15+ Best Salesforce Certification Courses Online in 2024

salesforce certification courses

Are Salesforce certification exams hard to pass? 

To be honest with you, no matter your specific specialization, Salesforce certification exams can be challenging. 

With the questions changing frequently for each taker in the Salesforce Admin certification exam, for example, it can be difficult to know how to revise and learn Salesforce administration with regard to what specific study areas you should target. As a result, it can be an overwhelming and nerve-wracking experience. 

If you take the best Salesforce certification courses, you’ll know how to best prepare for your certification exam. 

Whether you’d like to get the Salesforce developer or Admin certification, these courses are sure to help you out. They contain tons of refreshers, proven study guides, and important tips on how to pass both the onsite and the online proctored exams. 

In this guide, we’ll discuss the best salesforces certification courses online in 2022 to help you pass your certification exam. 

Let’s get started. 

1. Salesforce Integration With External Systems [Udemy]
2. Salesforce 101: Introduction to Salesforce [Udemy]
3. Salesforce System Admin & App Builder Dual Certification [Udemy]
4. The Complete Salesforce Development Course [Udemy]
5. SF Development Lifecycle&Deployment Designer Practice Exams [Udemy]
6. Salesforce CRM Complete Guide for Business and Team Managers [Udemy]
7. Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud Consultant Certification Exam Q&A [Udemy]
8. Complete Salesforce Classic and Mobile New User Training [Udemy]
9. Salesforce Education Cloud Consultant Certification Exam Q&A [Udemy] 
10. Debugging Salesforce for Admin’s & Developers [Udemy]
11. Salesforce Commerce Cloud ( Demandware ) Head Start [Udemy]
12. Salesforce Change and Release Management – A Complete Guide [Udemy]
13. SalesForce CRM – A Complete Guide [Udemy]
14. Salesforce Visual Workflow Complete Course [Udemy]
15. Salesforce – Top 65 Interview Questions [2021] [Udemy]

Is the Salesforce developer certification your goal? 

The 1. Salesforce Integration With External Systems on Udemy by Deepola Khanna is one of the best Salesforce certification courses to help you prepare if so. You’ll also learn about REST, SOAP, and other Salesforce APIs that will enable you to pair this CRM with external data systems for big data processing. 

Are you undecided about which Salesforce certification to pursue? If so, you’ll want to take the 2. Salesforce 101: Introduction to Salesforce training on Udemy by Francis Pindar, which is one of the best Salesforce certification courses for beginners.

This tutorial will give you an overview of core Salesforce components, the various certifications available, and the process behind each one. 

For more business intelligence tools and their certification processes, take a look at my review of the best business intelligence courses to shed light on Tableau and PowerBI, and how you can get certified in these BI tools, and more. 

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