15+ Best iOS & Swift Courses & Certifications Online in 2023

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Is Swift an easy language to learn?

I’d say that if you already have a coding background in languages like JavaScript or Python then you can pick up Swift really fast. However, if you are completely new to programming, then it is just as difficult as any other programming language.

One of the best ways to learn Swift if you are a beginner is to start with a simple Swift tutorial online that focuses on the basics.

In this article we are going to look at the best Swift tutorials and training online to get you started learning Swift for either mobile app development or web development.

Through these courses you’ll learn how to build iOS apps using Swift and XCode, how to build desktop applications for the MacOS, as well as how to build web apps using Swift Vapor framework.

Let’s get started.

1. Complete React Native Developer 2023 | Zero To Mastery 
2. Introduction To Swift Programming | Coursera 
3. iOS App Development with Swift Specialization | Coursera 
4. Algorithms and Data Structures in Swift 5 | Udemy 
5. Mastering Server Side Swift Using Vapor 3 | Udemy  
6. Hacking with macOS – Build 18 Desktop Apps with Swift 5 | Udemy 
7. Complete iOS 12 & Swift Developer Course – Build 28 Apps | Udemy 
8. Build your very first iOS app | edX 
9. Learning Functional Programming with Swift | LinkedIn Learning 
10. iOS 14 Getting Started | Pluralsight 
11. Become an iOS Developer | Udacity 
12. Learn Intermediate Swift | Codecademy 
13. Decode the Coding Interview in Swift | Educative.io 
14. Learn Swift TableViews By Building An iOS App | Tutorialspoint 
15. iOS App Development Certification Course | Edureka 

1. Become an iOS Developer

Since its debut in 2014, Swift has broken ground as a programming language that’s particularly expressive, fast, and safe.

In this iOS Swift developer tutorial you’ll gain hands-on experience with Swift 5, and prepare to start developing your own iOS apps and games. The instructor of this Swift 5 programming tutorial will take you through an overview of its releases and features as well as each component of the language.

At the end of this iOS Swift programming tutorial you’ll have learnt variables and constants, core array methods, functions, classes and structs, and more.

Basically, you’ll learn everything you need to know to become proficient in programming with Swift in this Swift programming basics course.

2. Swift 5 Essential Training

Swift is the programming language for the Apple ecosystem, iOS, macOS, watchOS, and tvOS.

This is one of the best Swift tutorials for gaining hands-on experience with Swift 5. After taking this Swift programming course you’ll be prepared to start developing your own apps and games using Swift.

The instructor of this Swift online course will take you through each component of the Swift programming language that is essential to becoming an iOS developer. You’ll get to learn the Swift programming basics like data types, conditional logic, methods, functions, classes and structs.

In essence in this Swift crash course, you’ll learn everything you need to know to become proficient in programming with Swift.

3. Swift 5: Protocol-Oriented Programming

If you plan on designing and implementing software using Swift, you need to understand the protocol-oriented programming (POP) paradigm.

In this top Swift online tutorial you’ll take a closer look at POP, and learn how to work with Swift to more efficiently approach app development. You’ll begin by reviewing what POP is, exactly, and how it differs from the classical object-oriented programming approach.

Next, you’ll get into the pillars of this new paradigm: protocol extensions, protocol inheritance, and protocol composition.

Protocol inheritance is a powerful feature that lets you create more granular designs. Swift does not allow multiple inheritance for classes, but with protocol composition, Swift types can adopt multiple protocols.

At the end of this Swift developer tutorial you’ll learn how to implement a fully functional app using a protocol-oriented approach.

4. RxSwift: Design Patterns for iOS Developers

RxSwift is the reactive programming library for iOS.

It makes it easy to program dynamic apps that respond to data changes and user events. This Swift programming language tutorial provides simple design patterns, real-world use cases, and recipes that help you use RxSwift in the different layers of your application.

Along this iOS development course online you’ll learn about variables, subjects, and traits, and find out how to create simple observables. At the end of this top rated Swift course you’ll discover how to set up subscriptions and control task threading.

So by taking this Swift course online, you’ll have a new set of advanced programming skills for creating more powerful, self-directed, and simple code.

5. Blockchain Programming in iOS Using Swift

Blockchain enables decentralized encryption of sensitive data.

Once the domain of the dark web, the power of the blockchain can now be harnessed by everyday developers. This is the best Swift programming course for learning how to implement blockchain-based storage and encryption in the iOS framework using Swift.

You’ll begin this Swift programming course by explaining all the details related to blockchain technology: cryptocurrency like bitcoin, distributed ledgers, keys, and mining. Along this advanced Swift programming tutorial you’ll learn how to build smart contracts that exchange data securely with the blockchain.

Finally, you’ll learn how to decentralize blockchain even further using node-based processing and mining.

6. Learning Functional Programming with Swift

By taking up a programming paradigm that’s centered around pure functions, you can write more robust and maintainable Swift code.

This Advanced Swift tutorial prepares you to make the switch by providing an introduction to the functional paradigms in Swift. You’ll find this as the best Swift programming tutorial that covers functional concepts, first-class functions, and array functions.

Finally, you’ll dive into a few advanced concepts, including partial application and recursion in this Swift tutorial for experienced programmers.

7. Practical Design Patterns in Swift

The “Gang of Four” software design patterns have been around for decades. There’s a good reason they’re still so popular today.

These software patterns embody proven best practices that result in more functional, robust, and future-proof code. In this design patterns in Swift 5 course, you’ll learn how to implement the most useful design patterns in Swift, using features like protocol-oriented programming, type extensions, and value types.

Along this Swift advanced tutorial you’ll look at creational patterns such as Singleton, Prototype, and Factory Method.

You’ll also learn structural patterns including Adapter, Façade, and Proxy; and behavioral patterns such as Chain of Responsibility, Iterator, Observer, and State. Each tutorial includes coding examples that show how to implement the patterns in real-world projects that will transform you into one of the best Swift developers in 2023.

8. Learning Server-Side Swift with Vapor

Vapor is a popular open-source web framework that allows developers to create web apps and APIs in Swift.

In this server side Swift vapor course, Ron Buencamino dives into using Swift on the server with Vapor, as skill that is key when looking for a Swift developer job. Ron covers how server-side Swift came about, and its importance, what the Vapor framework does, and how it compares to similar frameworks.

By taking this server side Swift tutorial in 2023, you’ll learn how to set up a local development environment, install open-source Swift and the Vapor framework.

You’ll also learn how to set up a web server, and even how to deploy to an external cloud service—Heroku—to host your final project.

9. Learning Higher-Order Functions with Swift

By taking the time to truly grasp higher-order functions, you’ll go from merely understanding the Swift language to mastering it.

In this advanced Swift programming course online, Bear Cahill shines a spotlight on higher-order functions in Swift, what they are and how to use them. You’ll start this Swift course by discussing the importance of higher-order functions and the basics of closures and functions as a basis for the rest of the course.

After this, you’ll move into a variety of higher-order functions, including sort, reduce, and compactMap.

Along this Swift tutorial for experienced programmers you’ll also get to learn about passing functions, closure optimizations, higher-order functions on strings, and more.

10. Learning Server-Side Swift Using IBM Kitura

IBM Kitura is a web framework that allows iOS developers to take their existing Swift skills to the cloud.

In this Swift 5 course, you are going to learn how to get started with server-side Swift using IBM Kitura.

First you’ll start by learning how to set up a Kitura project from scratch. Next in this Swift course, you’ll learn how you can return JSON responses to users as well as how to convert model classes into a JSON format.

The course instructor will also highlight different ways that Kitura can help you read user data, as well as how to integrate Kitura with a PostgreSQL database. You’ll complete this Swift online course by looking into how to integrate a Kitura web API with an iOS app.

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11. Making Your Own CocoaPod with Swift

Having the ability to make your own development tools separates advanced programmers from the rest.

CocoaPods is a great platform to share your work with others. A package dependency manager, CocoaPods also acts as sharing hub for Apple developers.

In this top Swift programming course you’ll learn how to create a simple utilities file that you can package and deploy as a public pod. You’ll learn how to upload and release the project through GitHub, and validate and publish the pod using CocoaPods Trunk.

By the end of this Swift online tutorial, you will have an accessible CocoaPod of your own making that can be reused in any iOS project.

In conclusion…

The Swift programming language has a very promising future, not just as the goto language for iOS development, but also as a potential back-end web programming language.

Why not secure your future career by learning Swift programming through any one of these popular Swift tutorials online today? These online courses for Swift programming will give you the foundation you need to become a professional Swift developer.

Have you taken any of the tutorials in this list of the best Swift courses on LinkedIn before?

What was your experience? Please share your thoughts in the comments below.

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