Is Craftsy Worth It? In-Depth Review and Analysis

Craftsy Review

We all have that one skill or hobby that we say we are going to pick up soon but never do!

Whether it be a lack of time, money, or simply motivation, picking up a new hobby sometimes feels like an impossible task – especially if you have a busy schedule anyway. 

Plus, finding high-quality classes and teachers is no easy feat! 

Luckily, there is a solution to this issue: Craftsy. Craftsy is an online subscription platform filled with classes and courses that teach you how to learn a wide variety of skills and hobbies.

To give you a better idea of whether Craftsy is worth it, we will break down everything you need to know about the platform and offer a final verdict to help you make a decision. 

Let’s get into it!

Understanding Craftsy: Platform Overview 

Craftsy is the crafting world’s answer to online subscription services such as Netflix and Hulu.  

The platform is a curation of videos and digital content surrounding crafting and other DIY hobby projects, allowing subscribers to learn how to make various projects and develop certain skills. 

On top of this, the platform also offers an online shop that allows users to buy items and supplies that correlate to various courses offered on the website. 

While its name might suggest that Craftsy only offers content surrounding arts and crafts projects, the platform actually has a “lifestyle” focus – meaning it covers a wider range of topics. 

When it was first founded in 2011 by several ex-eBay executives, the platform solely focused on craft-based skills. 

Another platform called Blueprint was launched by the company in 2018 to cover other lifestyle-based skills, and in 2019, Craftsy was absorbed by Blueprint. 

Now, the platform offers content around a wide range of lifestyle skills. From cooking, gardening, baking, writing, and even health and fitness, Craftsy has it all! 

It is truly the one-stop shop to learn any lifestyle hobby or skill you could ever need. 

Course Selection and Variety on Craftsy 

Craftsy’s biggest drawcard is that it offers an incredibly wide range of skills and hobbies. 

With over 2000 available classes online right now, learning your next hobby with Craftsy could not be easier. In fact, the hardest part is picking which skill you decide to learn! 

In the same way that Netflix offers different genres such as “comedy” “drama” and “action” to help viewers pick what they are going to watch next, Craftsy offers different categories that the content is sorted into to help you pick which craft you are going to try next. 

The platform offers  21 different categories, and they are as follows:

  • Baking 
  • Cake decorating 
  • Cooking 
  • Crocheting 
  • Drawing 
  • Embroidery 
  • Fitness 
  • Fun for kids
  • Gardening 
  • Home Decor 
  • Jewelry making
  • Knitting 
  • Painting 
  • Paper crafting 
  • Photography 
  • Quilting
  • Sewing 
  • Weaking + spinning 
  • Woodworking
  • Writing 
  • Yoga.

As you can see from this expensive list, the options are endless and cover a breadth of different skills and hobbies! 

The high quantity of courses may bring into question the quality of the content on the platform. However, Craftsy also excels in this area. 

There is a rigorous process that all potential instructors and content makers must go through to be accepted onto the platform. 

For one, they’re required to prove to Craftsy that they are excellent at what they do and have the capabilities to be a great teacher. 

Once accepted, Craftsy helps them to produce professional content to ensure that all videos and resources on the platform maintain an extremely high standard. 

The courses are designed to take you all the way through a skill or project. If the course concerns skills (such as sewing or knitting), there will be classes teaching you the basics. 

From there, you can graduate to courses on specific projects in that skill (such as making a dress or knitting a scarf). 

The courses are designed to take you all the way through the project and offer insight and help at every possible moment so that you are eventually comfortable with making similar projects on your own! 

Craft Classes

Pricing and Subscription Model 

Craftsy offers two different options: a free membership with limited access to the website, and an all-inclusive premium membership. 

The free membership only allows you to view the free courses online. These are very few and far between, and do not offer the same depth or breadth as the paid option. 

Alternatively, the premium membership is an all-access pass to Craftsy and gives you access to absolutely everything!

Premium perks include access to 2000+ classes and exclusive live instructor events, a curated weekly newsletter, as well as the ability to download courses for offline viewing. 

Nothing is off limits with this membership plan, and if you are thinking of joining Craftsy, we highly recommend you choose this option. 

There are two different pricing options for the paid membership. You can choose to either pay $11 every month or an annual fee of $113 (which saves you $19). 

This is excellent value for money considering Craftsy’s main competitors. Udemy, which is a similar platform, charges $29.99 per month – nearly triple the price of Craftsy!

User Experience and Platform Accessibility 

The accessibility of a platform can make or break it, but luckily Craftsy gets our approval here too. 

The website is very simple and laid out clearly and logically. Thanks to the wide range of categories, it is easy to simply click on each one from the homepage and see the various courses/projects available. 

Everything is clearly labeled, and the thumbnails for each video offer a good idea of what the class is about. 

Plus, if you are looking for something specific, users can filter and search through all the options to help them find exactly what they need! 

Craftsy also offers an app that is available on both the App Store and the Google Play store. 

This increases its accessibility, as the platform is available on just about every possible device all over the world! 

Additionally, the apps are laid out in a similar way to the website, which makes switching from one to the other completely seamless.

You won’t need to worry about relearning how to use the app if you decide to switch from a laptop to an iPad as the web and app versions and practically the same! 

Real User Reviews and Feedback 

Nothing gives better insight to a product or service than real user reviews. Here is some feedback from real users of Craftsy to give you a better idea of whether the platform is worth it or not:

One user named Malo left a review on Trustpilot highlighting how well Craftsy has helped her deepen her already existing skills. 

In her review, she highlights that there are “so many classes and information about so many subjects! I have enjoyed many needlecraft for many years, and through CRAFTSY I have been able to hone my skills in many areas. I like to knit and crochet, for instance, and I have learned new ways to cast on stitches, different ways to crochet, and how to finally make a granny square that is square!” 

Another reviewer named Laurette offered a similar sentiment and expressed how much she has enjoyed Craftsy expanding the type of content on their platform. 

Her review states; I’ve been a member of Craftsy now for 3 years and have spent hours watching and learning various things. I watch a lot of YouTube videos as well, but when you want to delve into how to do something, a Craftsy class can’t be beat. They’ve recently been adding more fitness and meditation videos as well, which takes it to a whole other level for me.” 

This just goes to show that the quality of videos and classes on Craftsy cannot be replicated on other areas of the internet. 

Professional reviewers have also expressed their love for Craftsy. In her review for, Liz Hurley concluded that the platform was well worth it. 

She stated that “Craftsy offers extremely high-quality video classes from skilled teachers with downloadable resources at an affordable price. The volume of content across so many hobbies means there are bound to be many classes that will inspire and develop your creative talent.” 

Pros and Cons: A Balanced Viewpoint 

No website is perfect, and Craftsy has both pros and cons. Here is a balanced overview of the advantages and disadvantages of using the platform:


  • Wide range of skills and classes: Craftsy’s biggest pro is how expansive its classes are! 

From woodworking to cake decorating, there is a high chance you will find classes to help you learn any one of those skills that you have been putting off picking up

  • Accessible: Craftsy is an extremely accessible platform. Not only are the websites and apps easy to navigate and laid out, but the overall concept of the platform is also accessible. 

Craftsy can be accessed from anywhere in the world, provided that you have an internet connection. This means you don’t have to travel to take the classes – they can be enjoyed from your own home! 

  • Community: Craftsy is not just a platform – it’s a community. The site has built a strong community around since its creation in 2011, allowing users to connect and band together around their shared love for crafting and other hobbies! 


  • Pacing issues: While the classes on Craftsy are of a high standard and are thorough, some people do find that they are too dense with information and struggle to follow along. 

These pacing issues may be an issue for those who like to learn slower

  • Materials aren’t provided: With many in-person classes that focus on teaching you a specific skill or project, the materials are often provided!

However, as Craftsy is remote, buying all the correct materials is up to the user. 

This added cost can be a burden to some, both financially and time-wise. However, Craftst does offer an online store to combat this issue. 

Is Craftsy Worth the Investment?

Considering the cost, breadth, and quality of the content available on Craftsy, we believe it is 100% worth the investment if you are someone who has the time and the interest to learn a new skill or hobby!

The platform is a great way to learn so much in one place, and the depth and variety of the classes allow you to hone in on your chosen skill and perfect it (before moving on to another!).  

This sentiment is echoed in the reviews for the platform – and based on what we can see in terms of the content and classes available, it is no wonder that Craftsy has so many loyal fans. 

Conclusion: Final Thoughts on Craftsy 

If you have the time and want to learn or perfect a new skill, Craftsy is definitely worth looking into. 

The platform is affordable, accessible, and highly effective at teaching these new skills from the comfort of your home.

With Craftsy, the options are endless, and you may soon find yourself mastering a skill you never considered learning before!

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