Is Codecademy Worth It? Expert Opinions & User Reviews


Are you interested in coding, but aren’t sure where to turn? 

Programming (or coding) has become immensely popular in the modern tech world, as software programs underlie many of the advances we’re seeing across all industries. 

Coding is useful in medicine, engineering, marketing, and even creative pursuits! However, it can be challenging to learn if you’re starting from scratch. 

So, in this article, we’re going to review one of the most popular coding resources: Codecademy.

Is Codecademy worth it? 

We’ve broken this evaluation of Codeacademy down into 9 sections. 

We’ll provide an overview of the platform, evaluate content quality, review pricing, discuss the user experience, and determine if Codecademy is really worth the investment. 

Whether you’re a seasoned programmer looking to brush up on your skills or are brand new to coding, we’ll see if Codecademy is worth the hype.

Let’s dive right in!

Understanding Codecademy: Platform Overview

Codeacademy is a service that teaches its users how to code in a variety of programming languages. 

This resource has a large array of courses such as those in generative AI, prompt engineering, HTML, CSS, Python, and more! 

The goal of Codecademy is to make coding accessible to all, from university students to those brand-new to computers.

Along with its large selection of coding materials, Codecademy supplies several links to join its community on a number of platforms, such as Discord. 

Codecademy fosters a learning environment that allows both solo coders and collaborative programmers to thrive in the same space. 

Course Selection and Content Quality

Codecademy courses range in their depth, relevance, and level. 

When you sign up for Codecademy, you are asked a series of questions that give the website an idea of your skill level and goals with computing. 

From these questions, Codecademy will create a personalized dashboard that you can interact with and plan your coursework. 

When you explore the available courses, you can pick your workload depending on your goals (such as becoming an iOS developer or data scientist). 

Within these categories, there are usually multiple courses that can be completed with certificates at the end. 

It’s important to remember that, while many employers may view Codecademy certificates as legitimate, others may not!

In terms of course design, Code Academy’s content is of excellent quality. 

Many of the course designers have advanced degrees in subjects like mathematics, computer science, machine learning, and other related fields. 

Codecademy’s offerings are right in line with current industry trends and standards. With certificates in machine learning and AI, Codecademy remains a progressive learning platform for people of all ages and tech backgrounds.

Pricing and Subscription Options

Pricing is broken down into three categories: individuals, students, and teams. 

For individuals, Basic Codecademy enables access to all free courses and learning resources, but app access is limited and personalization is not available. 

The next tier, Codecademy Plus, gives you access to most of the content on the website as well as the app, but does not grant access to job-related content. 

Lastly, Codecademy Pro is best for users who are looking to transfer what they’ve learned on Codecademy to a professional space or industry.

For exact pricing, Pro is $20 per month, while Plus is $15 per month. For the amount of content and expertise that you get access to with both subscription options, there is great value for purchase found at Codecademy.

User Experience and Platform Interface

The user experience and platform interface at Codecademy are unparalleled, in our opinion! 

It is easy to navigate by course, goal, and level. In terms of course accessibility, there are options for people of all backgrounds. It clearly states whether a course is beginner, intermediate, or advanced in the course description. 

Additionally, Codecademy will only recommend courses to you that are within your skill level. 

Real User Reviews: Success Stories and Critiques

To get a relatively unbiased user review analysis, Reddit can be a good resource. 

Reddit users express that Codecademy is useful overall, especially for computer science grads who are looking for a way to regularly refresh their skills. 

Additionally, others point out that it’s a great resource for beginners, but does not move the needle for more seasoned programmers and scientists. 

Lastly, past reviews were concerned with Codecademy’s transferability, but that has since been addressed by the website’s dedication to the career readiness of its users.

Pros and Cons: A Comprehensive Analysis

To begin with the pros, Codecademy is an accessible resource to learners of all backgrounds!

Additionally, Codecademy provides an interactive learning environment for its users, which keeps them engaged and eager to begin the next lesson. 

It’s safe to say that Codecademy has spent time investigating how to support new learners of programming and other related skills. 

However, Codecademy can improve the depth of content that is offered as it would be beneficial for established programmers to derive value from this platform. 

Additionally, the transition to real-world programming from Codecademy can be challenging, as their interface is so user-friendly and may not reflect some of the software products that are often used. 

Lastly, the one-year cost of Codecademy Pro or Plus must be paid upfront, which presents a barrier to entry for some learners.

Is Codecademy Worth the Investment?

Yes, Codecademy is worth the investment, if you’re dedicated to learning how to code1 

Codecademy’s courses and programs are easy to follow while still offering a tremendous range and relevant content. 

You do not need to pay for a subscription to access the site’s valuable content, especially if you’re just starting out with coding. 

When you have a good foundation established, it may be a good idea to branch out to other resources or to initiate your very own coding project. 

Summarizing the Verdict on Codecademy

You’ve made it to the end of this review of Codecademy – nice work! 

As we’ve explored, Codecademy is a vast and useful platform for a newer coder getting their footing with programming. 

Coding can seem like a totally foreign concept to beginners, so having a resource like this democratizes coding and gives all people the opportunity to engage with and possibly build new tech. 

Wishing you the best of luck in all of your future coding endeavors!

Josh Hutcheson

E-Learning Specialist in Online Programs & Courses Linkedin

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