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You’ve probably heard people claim that the MCAT is one of the toughest exams in the world. Well, they weren’t wrong. The Medical College Admission Test (MCAT) has 230 questions and takes 7 hours and 30 minutes to complete. It’s little wonder that so many students struggle to ace the test.

Fortunately, studying hard and well will grant you success on the MCAT. With the help of prep courses you can get ready as quickly as possible. You don’t have to spend time gathering materials, researching, or creating tests.

The only problem is the overwhelming volume of such courses out there, making it difficult to choose the best MCAT prep course for you.

Although some of them seem great, you must take these courses to know their true value. With our help, you don’t need to buy them all.

Use this comprehensive review to choose the prep course that meets all of your needs.

Before we get into the details, check out the brief summary review below. It will help you make a quick decision.

Summary and Overview

Best Overall
The Princeton Review
Best for Accelerated Learning
Best Bootcamp
Best One-on-One Tutoring
Budget Pick
MCAT Self-Prep
Best Free Trial
Price Range $2,099 – $7,299 $1,999 – $11,000 $1,999 – $8,499 $999 – $9,999 Free – $399 Free – $11,999
Questions 4,000+ 2,500+ 3,000+ 400+ 740+ 2,500+
Full Tests 10 16 17 10 3
Tutoring Option Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes
In-Person Option No No Yes Yes No No
  View Course View Course View Course View Course View Course View Course

How We Chose the Best MCAT Prep Courses

The MCAT is the only way some students can get into medical schools. There are other means, but those methods are not for everyone. That means how you perform could shape your future. Because of the test’s importance, we understand your need to get the very best prep course.

So, we found ten of the most popular MCAT prep courses online. These courses were best sellers and had high ratings on several customer review sites such as Trust Pilot. 

We then enrolled a select group of students in these courses. After several weeks of collecting their reports, we were able to create this comprehensive review. 

The reports from our students included the following information:

  1. Course options and resources.
  2. All interactions with the instructors, support rep, and other students.
  3. Use reports and features of the provider’s  websites, desktop apps, and mobile apps.
  4. Pricing and package evaluation.

Collecting this data was only the first step of choosing the best MCAT prep course. Next, we used the info to rate each course according to our criteria. This allowed us to select the best 6 out of our shortlist of ten courses. 

If you’re curious, below is a rundown of each of these criteria.

Vast Course Options

The course must offer various course formats. The course options must include live online studies or lessons on demand. Availability of in-person courses or private tutoring programs is a huge plus.

Every student is different from the next. Hence, it’s always a good idea to have lots of options. You can choose which of them works best for you.

Quality Lessons

Whether the lessons are live or pre-recorded, the video quality should be high enough to keep students engaged. This criteria considers both the lesson delivery medium and the content.

The course materials must be in-depth. They should also cover all four sections of the MCAT:

  1. Biological and Biochemical Foundations of Living Systems
  2. Chemical and Physical Foundations of Biological Systems
  3. Psychological, Social, and Biological Foundations of Behavior
  4. Critical Analysis and Reasoning Skills

If the course offers in-person lessons, then the classrooms must be highly conducive for learning. We also looked at factors like the lighting and public address systems.

Finally, we consider the credentials of the tutors and instructors. They should have the proper experience, and must have scored highly on the MCAT in the past.

3. Innovative Features

E-learning platforms are essentially SaaS businesses. They need to have a safe, user-friendly website that’s easy to navigate.

We assessed the quality of the online software used to deliver these lessons either as text or video.

We also considered all mobile and desktop apps. Features like flashcards, study planner, and offline learning played a role in our assessment of each service.

Good Value for Money

We also considered what our students got in return for every dollar they spent on a plan. By comparing the value provided by each course in relation to its cost, we were able to discover which of them offered the best bang for your buck.

Of course, we also checked to see if there were free trials or discounts. It’s always a plus when MCAT courses have their plans and packages.

Lastly, we reviewed their refund policy, checking to see if it’s reasonable or not.

Review of the 6 Best MCAT Prep Courses in 2023

Blueprint – Best Overall

Formerly known as Next Step, Blueprint is one of the most popular MCAT prep course providers in the world. Their preps focus on two main standardized tests: MCAT and LSAT.

For the MCAT section, they offer both live and self-paced course options. There’s also an option for private tutoring. All of the course options are online. There are no traditional classes.

Blueprint offers 2 to 10 full-length MCAT practice exams with over 4,000 QBank practice questions. You can get these exams as part of your course plan or as stand-alone bundles.

Blueprint’s main claim is that their students increase their MCAT scores by 13 to 15 on average. They also boast of having a high acceptance rate for their students.

Why We Chose Blueprint

High-quality videos

Blueprint MCAT programs made our list because of several reasons. One of them is their superb video quality. They offer highly interactive and visually engaging lessons that the modern student would appreciate.

Detailed, digestible content

Blueprint also has an in-depth curriculum. It covers every aspect of the medical field tested by the AAMC. Despite the complex details in their clearing content, Blueprint is still able to deliver them in bite-sized formats by using learning modules. There are about 160 of these modules.

Qualified instructors

As for the instructors, most of them have scored at least 517 on the MCAT. They are experts in the field, and our students gave positive reports on their experience with the Blueprint tutors.

1-Month Immersive course option

This 4-week course is ideal if you want to get ready for the MCAT in the shortest time possible. It’s highly focused, and also includes 15 hours of one-on-one tutoring.

Fully-Customizable Study Planner

Blueprint also offers a study planner software that allows you to create schedules easily. You can add lesson dates and times, while creating reminders for your assignments. 

MCAT Course Options and Pricing

Course Name Course Type Duration Cost
Live Online Virtual live classes 6 to 12 Months $2,699 to $3,599
Online Course Online self-paced 6 to 12 Months $2,099 to $2,849
Tutoring Online one-on-one 16 to 40 Hours $3,599 to $10,499
1-Month Immersive Virtual live classes 4 Weeks $7,299

Pros and Cons


  • Provides the best videos and illustrations compared to others in this list
  • Multiple lesson schedule options
  • Integrates MCAT prep books well
  • Course durations are longer than most
  • Highly-qualified instructors
  • Free trial available for the Online Course program


  • Slightly expensive

The Princeton Review -Best for Accelerated Learning

The Princeton Review MCAT is one of several test prep courses offered by the popular provider. You’ll find both lessons and hard copy books in their catalog.

For the MCAT, Princeton has four course options. They range from self-paced to in-person programs. You can also get some online one-on-one tutoring. The company claims to have a student improvement rate of 96%. 

Princeton offers 16 full-length practice tests and over 2,500 mock questions in their library.

Why We Chose The Princeton Review

Highly-engaging lessons

Our students mostly had positive things to say about The Princeton Review MCAT prep lessons. They were in-depth and engaging. The instructors broke down the most complex lessons in biology and chemistry with ease.

princeton review mcat video
Medical School Admissions Advantage sessions

These sessions are added to the general prep MCAT curriculum. They help to prepare students for the admissions process and increase their chances of getting accepted into med school. The sessions are handled by Princeton Review’s admissions expert, who has 20+ years of medical field experience and PhD certification.

Certified instructors

Speaking of certifications, the company sets a high bar for their tutors. They mostly have PhDs and are certified internally before working with students.

Discounts and Freebies

All Princeton courses come with special discount offers. You can save between $300 to $1,000 on a single subscription. Also, you can get access to all the biology classes in their self-paced course for free.

MCAT Course Options and Pricing

Course Name Course Type Duration Cost
513+ Course Online self-paced 2 to 3 Months $3,499
515+ Immersion Online self-paced & live 2 to 4 Months $7,349
LiveOnline Course Virtual live classes 1 to 2 Months $2,799
Self-Paced Online self-paced 12 Months $1,999
Tutoring Online one-on-one 10 to 60 Hours $3,299 to $11,000

Pros and Cons


  • The med school admission program is a big plus
  • Tutors are highly-qualified
  • Course lessons are engaging
  • In-depth curriculum
  • Lots of discount offers available


  • Quality of videos could be better
  • Slightly disappointing customer support

Kaplan – Best Bootcamp

Founded in 1938, Kaplan has become a powerhouse in the elearning industry. The company provides learning material for over 50 different standardized tests. The MCAT happens to be one of them.

There are over five MCAT course options available. These range from self-paced to live streamed lessons.

Kaplan is also one of the few providers of a traditional in-person MCAT prep program. If you prefer to learn in a physical classroom, Kaplan is perhaps the best choice for you.

You also get between 3 to 17 full-length mock tests and 3,000+ practice questions, depending on your subscription plan. The questions are available on Qbank.

Kaplan is indeed a top-tier course provider. That’s why they can boast of working with 2.1 million students each year. They also claim that on average, their MCAT students improve by 13 points.

Why We Chose Kaplan

Experienced tutors

Kaplan typically assigns two tutors to a course. These instructors all have PhDs in medical-related fields. They also have vast teaching experience and scored in the 90th percentile or higher on the MCAT.

kaplan tutor
In-person course options

You can get quality in-person learning experience with some of Kaplan’s core programs. These are the In Person Course and the Bootcamp. The latter has both virtual and physical options. We had students attend the bootcamps in Atlanta and San Diego.

Superb video quality

The curriculum in Kaplan MCAT prep courses are quite solid. However, the video quality of their online courses was even better. They had crisp images and near perfect sound quality. 

Excellent support

About 80% of our Kaplan students commended the company’s customer support team. They responded quickly and solved most of their problems. 

MCAT Course Options and Pricing

Course Name Course Type Duration Cost
On-Demand Course Online self-paced 6 to 12 Months $1,999 to $2,499
Live Online Course Virtual live classes 6 to 12 Months $2,599 to $3,099
In Person Course Physical classes 6 to 12 Months $2,999 to $3,499
Bootcamp Virtual or physical classes 5 to 6 Weeks $6,999 to $8,499
Private Tutoring Online one-on-one 10 to 40 hours $3,299 to $3,999

Pros and Cons


  • Lots of course options, including physical classes
  • Highly-qualified instructors
  • Has a useful mobile app with learning features
  • Excellent customer support


  • Answer explanations may be too vague
  • Some course options last for too long

Altius – Best One-on-One Tutoring

Altius is a MCAT prep course provider with a focus on one-on-one mentorship. The company claims that their students score 516.4, on average. They also offer various scholarship schemes to help students who deserve it.

Altius offers four main services. These are:

  1. MCAT mentoring
  2. Med school admissions mentoring
  3. Undergraduate science tutoring
  4. MCAT study materials

For the purpose of our review, we focused more on MCAT-related programs and material.

Altius offers two main MCAT course options. Both have one-on-one and small-group sessions. However, the abundance of such sessions varies with the package: MCAT Mentoring has mostly one-on-one classes, while Summer Immersion has mostly in-person group classes.

In the MCAT study materials program, you can get full access to the self-paced course. Altius also allows you to get 1 to 10 full-length practice exams, depending on your chosen plan.

Why We Chose Altius

Valuable one-on-one lessons

Tutor and student relationships are key when preparing for any test. However, most MCAT courses don’t offer their students enough one-on-one time with their students, unless you pay a lot of money.

With Altius, you can get up to 45 private sessions with a tutor. You also have 24/7 access to these tutors. This means that they can serve as both instructor and mentor for you as you approach your test date. The best part is that these services all come at affordable rates.

Lots of freebies and trials

Besides scholarships and discounts, Altius provides several trial periods for its courses. The MCAT mentoring programs come with 30-day money-back guarantees. Also, you will get a full refund if you complete the course but don’t hit the 90th percentile or increase your score by at least 12 points. The study materials have 14-day trial periods.

Some of our students got to use the free 2015 MCAT practice exam available on the Altius website.

Pacing options

Altius recognizes that students begin MCAT prep at different times. Some may do it several months before their exams. Others may wait until a few weeks before they start to study

altius tracks

No matter your test date, you can find an Altius MCAT mentoring course (Silver, Gold, or Platinum) that will cover everything you need in time. There are long-track, short-track, and accelerated schedules. What we loved about this is that the schedules don’t affect pricing.

MCAT Course Options and Pricing

Course Name Course Type Duration Cost
MCAT Mentoring Virtual 1-on-1 and grouped classes 10 Weeks to 7 Months $2,999 to $6,999
Summer Immersion Physical or virtual 1-on-1 and grouped classes 10 Weeks $8,499 to $9,999
Self-Paced Course Online self-paced 1 Year $999

Pros and Cons


  • Full, one-on-one access to MCAt mentors
  • Lots of discounts and scholarship opportunities
  • Refund policy has a specific minimum score increase


  • Although valuable, not many people can afford the mentoring courses
  • Choosing the right plan may be difficult

Magoosh – Budget Pick

Founded in 2009, Magoosh is one of the newer education companies. They have prepped thousands of students in 185 countries so far. The company offers courses for 9+ standardized tests, and the MCAT courses is one of the most popular.

Magoosh’s course offerings are quite unique. Unlike most of the others in this list, they only offer one type of program, which is 100% self-paced. There’s a free and two premium plans. The only difference between the two premium plans is the pricing and the duration of access to the course features.

magoosh pricing

From the reports we got, Magoosh seems to focus on affordability and flexibility. They  do not offer MCAT tests or questions as separate packages. You can only get them by starting the course, after which you’ll get access to 3 full-length MCAT tests and 16 to 740+ practice questions.

Why We Chose Magoosh

Valuable free trial

You can get a free version of Magoosh’s MCAT course. It comes with 7-day access, 60 instruction videos, and email support from the tutors.

Free guides

You can get a slot of free resources, including the following:

  • Study schedules
  • Study guides
  • AAMC practice test explanations
  • Study tips
Mobile app

They also offer a mobile flashcard app. The cards allow you to study on the go by providing valuable bit-sized information.

MCAT Course Options and Pricing

Course Name Course Type Duration Cost
Free Trial Online self-paced 7 Days Free
Premium Plan Online self-paced 1 to 12 Months $379 to $399

Pros and Cons


  • Super affordable courses
  • 10-point score increase guarantee or money back
  • Videos are great despite the low prices
  • Flexible study plans


  • Limited course options
  • Tutors are not as qualified as some of the others on our list

MCAT Self-Prep – Best Free Trial

As the name suggests, the MCAT Self-Prep is a 100% focused MCAT course website. The company uses a similar model to Magoosh, as they offer self-paced programs.

There’s a free plan and 3 pro plans. You can also get private tutoring. There are over 2,500 practice questions in the MCAT Self-Prep bank. However, you cannot get these with any of the basic plans (Free and Basic Pro).

The company does its best to provide premium content and instructions at highly-affordable prices.

Why We Chose MCAT Self-Prep

Valuable free content modules

You can get access to 10 content modules that cover all of the core MCAT topics. If you want to study for the mCAT and don’t want to spend a dime, this may be your best chance. However, you must be comfortable dealing with the ads.

Lifetime access

MCAT Self-Prep doesn’t have a time limit on its course options, including the free plan. When you register, you hav full, lifetime access to the study materials.

Qualified tutors

The tutors in the courses have scored high on the MCAT. They also have vast teaching experience.

MCAT Course Options and Pricing

Course Name Course Type Duration Cost
Free Forever Online self-paced Lifetime Free
Pro Online self-paced Lifetime $19.99 to $1,399.99
Elite MCAT Tutoring Online one-on-one Lifetime $299.99 to $11,999.6

Pros and Cons


  • Highly affordable plans
  • Robust and engaging content
  • Several money back guarantees


  • Average community support

4 Factors to Consider Before Choosing an MCAT Prep Course

  1. Time Before Test Date

This may be one of the most important things to consider. Although most of the courses on our list have varying durations, you still have to select which ones work best for you.

For instance, if you have 2 months before your test, you should know that a 6-month learning program won’t cut it. You need something more immersive than that.

You must also be willing to commit to taking the lessons according to the timetable recommended by the course provider.

For the best outcome, you should give yourself enough time to prepare for your MCAT exam. If you don’t have that luxury, look for a provider that offers fast-paced, intensive, and immersive course options.

  1. Preferred Learning Method

The last thing you want is to squander your money on a course with a teaching method that doesn’t work for you.

Before making your choice, ask yourself some crucial questions like:

  • Are you a self-paced learner?
  • Do you learn better when you interact one-on-one with the tutor?
  • Do you prefer online or in-person classes?
  • Are study groups a vital part of your learning process?

The answers to these questions will determine what type of program you should enroll in. That is why we added a “course type” column to our Course Options and Pricing tables. Use them to make your decisions.

  1. Schedule

Online MCAT prep courses are ideal for people with busy schedules. They save a lot of time because you don’t have to do too much research. However, you still have to match your course with your daily schedule.

We recommend that you view the course time tables when you can to ensure you can maintain the schedule.

  1. Budget

Before you set out to buy a course, you should already have a budget in place. This could be a maximum number or a range of numbers.

If the course you want seems out of your reach, check to see if they offer discounts and free trials.

Also, you shouldn’t try to find the cheapest option possible. Rather, look for a balance between quality and affordability. The key is to find the best value for your money.


Are MCAT prep courses worth it?

The MCAT prep course is worth your money. However, you still need to study hard to get a good result. These prep courses save you time and help to break down complex topics.

Is 3 months enough for MCAT studying?

Generally, 3 months is enough time to study for the MCAT and do well. If you’re using a prep course, make sure they have a program that covers all of the curriculum in that time.

Is 7 months too long to study for MCAT?

7 months is not too long to study for the MCAT. The necessary curriculum is broad and in-depth. It’s best to take your time to study at a gradual pace.

What is the most important course for MCAT?

A strong knowledge of biology is necessary for MCAT success. 

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