Honest Knightsbridge Trading Academy Review 2024

knightsbridge trading academy review
knightsbrid academy review

Honest Knightsbridge Trading Academy Review 2022: Should You Buy It?


  • Well experienced Instructors
  • Learning platform for Beginners
  • Reliable,Secure trading strategies


  • Very few courses offered

Reviews From Past Graduates:

  • Facebook: Average: 4.7/5
  • Google Reviews: Average: 4.5/5
  • Trustpilot: Average 4.8/5

Via: Google Reviews

Via: Facebook

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Are these reviews legit?

Yes, many people have shared their real experience and certification, which builds trust in them.

Overall, there is a positive atmosphere at Knightsbridge Trading Academy. Moreover, few people have shared their experience of the Trading and investing journey.

Who Should Do The Courses?

  • Individuals want to start trading or investing
  • People having an interest in the stock market
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Beginners intermediate and advanced in this field

Key Points:

Knightsbridge Trading Academy is associated with London stock exchange group Academy to offer better learning.

Tutors are financial experts in most of the financial institution, you will learn from CISI tutors, financial analysts, and well-known brokers around the globe.

This Academy accent reliable signal provider based on their Enigma Strategy. They provide live trading over signals, Entry and Exit points, profit, and Stop loss points.

The trading platform is created by experts in MATLAB and programming languages making it 100% safe.

This Academy has graduated more than 10000 students and is gaining popularity due to its Strategies and experts. Hence, Knightsbridge Trading Academy Review is taken.

Opportunities After Course:

Start your trading and investing journey successfully:

Programs are designed such that, after completing the courses, you will start your TradingTrading and investing journey successfully and will get a better understanding of markets.

You will have Financial markets, Introduction to investing, forex trading, master of certified trader knowledge during the course.

Get advance and practical knowledge of stock exchange:

You will learn all the secure and reliable strategies during the course. You will know some important points in moving average, price action strategy, support and resistance level, live Trading, and many other shutters is like this.

All about that, you will be certified by some renowned bodies all over the UK.

Some Advance Features:

This section of Knightsbridge Trading Academy Review will cover some advanced or unique features of these courses.

Great Partnerships:

Having years of experience Knightsbridge trading academy has built Great partnerships and relationships in this field.

They believe in making partners ensure quality education and all of them are experts in their field.

Infinox Capital (forex broker), British Accreditation Council (accreditation recognized all over the UK), London Stock Exchange Group, Chartered Institute of securities and investment CISI (largest and most widely respected professional body), and many more partners all mentioned above.

Get up to 40% off on course bundles.

There are ways to save money on your courses, such as buying course bundles. This Academy office course bundle at a discounted rate such as:

Advanced trader bundle:

Get 4 most popular courses at 30% off scheme.

Introduction to financial markets, Introduction to investing, Forex course, Master trader program

Total € 1604
Get 30% off
At € 1122

Talented trader bundle:

Courses include Introduction to the financial market, Introduction to investing, Forex course.

Total € 807
Get 20% off
At € 645

How to choose the course?

Select the course which is best suited for you.

Knightsbridge trading academy

After selecting the course read all the essential information such as overview and curriculum.

ktafx reviews

Now you can enroll in the course.

Now let’s talk about the founder in this Knightsbridge Trading Academy Review.

About the founder:

James Lawrence:

Before starting, James worked in financial markets as an FX and equity broker, working with high-end private and co-operate clients.

He is well experienced in global consultative financial sales, financial trading and relationship management. Over the years, he has developed good partnerships and detailed knowledge of global financial industry.

Interview with James:

What made you create this academy?

James decided to start this academy seeing poor professional education available in the market especially trading and forex market

He found that the right financial education is what most educational institutes lack and decided to start this academy.

What about traders with zero experience?

Almost all the programs are designed for beginners or traders with zero experience or knowledge. All the programs are fully accredited by the British accreditation council and some other international bodies.

What is the future of trading?

Trading is currently moving into a new future at an extremely fast pace with technology and fintech. Today it is easier to create strategies and use machine learning, AI and reduce human errors.

They work alongside several universities, creating strategies designed in machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Certification and Accreditation:

Knightsbridge Trading Academy is accredited by the British Accreditation Council (BAC) which is recognized all over government and private bodies.

BAC was established in 1983 as a sign of quality education in the private sector, as they are committed to higher education standards.

The certificate you get is CPD (continual professional development) is independent CPD accreditation working across all sectors and learning applications.

The criteria for getting a certificate is to score at least 70% on the final exam conducted at the end of the course.


The best thing about this course is it is online-based, and you can learn at your own pace. You will finish the course within few weeks or even 10 days based on your schedule.

The duration of the course is 10 to 15 hours, and the lectures included are 10 to 25. You can learn these courses at your own pace as it is online-based.

Ideally, complete the lectures within few weeks and then give time to practice live Trading.


Well experienced Instructors:

Almost all the instructors have 25 plus years of experience in the field of finance, investing, and trading.

Many of them are running successful forms in this field and have degrees in finance and banking.

Learning platform for Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced:

Most of the programs of Knightsbridge Trading Academy are designed for students with zero experience. They aim to create a course for individuals who do not have any knowledge in this field.

There are also courses if you have a little knowledge and upgraded to an advance level.

Reliable and Secure trading strategies:

Instructors have developed the latest trading strategies and technologies that are secured and will help to give you maximum results.

This chapter is our tried and trusted more than 1000 times before implementing it.


Very few courses offered:

Best Trading Academy covers a very short range of courses, probably in future, they will launch a few more courses.

Knightsbridge Trading Academy: Is it worth it?

Yes it is, considering all important factors such as instructors, course relevancy, trading strategies, beginner-friendly courses, and CISI and CPD certificate.

I also like about them because they have great partners and network worldwide, which builds a trusting them.

Now that it is obvious what the Knightsbridge Trading Academy’s trading course is all about. The Knightsbridge Trading Academy Review provides a brief overview of the academy and reveals that the course’s primary goal is to give trading enthusiasts the top-notch knowledge and tools they need to pursue a career as a trader or any other role in the financial sector.

FaQ On Knightsbridge Trading Academy Review:

Are the courses beginner friendly?

Yes, almost all the courses of Knightsbridge Trading Academy are beginner-friendly which zero experience required.

What if I have any queries?

For information related to any query contact:

  • Contact number: 09794209
  • Email: info@ktafx.com

Are there any corporate social programs offered?

Yes there are, military and University programs are some corporate social programs offered by this Academy.

Leave your honest opinion on Knightsbridge Trading Academy Review.

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