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Develop the skills require to build better workflow everytime. More than 70% of the fortune 500 companies use PluralSight for training their tech team.

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About PluralSight

PluralSight is an online learning platform that is popular for its immersive experience. The platform offers various learning paths, assessments, and courses designed and led by industry experts in the field of technology such as software development, web development, data science, and businesses.

Courses and programs at PluralSight are led by expert instructors from the industry. The platform has one of the most loved and immersive user interfaces. PluralSight can help you in preparing for various industry certifications, they provide hands-on coding challenges, projects, and feedback along with other features to premium users. They cross-check the quality of the courses on their platform. PluralSight have content for all skill level i.e beginner, intermediate, and advance.

The Core library (2,500+ courses) and the Expanded library (7000+ courses) are two different course libraries offered by PluralSight. It focuses on providing everyone with access to technology and the chance to advance in order to build their abilities for the future.

Pros 👍

PluralSight is suitable for both individual learner and team.

PluralSight courses are available for all skill levels i.e beginner, intermediate and advanced.

They offer persistent customer support 24/7. You can contact them by email or phone support. 

You can submit a ticket to support in order to solve your queries.

They provide you 10 days free trial so that you can check out the courses and the quality of the content.

You have an option to download the content of the courses offline and then view them at your convenience.

Their Hands-on learning feature introduces you to labs, courses, projects, and sandboxes so that you build job-ready skills in a short time.

PluralSight is also popular for its user interface which provides ease of navigation and immersive experience.

Instructors at PluralSight are experts from the industry and have good knowledge of specific subjects and skills.

Cons 👎

❌ Courses and programs are limited to some specific area of interest such as technology or business.

❌ They provide 10 days free trial but no free courses. PluralSight does not offer free courses so it may not be your cup of tea if you want to learn online for free.

❌ Courses and programs at PluralSight can be a bit costly or unaffordable.

PluralSight Pricing

Starter – $399 per annum

Professional – $579 per annum

Enterprise – $779 per annum

PLuralSight Review

Graduate Reviews

Jamie W

Jamie W

Vice President

Ratings :

“Good applications to learn new IT competencies”

Pluralsight covers every topic that you want to read. The worksheets for each subject provide a summary of our skills and shortcomings and also suggest the subjects that we would know on the basis of our qualifications. Pluralsight is indeed a social device that is friendly. This provides an indication that the site is used sometime when there is an enhancement on the homepage.

I’ll definitely communicate to your project managers. We are very responsive and able to provide roll-out support, advice and resources and we continue to track them. It made you feel like you might be valuable as a customer.

Plurality, because it gave me a quick way to fill out my tools/products knowledge lacuna. While I may understand one set of methods thoroughly, there are times when something unpredictable takes place because I have to learn a different one. The framework made it easy to keep my skills “to date” I don’t use much!



Reviewer Johanna

Johanna F

Consultant, Sales and Marketing division

Ratings :

“Polish skills with Pluralsight”

This software is a state of art technology tool that is available in multi languages so that one can download the courses according to needs. One of the best things is that it works very smoothly on the mobile even I face no issue I having the online video sessions on the mobile version of this application. Pluralsight give me freedom to get enrolled m self in certification practice exams that also includes industrial practice tests. Through its skill IQ feature I can test my gaps and strengths; this feature helps to adopt the right course choice without wasting time on hit and trail basis.

Pluralsight is highly recommended for very individual. It is designed for every organization. This platform opens new ways to interact with new technology and to modify your business according to upcoming challenges. I will recommend you to try it for brain storming of your employees which will throw positive impact on you organizational growth as well.



Alex Mook

United States

Ratings :

“I find Pluralsight to be the best IT…”

I find Pluralsight to be the best IT training I have ever experienced on-line. I have been in the IT field for over 30 years and nothing has come close to this in terms of quality and breadth of courses. My IT department of 42 people now has the benefit of exceptional on-demand training without having to spend multi-thousands of dollars on travel and in-person courses every year.


-via TrustPilot

Shareef Hiasat

Development Lead

Ratings :

“Overall Satisfaction with Pluralsight”

Use Cases and Deployment Scope
We as an IT department need to be up to date, and Pluralsight is kinda a shortcut to get short, intense courses to familiarize all teams with the same concepts.
Some Pros –
Translated to almost all languages.
Offline and mobile downloads.
Up-to-date courses.
Cons –
More ways to search/browse. You can’t filter/sort on ratings, etc.
Help center is still missing some of my questions.
Chatting support at least as premium user!
Cannot share into LinkedIn, only share post!


-via TrustRadius

Improvement reviews


United Kingdom

Ratings :

Good quality videos and courses, however both the offline player and website have constant massive technical issues and bugs:

* Very expensive compared to similar sites, which would be justified if not for all of the bugs on Pluralsight’s end.

* Online player buffers the clip completely, but then consistently and frequently stutters every few seconds. I have found no way to fix as supposedly with the clip fully buffered, it shouldn’t occur.


-via TrustPilot

Stanley D

Data Engineer

Ratings :

“Become a Cloud Engineer with Plurasight.”

I love the Plurasight user interface, most especially the dark background.
I love the fact that before taking any course, an IQ test is recommended in order to know one’s familiarity and knowledge about the course. After which a path is recommended in order to gain full knowledge about the course based on the IQ test.

However, the user experience is not really the best, because it took me a long while to understand how the site is structured (I am still understanding).

The whole path idea seems nice but can be really stressing and confusing due to too many unnecessary videos.



Start learning on PLuralsight


PluralSight has thousand expert-led courses for learning and practicing various technical and business skills such as Software Development, Data Science, Security, IT ops, creative professionalism, etc.

Basically, Path is a collection of contents that are organized and curated by PluralSight authors and experts. These paths are further divided into beginner, intermediate and advanced levels.

Yes, you will receive a certification of completion after completing the 100% content of the video course. These certificates can be submitted as continuing education units or continuing professional education credits to CompTIA, PMI, ISACA, and ISC2.

Learning checks are short quizzes consisting of 6 to 12 questions derived specifically from the course material. It is meant for self-assessment to check your knowledge on a specific topic or subject.

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