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Lynda Vs LinkedIn Learning – a complete guide on which platform to prefer

Most of you might be confused about Lynda and LinkedIn learning but let me tell you both are one and the same. Now you will ask if both are same then what’s the difference?

You might be knowing about LinkedIn and probably you would have your profile too.

Recently, LinkedIn wanted to focus more on providing quality  education through online courses. For this they acquired already established education provider Lynda and started offering professional online courses through LinkedIn Learning.

In this article I am going to sight some differences and similarities between Lynda and LinkedIn Learning, so keep reading.

From content perspective both the platforms are similar. That means the courses present on are also available on LinkedIn Learning.

LinkedIn Learning now offers all 15,000+ courses that were previously offered on This also applies to the identically functional Apple and Android apps for downloading course materials for offline usage.

Here’s the catch. When you enroll for any course on LinkedIn learning you will get automatic recommendations for online courses based on your LinkedIn profile, designation and work experience. This is not the case with

User experience is the biggest difference when we consider both the platforms. As LinkedIn Learning is built on LinkedIn platform you can easily add certain skills to your profile after finishing your course. Isn’t that interesting?

In short if there is a debate between Lynda vs LinkedIn Learning , I’ll prefer to go with LinkedIn Learning

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Worried about the cost difference? Let’s check which one is cheaper

LinkedIn Learning vs Lynda cost

When comparing cost factor between the two , you save more on Linkdin Learning than upto $5 for month-to-month subscription.

LinkedIn Learning charges only $29.99 /month which is very low as compared to what the course will pay you in your future.

The good news is you can try the platform free for one month and then decide whether you would like to continue or not. In this way you can cancel anytime if you feel the courses are not what you are looking for.

Start Free Month

linkedin learning cost

LinkedIn Learning Reviews

After going through many Linkdin Learning courses I found that thsi could be a great tool to learn new skills .

LI is very useful for those:

  • who wants to upgrade their career 
  • for job seekers
  • ones looking for promotion.

HR managers prefer candidates these are proactive and LinkedIn itself is a big platform to seek job opportunities. Hence having a good profile on LinkedIn can increase your chances of hiring .

The only drawback LinkedIn Learning has is one need to dig down a bit to find a right course among several available courses on the same topic. This can sometimes confuse learners but this can be overcome by looking over the ratings others have given to the course. This can simplify the process of selecting the right course .

How to migrate from Lynda to LinkedIn learning?

Moving from to is a very easy task. Don’t worry all your coursework and data will be carried to LI .

This data will be used to analyze and give you recommendations based on your previous coursework.

The problem here is you wont be able to access your previous account once you migrate your account from Lynda to LI.

Many ask questions whether their certificate of course completion will also be transferred or not? The answer to this is yes.

All your certifications will also get transferred once you migrate to LI along with account data, billing information and history.

Now enough comparing Lynda with itself. Lets comapre Lynda with other well known course providers like Udemy and Coursera.

LinkedIn learning vs Udemy

After talking to lot of people and ruminating reviews I got to know that Lynda’s ( LinkdinLearning) has a good video production quality than most of the courses out there. Plus they provide free courses for first month which maked Lynda ideal for those looking to save some money.

Udemy on the other has vast library of courses of which some are absolutely remarkable while few don’t even meet the required quality standard. But Udemy has some added advantage over Lynda. Their dashboard is well designed to provide feedback from instructor as well as other students.

Take Udemy Courses

Apart from Udemy, Lynda has several other competitors providing quality online courses .Some of them are mentioned below:

It completely depends upon you which platform you choose to accelerate your learning.

All I conclude is that LinkedIn Learning is one of the best online learning platform available and I suggest you to at least take a free trial .

You just read about “Lynda Vs LinkedIn Learning”. If you find this article useful , do share it with your friends and help us grow.

Josh Hutcheson

E-Learning Specialist in Online Programs & Courses Linkedin

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