Udacity Digital Freelancer Nanodegree Review 2024: Build a Successful Business Online

Udacity Digital Freelancer Nanodegree Review 2022

Digital Freelancer

Many working professionals are switching or working as a freelancer to maintain a side income. The trend of building a successful freelance business online is at its peak. Let’s know how the Udacity Digital Freelancer Nanodegree can help you build a successful business online.

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Are you an individual who looks into beginning a side hustle and earning a decent income through freelancing,

or Do you wish to choose to freelance full-time? 

Well, We or no one can blame you!

Digital freelancing has become the new trend, where more people are inclined to the thoughts of starting their own businesses. And freelancing has turned out to be something similar to the online business.

Digital freelance work has become commonplace. Why? Global unemployment is increasing, and many people are more interested in starting their own firms. What better way to begin than with an online business? Due of the abundance of available digital freelancers, starting an internet business surely feels scary. Therefore, it is crucial to possess the required abilities to distinguish yourself from all of the other rivals.

Generally, a freelancer works with specific short-term contracts to work for businesses. Digital freelancers work at home and offer services to their clients online. This involves various niche choices, and freelancers choose to work on one or more niches as per their expertise.

In this Udacity Digital Freelancer Review, I am going to discuss the reasons for an upsurge in demand for digital freelancers, and how enrolling in the Udacity Freelancer Nanodegree program can be beneficial to you for establishing a business of your own.

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Top Job trends and growing demand for Digital Freelancers

As per the Freelancing in America Survey, around one in three US-based workers, i.e, 53.7 million are now engaged in freelancing. 

You already know that you want to start digital freelancing, but not sure what opportunities exist and which are in higher demand; fret not.

Here are some specific jobs and skills in demand as far as digital freelancing is concerned.

1. Video Production Skills

Video production skills are demanded by companies who wish to reach their consumers across social media with Video Advertising Techniques. You can earn an hourly rate anywhere between 40 USD to 85 USD.

2. Data Analysis Skills

Organizations look for experts in the analysis of big data and transform them into insights to contribute to business decisions. Above all, you can earn 40 USD to 100 USD per hour for the data analytics skills you possess.

3. Machine Learning Skills

If you are familiar with industry-specific programming skills and have a strong Data Science background, then you can work in the machine learning field. The hourly income ranges between 80 USD and 125 USD as per the trends.

4. Search Engine Optimization Skills

SEO has been highly trending for most companies, where they need professionals to drive more organic traffic for their sites. You can earn an average hourly wage of 25 USD to 75 USD with the right set of skills.

5. Mobile App Development Skills

Many organizations spend on app development for various devices and look forward to hiring freelancers in this field with Strong Programming and computer science skills. With this job, you can earn about 40 USD to 100 USD per hour.

What is Udacity Digital Freelancing Nanodegree?

If you aspire to be a digital freelancer, wish to grow a personal brand, and achieve establishing a successful online business, then Udacity Digital Freelancer Nanodegree Program can be an ideal guide towards establishing your career as a digital freelancer.

As per the Nanodegree graduates’ survey 2020, about 73% of graduates who had signed up to advance their career, witnessed a desirable career change in the initial 12 months post-completion of the Nanodegree program, witnessing a considerable pay rise of about 24%.

While being a digital freelancer is the most convenient way to make money, the method to kickstart your career in digital freelancing is complex. It is necessary to ensure that you pursue the right course and have the right set of skills to get into the field.

The Udacity Digital Freelancer Nanodegree program is an open program that incorporates a learning environment for students globally that enables you to enroll and learn the basics of Digital Freelancing.  

This accredited program can offer high-end skills and quality education, along with a flexible learning plan to provide the ability to choose their mode and kind of learning.

The course has in-depth modules to let students develop the skills to be professional digital freelancers, along with skills to deal with various types of clients.

Udacity offers real-time projects aligned with the best-in-class firms, where you can utilize them to build your professional portfolio.

The program helps you with numerous experienced experts who can guide you with their industry expertise. 

The course also provides accredited resume support, real-time projects, and a flexible learning plan to work or learn at your pace anywhere across the globe.

Every course helps you to learn something new, but what keeps Udacity Nanodegree Digital Freelancer Program is the real deal of providing you with the course to educate you in terms of what the market requires and that’s what we have tried to discuss in this Udacity Digital Freelancer Nanodegree Review.

Once you complete this course, you can acquire the important skills to handle the existing job market, and help you with the resume support, LinkedIn profile creation, GitHub Portfolio option, to let you scale up in your career. 

Prerequisites for Udacity Digital Freelancer Nanodegree Program

To enroll in the course, you don’t need any prior experience in digital freelancing, however, it is recommended that the students have basic computer skills and basic knowledge on the aspects like:

  • File management
  • Utilizing the third-party online programs
  • Navigation on the Internet via an online browser

Doesn’t that sound interesting when you can open the gateway to your freelancing career with common skills in hand? Let’s explore more about the program.

What is the cost of the Udacity Digital Freelancer Nanodegree?

The program is offered to the students at a pay-as-you-go model with a fee of 399 USD per month. 

The pricing is obviously on a higher side but relax.

Udacity also offers certain discounts to promote the learners who deal with financial constraints. 

The course also offers you essential resources to be an established digital freelancer. 

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What is the duration of the Udacity Digital Freelancer Nanodegree?

The course takes an estimated time of one month to complete for a student who learns a minimum of 10 hours per week

If individuals can’t afford to learn 10 hours every week, it might take longer to complete the course. Slow learners can go for more months to continue learning with month-to-month payments, to grasp the essential skills.

The content and curriculum are aligned to support almost 2 projects, where every project will be closely reviewed by the Udacity reviewer panel.

Syllabus of the Udacity Digital Freelancer Nanodegree

The Udacity digital freelancer course comes with employable skills, and the lessons are carefully designed to help you with practical learning exposure to let you proceed with digital freelancing. So, let’s about the syllabus of this Digital Freelancer Nanodegree in this Udacity Digital Freelancer Nanodegree Review.

The course syllabus is split into two core courses with in-depth lessons and projects to get you equipped with skills worth adding to your professional portfolio.

Course 1- Freelancing 101 & Preparing to Market Yourself 

The course guides you with the fundamental concepts, merits, and demerits of working as a freelancer find the differences between traditional jobs and freelancing jobs, and discuss in detail, the various strategies to start a business.

The course also teaches the methods to market yourself and create your own brand, with social media presence, and portfolio website creation to enhance client acquisition.

Lessons Included:

Lesson 1:Fundamentals of Digital Freelancing

Lesson 2: Marketing Strategies to Set Yourself Apart

Lesson 3: Building a Professional Social Media Presence

Lesson 4: Developing Your Website

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Course 2- Managing Freelancing Projects 

The course focuses on a freelancing project comprehensive journey, discussing how to find the clients, where to find the clients, and closing the project. It also discusses the stages involved in bootstrapping a career in freelancing. 

The course also gives you practical exposure and considers numerous real-life scenarios and various strategies to manage/complete the projects.

Lessons Included:

Lesson 1: Creating a Process to Source Clients

Lesson 2: Negotiate a Project Scope and the Pricing Framework

Lesson 3: Managing Projects

Lesson 4: Completing Projects

Apart from the lessons, the real-world projects also let you hone your highly industry-specific skills. 

The projects are unlike what the other course providers offer. How? You get personalized reviews and feedback for your projects from an expert panel of 900+ reviewers. Isn’t that interesting?

With a simple interface, it is easy to get unlimited feedback and submit your projects frequently, which can help you to polish your skills while learning.

Program Addons

It isn’t over, there are other value-adding features the program offers for your advantage:


You can find answers to the questions using the Udacity proprietary Wiki, called Knowledge. Here, you can connect with trainers, view the various questions asked by co-learners, explore the way the challenges are solved in real-time.


With workspaces, you can see the code put into action, and check the code quality which is a part of the Udacity classroom,


The quizzes are auto-graded, and you can analyze the level of understanding of the concepts learned. Got the answers wrong? Need not worry. You can also go back and brush up on them later.

Can I start a successful business freelance online after this Nanodegree?

A Freelance Business is an escape from 9 -5 regular jobs. If you wish to work remotely or begin a freelancing job as a side hustle with extra cash in your pockets, yes, freelance business ideas can help you.

You get to enjoy freedom over your job schedule, location, finance, and everything. To talk about self-care, it is amazing.

With a flexible and short-term contract or work with multiple employers, you can leave work when you wish and switch to a better job if you wish.

Udacity Digital Freelancing course can let you create a brand for yourself, market them to magnify your USPs, establish your social. presence, and apply strategies to find the clients, finally to help you with ways to win client acquisition.

However, though you enjoy these benefits from the course, it needs sincere efforts from your side to put the skills learned into practice and ace digital freelancing as a career.

Pros and Cons of the Udacity Digital Freelancer Nanodegree

Definitely, the course has a lot of pros compared to cons, and that is why we recommend Udacity Nanodegree over other similar courses. However, let’s be honest in this Udacity Digital Freelancer Nanodegree Review.

Let us first talk about the pros of taking up this course:

  • This program introduces top-performing companies who offer projects to the learners, which is the best way to grasp practical exposure.

  • The real-world projects you work upon are reviewed and guidelines are provided by experts, which let you approach the crucial issues and solve them before actually getting into the industry.

  • Mentors who help you to stick to the defined goals, and achieve the concepts in the curriculum till you earn the certificate.

  • Flexible course, and freedom to learn the lesson in your own schedule without a tight schedule, making your learning super-easy.

While talking about the cons, here we go:

  • The course teaches you about job-related skills, technical skills, and work on industry-relevant projects, however, they don’t teach you about job hunting.

  • Digital Freelancer Udacity course doesn’t offer a live classroom learning-based experience. However, it is to be added that the flexibility of learning at your pace with access to the projects is a value-added feature.

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Udacity Digital Freelancer Nanodegree Certification

Udacity Digital Freelancer Nanodegree Certification

Upon completion of this Digital Freelancer Certification course, you get a certificate similar to what is shown in the image.

Get it printed or downloaded from your Udacity account and share your certificates across your professional accounts.

You can add it to the resume or your LinkedIn profile to attract employers or hiring companies.

This Nanodegree certification belongs to Abdelmonem Hassan.

Now, let’s move to the conclusion part of this Udacity Digital Freelancer Nanodegree Review.

Is Udacity Digital Freelancer Nanodegree Worth it?

Beginning with an online business, especially to establish a career as a digital freelancer, requires a certain set of skills.

While examining the curriculum, you can easily understand that they help you to make the journey towards digital freelancing effortless, with all the essential knowledge and skills.

This program has a lot of advantages and overall, lets you learn at your comfort with practical exposure and get exposed to multiple projects reviewed by experts.

Well, if you ask me if the Udacity Nanodegree program will help you build a successful career, a big yes would be the answer. Hope you like this Udacity Digital Freelancer Nanodegree Review informative and helpful.

Trust me, I would not certainly think about a second option!

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Udacity is offering personalized discount.

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