give a certain amount of time for the class. You can also plan your academic assignment around the due date. A timer and a calendar need to be kept up with.

Set a timer, for instance, for two hours or thirty minutes, whichever is more manageable for you. Put the assignments in that timetable. You can find some spare time to support your interests if you manage it.

It is crucial to take little breaks to recharge. Refreshing your body and mind is vital. When you complete your assignment in the allocated time, you have plenty of time to practice your talents.

What are the best online learning tools for students?

Are you a student looking for strategies to increase your productivity? You are in luck if so! The top student productivity tools are discussed in this article.

You can get organized and keep on track with the help of many excellent tools and applications. We have looked at some of the best ones in this blog post. There is therefore bound to be something here that can help, whether you are looking for a strategy to manage your time or keep track of your tasks.

How can I increase productivity and achieve more in less time?

Errands, phone calls, emails, and other tasks can all be collected into a single batch. By finishing related work in a single session, you will save time.

You can use online timetable apps as one tool to assist you in managing all of those items. It’s a straightforward method to organize your day, make reminders, and place all your most crucial chores in one place.

The task you need to accomplish first thing in the morning is generally the one you dread the most. Many people check their emails in the morning because they feel satisfied. However, that is just a false sense of accomplishment.

It is not suitable for you to complete simple things like checking your email first thing in the morning. Perform the challenging activities instead since you will be more energized to do them in the morning!


When working on or managing large and widespread projects, you feel overburdened and unorganized. To maintain order, improve responsibility, communicate, and keep everyone informed, you will need an all-in-one project management and task management software.

You can have your projects, teams, and work-related information in one location. This article provides the best Apps that there are for these functions.

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