Is 1270 A Good SAT Score?

Is 1270 A Good SAT Score

As the end of the school year nears, college decisions loom just around the corner. You’ve probably given the SAT as a prerequisite and are wondering where you stand with respect to your peers. If you have a score of 1270, we can help you put it into context and see if it’s a good score. 

1270 is actually a pretty decent SAT score for college. With 1270, you rank in the 85th percentile and have a shot at some pretty good schools! It may be a reach to get into the top schools, but we’ve curated a special list of schools that are renowned for their academic approach. Keep reading to find out if 1270 is a good SAT score!

Understanding your SAT score

An SAT score has two parts: the Evidence-Based Reading and Writing and Mathematics score. Any score you get will be cumulative of both of these portions. So with a score of 1270, it means that that is your total score across the two categories.

The SAT score that you usually get places you in a certain percentile. A percentile is a representative of how many people rank equal to or lower than you. For instance, if your percentile is 83, it means that 83% of the people who took the exam ranked the same as you or lower than you. Here’s a breakdown of scores so you understand better.

Score RangeSample Percentile
680-740Less than 1 – 2

Is 1270 a Good SAT Score?

1270 is a very good SAT score! it can get you admitted into highly ranked schools with a good academic reputation and stellar chances at employability. If you have a score of 1270 and maintain a good extracurricular record along with achievements during high school, you will have no trouble getting into some of the top schools in the country!

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What Schools Can You Get into With a Score of 1270?

Lucky for you, you can have your pick from a bunch of schools! From state colleges to private universities, many colleges will hand you an acceptance letter based on the score you achieve. We’ve rounded up some of them to ease your decision-making process!

1. Target Schools:

These are the schools that have a range of 1200-1400, and you shouldn’t have much trouble getting into them.

2. Florida University:

The average score to get into Florida University is 1260. You should be able to get accepted into the school with your score and a stellar extracurricular record. Florida University is on the forefront of cutting-edge research, with special strides in the healthcare industry. For engineering, business studies and medicine-related professions, Florida University is the place to go.

3. Penn State Main Campus:

Famously dubbed a Hidden Ivy, Penn State is an excellent school with state-of-the-art facilities. The average SAT score to get into Penn State is 1250. Penn State should be your go-to for information science, Business Studies, and Biology. In addition to great academics, the university is also at a secure location of State College, a cozy college town with much to do!

4. University at Buffalo:

This school is located in Buffalo NY, with a high acceptance rate of 70%. It usually accepts a score of exactly 1270 so you’re in luck! It is the best public business school with an interesting football team!

5. The New School:

Looking into majoring in design? The New School is one of the highest-ranked design schools specializing in art, design and architecture. Located at the prime location of Manhattan in New York, this school is definitely something to consider, and it accepts a composite score of 1250!

6. University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill:

UNC at Chapel Hill is yet another school prioritizing cutting-edge research. It fosters a communal spirit and requires a score of 1250 to get into. The town is quaint with a modern feel, and the locals are a treat to befriend so you’re guaranteed to have a good time. 

7. Easy Schools:

With your SAT score, it should be a breeze to get into these schools, and they are just as academically invigorating as those above in our list. 

8. SUNY at Albany:

Ranked as one of the top public schools according to Forbes, UAlbany is an excellent school that you can get into surely with a SAT score of 1270. Their composite acceptance score is 1190, well below 1270, making it much easier to keep it as a backup option. Their Psychology and Criminal Justice programs are also worth checking out!

9. Michigan State University:

Not only is MSU ranked highly in the US, its one of the best land grant universities in the world with great strides in research. MSU invites a diverse range of students with an average SAT score of 1210. The Spartans are hard at work everyday to maintain this university’s rankings!

10. University of Oregon:

UofOregon is known for the exciting fields of environmental law, psychology, and landscape architecture. It requires just a score of 1190 to get in! It’s also the location of the cult classic National Lampoon’s Animal House!

11. University of Rhode Island:

This university is located in Rhode Island and might be an attractive option due to its proximity to New York. It requires an attainable score of 1190, and you’ll have a shot here!

12. Howard University:

Howard University is a leader in STEM. Most people come here to earn their postgraduate science degrees and advance to PhDs. The average composite score to get into Howard is 1190, making it a very easy (and highly ranked!) safety school.

What Schools Is it Hard to Get into With a Score of 1270?

While you have a lot of opportunities to get into very good schools with your SAT score, some schools may prove to be a bit of a reach. We’ve rounded up a list of schools where the score of 1270 might not suffice.

  • Ivy League Schools
  • University of Texas at Austin
  • University of Georgia
  • University of Michigan at Ann Arbor
  • Ohio State University
  • The University of California San Diego
  • Syracuse University
  • UMass Amherst
  • Rutgers University-New Brunswick
  • Bentley University
Ivy Leagues1460-1580
UT Austin1230-1480
University of Georgia1300
Ohio State1260-1420
UC San Diego1250-1470
Syracuse University1260-1410
UMass Amherst1250-1460
Rutgers University1210-1430
Bentley University1230-1410


You shouldn’t have to worry much about your SAT score of 1270. It is a good score! We’ve collected data to show you exactly what you should aim for and what may be difficult. We hope you utilize this information to make an informed decision!

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