15+ Best Day Trading Courses & Certifications Online in 2024

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What’s the secret to becoming a successful day trader? 

A simple Google search can unearth the many fail stories from day traders who’ve lost a lot of money. Consequently, you may be wondering if there’s a sure-fire recipe for success in day trading or other kinds of forex trading that are the talk of town today.

While day trading can be a risky venture, the best day trading courses online are vital for you to learn how to make money consistently. 

With excellent success rates of up to 72% and more, these day trading tutorials I’ve rounded up cover important techniques on how to master options trading, stock trading, and even cryptocurrency trading.

They’ll teach you how to not only rely on your gut but also use real-time market data to choose the right stocks by using technical analysis to make profitable decisions.  

In this article, we’ll discuss the best day trading courses & certifications online in 2022 to make you a successful day trader. 

Let’s get started. 

1. Learn Day Trading and Swing Strategy: Stock Strategies Class [Udemy]
2. The Advanced Cryptocurrency Trading Course – With Strategies [Udemy]
3. The Complete Day Trading Course (Updated 2021) [Udemy]
4. Stock Market Trading: The Complete Technical Analysis Course [Udemy]
5. Day Trading 101: A Beginner’s Guide to Day Trading Stocks [Udemy]
6. 4 Strategies that Will Make you a Professional Day Trader [Udemy]
7. Day Trading and Swing Trading Futures with Price Action. [Udemy]
8. Day Trading 101: How To Day Trade Stocks for Passive Income [Udemy]
9. Day Trading Ninja: 12 Hours DIY Day Trading Strategy [Udemy]
10. Stock Trading Momentum Based Strategies1- Technical Analysis [Udemy]
11. Day Trading & Momentum Strategies for the Stock Market [Udemy]
12. Day Trading: Candlestick Trading Mastery For Daily Profit [Udemy]
13. Learn & Make Money in Stock Market: Investing & Day Trade [Udemy]
14. Day trading & Scalping strategies in 2021 (5-Course Bundle) [Udemy]
15. Day trading strategy for all levels, with 72% success rate [Udemy]


Would you like to learn how to trade stocks? 

If stocks are your primary trading interest, the Learn Day Trading, and Swing Strategy: Stock Strategies Class on Udemy by Mohsen Hassan is a great option. It uncovers the swing trading strategy, among others, making it one of the best day trading courses online for cracking stock trading. 

If cryptocurrency trading is your cup of tea, I suggest you try The Advanced Cryptocurrency Trading Course – With Strategies on Udemy by the same instructor. 

You’ll learn advanced cryptocurrency day trading strategies. As a result, it’s among the best day trading courses & certifications online as far as cryptocurrencies go. 

Data is key to making profitable day trading decisions. So check out my review of the best Excel courses on LinkedIn Learning to learn how to use this MS application to collect market data for better decision making.

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