Is 970 a good SAT Score?

Is 970 a good SAT Score

If you got a score of 970 on the infamous SAT, you may have cause for alarm. Chances are, your mind is already pretty exhausted after carefully studying and taking the test, so we’re happy to help by answering the question: “Is 970 a good SAT score?”

According to, 970 is not a good test score. It is below the national average of scores, and therefore can lead to a lack of admission into anything more than 120 colleges, at best. 

In this article, we’ll show you how good a score of 970 is on the SAT. We’ll also answer frequently asked questions and show you a few schools that might accept this score as well as a few that won’t. 

How Good is a score of 970 on the SAT?

As previously mentioned, since so much of academic future outlooks rely on that simple number indicating an SAT score, it is no wonder test-takers ask, “is 970 a good SAT score?” Luckily, we have the answer for you. 

Technically, a score of 970 on the SAT is not considered a good score. In general, it is one of the weaker scores a test-taker can achieve on the SAT. Because the expectations of different colleges and universities are varied and hard to predict, it is difficult to say that a score of 970 will keep you from attending your ideal university. 

However, as previously mentioned, according to the experts at, 970 is only slightly above the average score that those who take the SAT achieve. This means that in general, getting into what are considered the “top” colleges and universities in the United States will be very difficult for someone who scored a 970 on the SAT.

Generally, those who get a 970 on the SAT are only in the lowest 34th percentile of the United States, out of 1.7 million takers of the SAT exam. Usually, a person who gets an SAT score of 970 did worse than average when it came to answering Evidence-Based Reading and Writing questions or Math sections in the test. 

Because that score is low and many high-ranking colleges will not accept applicants with 970 on the SAT, it is advisable that a test-taker enroll in a test prep class, then take the SAT over again to get an improved score. 

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What Schools Can You Get Into With a Score of 970?

If you’d rather find colleges that will accept you rather than retake the SAT, don’t worry; it is not hopeless to find a college that will accept applicants with an SAT score of 970. Check out our list below to see schools you can get into with a score of 970. 

School NameComposite Average For the SATInformation on the School
California State University in Loss Angeles970This school has an exact composite of 970 and is counted as number 26 when ranked on the list of best public universities of California. It has an acceptance rate of 91% and the average GPA is 3.31.
San Francisco State University1030This school has a higher average composite of SAT scores, but a 93% acceptance rate. It also has a net piece of about $14,800, with 3.31 as it’s average GPA.
Clark Atlanta University960A private 4 year university with only a 58% acceptance rate, but a lower SAT composite at 960. The average GPA is 3.28 and the chance of a 970 SAT-scorer of getting in is about 60%.
Alabama State University940Another university with a lower SAT composite, this school has a 98% acceptance rate! This public university also has a 2.95 average GPA rate. 

As you can see, all hope is not lost; the above universities in either the west of the United States or the East of the United States will accept a student with an SAT score of 970, on average.

What Schools Would You Find it Hard to Get Into With a Score of 970?

If you’re looking to get into any of the following schools with a score of 970, you’ll find it incredibly difficult due to their high standards and the lower-than-average performance a 970 on the SAT indicates. 

School NameComposite Average For the SATInformation
Brown University1470 to 1550A private Ivy League university located in Rhode Island, one of the oldest colleges in the country. This college only has a 6% acceptance rate, but a 95% graduation rate. 
California Institute of Technology1545A private research university found in California, well known for advancements in modern science, specifically for applied and pure science. The acceptance rate is a startling 4%, with a graduation rate of 92%.
Carnegie Mellon University1460 to 1560This University was established in 1900 and is now a private research university in Pennsylvania. It grants four-year degrees with a graduation rate of 89% and an acceptance rate of 14%.

Unfortunately, these schools would be incredibly difficult for someone with a score of 970 on the SAT to gain acceptance into. 

Frequently Asked Questions

With some encouraging information on accepting universities and some discouraging news about the ones that aren’t likely to accept low SAT scores, there are plenty more questions to learn the answers to on this topic!

That’s why you’ll find our answers to the web’s most frequently-asked questions on an SAT score of 970 below! Read on to learn more. 

What can I do with a 970 SAT score?

There is no reason to suspect that your life will be empty or in any way lessened by having an SAT score of 970, but when it comes to getting admitted to high-ranking colleges, you’ll certainly be able to do less.
That being said, it is possible to get admitted into more than 120 colleges with a score of 970 without having to retake the SAT, so don’t despair of your academic future!

What SAT score is considered too low?

An SAT score that might be considered lower than average, and therefore not ideal for anyone hoping to get into a high-ranking university, would be anything lower than 1051. 1051 is a score that is considered well below the average of national test-takers. 

Should I retake a 970 SAT score?

Truthfully, a 970 SAT score can be so detrimental to one’s chances of getting into a highly respected university that it may be well worth taking the test over again, especially since retaking the test multiple times is a possibility in the first place. 
The answer to this question will be found in how much time you’ll have available to study, compared with how badly you’d like to get into a high-ranking university. With enough time and dedication, a better score is certainly within reach.

In Conclusion

To sum it all up, the answer to the question “is 970 a good SAT score?” is, unfortunately, no. 970 is not considered to be a very good SAT score because it is lower than the average score that test-takers achieve when they complete the SAT. While you’ll still be able to get into a few colleges, the majority will not accept applicants with this low a score. 

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