Is 940 a Good SAT Score?

Is 940 a Good SAT Score

If you’re a student looking to get into university, you must have taken the SAT, since it’s a compulsory requirement to get into any good college in the States.

A 940 SAT score is considered average for a student and means you were able to answer most of the analytical and English questions with adequate proficiency.

If your score is anywhere around 940, you must also be wondering: Is 940 a good SAT score for me to go to a good college? The answer is yes, it is. Depending on where you apply and how compatible you are with those colleges, it is possible to get into a Bachelor’s program with this score.

This article will tell you about what percentile a 940 score lies in, as well as all the schools you can and cannot get into with a SAT score of 940. Our main focus is to provide you with various choices of schools you can apply to with this score to increase your chances of getting in.

What percentile does a SAT score of 940 lie in?

Even though the percentiles change every month according to the students who take the SAT, a score of 940 overall means that out of everyone taking the SAT, there’s 71 percent who did better than you, and 29 percent who did worse than you.

As per various statistics, a score of 940 means you are eligible for applying to a total of 80 schools, whereas you’ll be missing out on approximately 1400 schools. This should not be a point of concern for you if your dream university does not lie among the 1400 schools that do not accept a 940 SAT score.

Therefore, this score is enough to get you into an above-average or average-tiered school, depending upon the other components of your admission.

What schools can you get into with a score of 940?

To start off, we’ll be listing the ten schools you can get into easily with a score of 940 along with their SAT averages and other specifications.

SchoolSAT averageSAT rangeAcceptance rateEnrollments per year
Adams State College1030920-1140100%3,138
Wesley College940820-1050100%917
Savannah State University910845-980100%3,385
Lewis Clarke State College990870-1110100%3,710
Grand View University1000920-1080100%1,757
Sul Ross State University980905-1050100%2,100
Mary Baldwin College1030940-1120100%2,142
Ohio Valley University980870-1090100%273
Columbia College940820-105099%1,389
Colorado State University1040940-113099%6,110

If you apply to the following schools, you will have a higher chance of getting in, according to their SAT averages, SAT ranges, acceptance rates, and the annual enrollments.

These aforementioned schools have a SAT average between 910 and 1040, meaning that the students who usually apply to these schools do not have a higher cumulative SAT score than 1040 and lower than 910, which gives you a better chance of getting in.

The SAT range, however, differs from the SAT average for these ten schools. The lowest limit of the range is 820, and the highest is 1140. This means that the universities are competitive enough to only accept students within a certain SAT score range to maintain their educational standards, while also being inclusive enough to allow students with low SAT scores to apply.

The acceptance rates for these universities lie between 99% to 100%, which means that if you apply and fulfill their SAT, documentation, and result requirements, you’re guaranteed a spot in your desired program in these universities. So if you thought you wouldn’t be able to get into any university with a 940 score, think again.

These schools also admit thousands of applicants each year, and have a range of admitting about 273-3,385 students each year. This means that their annual turnout is massive, so there’s no need to worry about the enrollment prospects.

What schools would you find it hard to get into with a score of 940?

While there are many universities that will give you admission with a score of 940, there are some which have a specific requirement of SAT scores that they expect the applicants to fulfill before their admission can be considered. Here, we’ll be listing ten such schools:

SchoolSAT averageSAT rangeAcceptance rateAdmission chance
Piedmont International University1000770-123024%21%
Tuskegee University1030920-113034%23%
North Carolina Wesleyan College990860-112028%23%
Thomas University1010780-124029%25%
Columbia International University1040940-113546%31%
Alice Lloyd College950760-114036%35%
Alcorn State University960853-107339%36%
Averett University1030910-115548%36%
Trinity Baptist College980866-110043%37%
Point University1010890-113047%38%

As visible, most of these universities are considerably harder to get into depending upon the SAT average, SAT range, acceptance rate, and admission chances of a candidate with a 940 SAT score.

Most of these universities have a SAT average ranging from 950 to 1040, which is higher than the 940 score. This means that their lower limit starts from a higher SAT score than 940, and they might consider you based on other aspects of your application, but not your SAT score of 940.

As you might have noticed already, the acceptance rates of each university also differ according to their SAT score requirements. All of these universities have an acceptance rate less than 50%, which means that 50% of all candidates who apply for an admission get rejected.

As for the admission chance, for a SAT score of 940, these universities give you an admission chance of somewhere between 21% and 38%, meaning that if you apply, there’s a 60% and above chance that you might not succeed in securing admission to these universities.

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Final thoughts: Is 940 a Good SAT Score?

If you’re not able to improve your SAT scores and are wondering if 940 is a good SAT score, worry not. There are still a lot of universities that will take you in with a SAT score of 940. A university admission also depends upon a lot of other factors, like GPA, extracurricular activities, recommendations, and personal statements.

So do not get disappointed if you have a SAT score of 940. Instead, focus on your other merits and make them stronger in order for your application to stand out to the admission panel.

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