15+ Best Database Management Courses & Certifications Online

How can you learn database management online?

If you want to be able to manipulate and control data to meet the necessary business conditions then you need to pick up some killer skills in database management.

However, since there are many database platforms and tools, it can be overwhelming to know where to start.

So in this article, we are going to look at the best database management courses that will enable you to learn the best techniques in database management. Through these techniques, you’ll be able to manage incoming data, organize it as well as provide ways for it to be extracted and modified by other users.

Your main focus will be SQL-based databases like Microsoft SQL Server, the MySQL database, as well as the Oracle database.

At the end of these database management courses, you’ll be ready to take the IBM data warehouse engineer certification as well as work as a junior database administrator.

So let’s get started.

1. Learn SQL. Get Hired. Databases Bootcamp | Zero To Mastery 
2. SQL Server for Database Administrators | DataCamp 
3. Database Management Essentials | Coursera 
4. IBM Data Warehouse Engineer Professional Certificate | Coursera 
5. Database Management System from scratch – Part 1 | Udemy 
6. Microsoft SQL Server Database Administration Course | Udemy 
7. Managing databases with Liquibase and Spring Boot | Udemy 
8. Database Management Systems – MySQL | Udemy 
9. Oracle Database Disaster Recovery and Data Movement | Pluralsight
10. Database Foundations: Database Management | LinkedIn Learning 
11. Advanced Database Administration | edX  
12. JavaFX Database Management System | Tutorialspoint 
13. Learn MongoDB | Codecademy 
14. Database Systems Concepts & Design | Udacity 
15. MySQL DBA Certification Training | Edureka 

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