Can Canvas Detect Grammarly

Can Canvas Detect Grammarly

Grammarly is a great writing assistant that can be used on various learning management systems including Canvas. It’s easy to install the browser extension to start correcting any errors in your writing.

Additionally, because the Grammarly browser extension runs on students’ browsers rather than the Canvas LMS itself, Canvas cannot detect students using Grammarly in non-proctored tests.

Brief Introduction To Grammarly

Grammarly is a great writing assistant that leverages artificial intelligence (AI) to detect potential mistakes and make recommendations on spelling, punctuation, and sentence structure.

With over 30 million daily active users, it’s one of the best writing tools leveraged by both teams and individuals including teachers and students.

Students leverage this tool to help them in their writing assignments, tests, and emails.

How To Use Grammarly In Canvas

Grammarly supports most major browsers including Chrome, Safari, Microsoft Edge, and Firefox browsers.

To use it, simply visit your web store and install the extension in your chosen browser. Once the extension is installed, you can simply log in and start using the extension whenever you visit a text editor in your Canvas LMS.

The Grammarly icon will be visible in a corner of your text editor. No need to do anything else, simply start typing and Grammarly will assist you with suggestions by underlining any potential errors and providing fixes once you click them.

Can Teachers See If You Use Grammarly

Although Grammarly isn’t a flawless tool, it does a good job of correcting the majority of writing errors.

You can relax if you’re worried that your teacher will be able to tell that you’re using Grammarly because it doesn’t leave any traces or a signature on your writing that would allow them to tell that you’re using it.

Most teachers would even recommend their students use the tool to help in their writing. That said, Grammarly isn’t perfect, so it’s advisable to proofreading any recommendations it may make to avoid any mistakes.

Which Teachers Do Not Allow The Use Of Grammarly

Check out these other top picks in this category:

Language Teachers

While most teachers recommend the use of Grammarly, language teachers are known to forbid the use of Grammarly in academics.

This is understandable as the use of Grammarly may be seen as cheating in such classes. Additionally, assessing students in language classes becomes difficult when students use Grammarly to correct any errors in their writing.

Keep in mind that these language teachers do not outright forbid the use of Grammarly but only in course of student training. They recommend that their students use Grammarly only after they’ve successfully passed through the course.

After all, the tool isn’t perfect. Without adequate education in the language, Grammarly may do more harm than good in the future.

So, these language teachers recommend that students understand the language first before relying on such tools.

Elementary Teachers

Using Grammarly at the lower education level is prohibited by some teachers. Students at this level of education still need a better grasp of the language in general.

Using Grammarly and other grammar-checking tools negatively impacts the education process, especially for students at that level of education.

After all, teachers expect students to learn to do basic arithmetic without the use of a calculator before moving on to use such devices once they have a solid understanding of relevant concepts.

The same applies to the use of writing tools. Students need to know how to structure sentences and how to spell before they can employ the use of such tools.

Keep in mind that these tools aren’t perfect, so the student’s ability to determine mistakes is essential when leveraging them.

Is Using Grammarly Cheating

Unlike paraphrasing tools that may sometimes be misused by students, most teachers have no reservations about students using Grammarly and other grammar-checking tools.

After all, Grammarly does not involve copying someone else’s content and paraphrasing them for your own purposes.

It simply helps students write better grammar by identifying spelling mistakes, pointing out punctuations, and even making suggestions on sentence structure.

Benefits Of Grammarly For Students

  • Easy To Set Up And Use – Users don’t need to do anything special besides installing the browser extension or the desktop application. Once it’s installed, they simply need to go ahead with their normal writing activities and Grammarly will make suggestions that students can either accept or deny.
  • Improved Readability – The assignment, email, or test becomes clearer and easier to read. Poor grammar can lead to a significant decrease in grade as your teacher may be hesitant to even finish reading your full delivery. Using Grammarly improves the readability of a student’s writing which can increase the chances of teachers reading and comprehending submission.
  • Better Grades – Chances of getting higher grades increase in language classes as Grammarly helps identify the majority of errors in any writing. Well-structured delivery can increase readability which can result in an increase in grade.
  • Improved Sentence Structure – By providing sentence structure ideas and clarity edits as you write, Grammarly makes sure your writing is understandable, succinct, and clear. Grammarly assists with identifying typical grammatical errors such as run-on phrases, sentence fragments, passive voice, and more.
  • Real-time Correction – Grammarly serves as a writing assistant while you write. It identifies problems as you go and alerts you to make the necessary changes in real time. You don’t need to finish your entire assignment or sentence to receive suggestions. It provides real-time suggestions to help make your writing clearer.
  • Improved Grammar Understanding – Because Grammarly is real-time, students know exactly where they made the error and the correction recommended by Grammarly helps students improve. It’s like a teacher telling bringing your attention to a mistake you made. You get to learn and improve by doing.
  • Accurate To A Degree – While Grammarly isn’t perfect, it does a pretty good job of accurately identifying errors in writing and suggesting potential solutions. Keep in mind that simply accepting any suggestions made by Grammarly could sometimes change the intended meaning of the entire sentence. So, it’s always advisable to ensure that the suggestion fits the context.
  • Professional Proofreader – Proofreading long essays can result in missed errors. Grammarly acts as an expert that points out possible areas that require your review making it proofreading your writing easier.

Cons Of Grammarly For Students

  • Not Perfect – Grammarly isn’t perfect as it’s unable to identify some errors. This is especially true when writers mistakenly replace the intended word with something similar. A typical example is using “text” instead of “test”, or even mistakenly using a different noun than you intended. Grammarly cannot determine which noun you wanted to use in your sentence in such cases. So, it’s advisable to still proofread your writing to avoid such mistakes.
  • Requires Command Of Language – It is not a good idea to rely only on Grammarly. Even though it’s a fantastic tool, you would be better equipped to see problems that Grammarly might have missed if you were fluent in the language. Students who do not have a strong understanding of the language may end up with sentences that do not present the full picture they intended to convey.
  • No Offline Editing – Grammarly requires access to internet connectivity to make suggestions on your writing. Students who rely fully on this tool for proofreading would be at a disadvantage when there’s no internet connectivity.
  • Doesn’t Support All Platforms – Grammarly does not work on all platforms. Relying completely on Grammarly could lead to disappointment if you end up on a platform where Grammarly does not work. That said, the Grammarly extension works perfectly on the Canvas learning management system.
  • Shortcut – Used as a shortcut by students who want the easy way out. Unfortunately, this results in problems along the line when students do not have a strong command over the language. Students should only use Grammarly for proofreading. Even in that case, a human proofreader should be used to ensure accuracy.

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