Syllabus Of All Courses:

1) Positive Psychology Practitioner Certificate:

Topics Covered:

Module 1: Positive Emotions and Love 2.0

Session 1: Positive Emotions

Session 2: Positive Connections

Session 3: Upward Spiral of Lifestyle Change

Module 2: The Power of Character Strengths

Session 1: What are Strengths, Why Do They Matter, and How Do You Use Them?

Session 2: Your Unique Signature Strengths

Session 3: Character Strengths – Your Pathway to Fulfilment and Well-Being

Module 3: Positive Education: Transforming Children, Parents, and Schools

Session 1: Introduction to Positive Education

Session 2: Bringing an Apple to School – The Power of Gratitude

Session 3: Teaching Stillness in Schools – The Role of Mindfulness and Meditation 

Module 4: Resilience and Post-traumatic Growth: Pathways to Success When Facing Adversity

Session 1: What is Resilience? Maintaining Our Capacity to Cope During Times of Change and Challenge

Session 2: What is Post-traumatic Growth? The Potential for Traumatic Events to Produce a Meaningful Life

Session 3: Helping those Who Help Nurture and Maintain Their Resilience

Module 5: Happy Together: How Positive Psychology Can Help Improve Relationships

Session 1: Is Love all you Need? 

Session 2: The Importance of Practicing Positive Emotions & Slowing Down to Savor Experiences Together

Session 3: How Seeking out Strengths Together Can help us Stay Happy Together 

Module 6: The Need for Altruism to Build a Happier Life and a Better World

Session 1: Altruism as a Win-Win Situation – From Personal Experience to a Global Level 

Session 2: In Which We Show That True Altruism exists and could be Enhanced.

Session 3: Dealing with Contrary Forces and Considering Solutions and Interventions.

Module 7: Mindfulness in Positive Psychology: The Adventure of Meditation and Flourishing

Session 1: What is Mindfulness and why is it a beneficial wellbeing practice?

Session 2: Mindfulness in Positive Psychology – The MindfulnessBased Flourishing Program

Session 3: Mindfulness Enhancing Meaning and Purpose in Your Life

Module 8: Integrating Positive Psychology and Health 

Session 1: Health, Mental Health, Bio-Psycho-Social Health – The Evolution of a Complex Concept

Session 2: How to Deal with the Experience of Disease: Individual and Family Resources

Session 3: The Challenges of Preserving Health: Positive Intervention Models

Module 9: The Science of Happiness

Session 1: What is Happiness, What is it Good For, and what are its Myths?

Session 2: Is it Possible to Become Happier? If so, How?

Session 3: Other Benefits (and Possible Costs) of the Pursuit of Happiness

Module 10: Positive Organizations and Leadership

Session 1: Positive Leadership – The Impact of Positive Practices on Organizational Performance

Session 2: The Heliotropic Effect – Why Individuals and Organizations Thrive When Experiencing Virtuousness

Session 3: Positive Energy – A Largely Unmanaged Resource in Organizations.

Module 11: Positive Psychology Coaching

Session 1: Introduction to Positive Psychology & Coaching

Session 2: Positive Psychology Coaching – Key Tools & Techniques

Session 3: Positive Psychology Coaching in Practice

Module 12: Meaning and Purpose: What Really Matters

Session 1: Introduction to Meaning in Life

Session 2: The Meaningful Life

Session 3: Searching for Meaning

2) Meditation and Mindfulness Teacher Training:

Topics Covered:

There are a total of 30 sessions covered in this course which will lead you to a well-qualified meditation teacher.

Session 1: Intention Setting

Session 2: What is Meditation?

Session 3: Meditation Techniques

Session 4: Teaching Breathing Meditation

Session 5: Challenges in Meditation 1

Session 6: Meditation in Movement

Session 7: Reactive vs. non-reactive way of being

Session 8: Authentic Self

Session 9: Opening and Closing Sessions

Session 10: Teaching Loving-Kindness Meditation

Multiple Choice Questions – Part 1 of 3

Session 11: Taking a Meditative Break

Session 12: Scientific Benefits of Meditation

Special Section (1): Mindfulness-Based Flourishing

Session 13: Mantra Meditation

Session 14: From Auto-Pilot to Choice

Session 15: Enhancing Meditation Teaching

Session 16: Dangers of Meditation

Session 17: Teaching your 10-minute Meditation

Session 18: Challenges in Meditation 2

Special Section (2): Mindfulness Games

Session 19: Meditation vs. Mindfulness

Session 20: Mindfulness Practice

Multiple Choice Questions – Part 2 of 3

Session 21: Challenges in Meditation 3

Session 22: Mind, Body, & Emotions

Session 23: Smiling Meditation

Session 24: Meditation & Emotions

Session 25: Challenges in Meditation 4

Special Section (3): Organizational Mindfulness

Session 26: Doing vs. Being

Session 27: Active Meditations

Session 28: Teaching your own 20-minute Meditation

Session 29: Feedback

Multiple Choice Questions – Part 3 of 3

Assignment – Upload Your Sample Meditation


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Session 30: Wrap-Up

3) Mindfulness-Based Meaning Program:

Topics Covered:

Session 1: Packing your Backpack for the Journey

Session 2: Noticing and Capturing Meaning

Session 3: Deepening your Sense of Mindfulness

Session 4: Connecting the Dots” Identifying Meaning in your Life Story

Session 5: Experiencing Meaning in your Daily Life

Session 6: Mindfulness Meditation

Session 7: Beyond Personal Meaning – Connecting with a Greater Cause

Session 8: Mindfulness and Meaning – Bringing it all Together


4) 30-Day Mindfulness Course:

Topics Covered:

Day 1 – What is Mindfulness?

Day 2 – Strengthening Mindfulness

Day 3 – Mindfulness Practice: The Power of Intention

Day 4 – Formal vs. Informal Practice of Mindfulness

Day 5 – Obstacles to Mindfulness – and How to Deal with Them (1)

Day 6 – Mindful Life = Productive Life

Day 7 – Mindfulness Meditation Techniques

Day 8 – Mindfulness Myths

Day 9 – How to Establish a Daily Practice of Mindfulness

Day 10 – Benefits of Mindfulness Practice

Day 11 – Mindfulness: From a Reject to the Coolest Kid on the Block

Day 12 – Mindfulness: Healing our Fast-Pace Society

Day 13 – Doing vs. Being

Day 14 – Mindfulness and Happiness

Day 15 – Positive Mindfulness: How Mindfulness Leads to Flourishing

Day 16 – Mindful Observation: Shrinking our Patterns

Day 17 – Mindfully Compassionate

Day 18 – Healthy vs. Unhealthy Thinking

Day 19 – Mindfulness in the Body

Day 20 – Obstacles to Mindfulness – and How to Deal with Them (2)

Day 21 – Short Mindfulness Breaks

Day 22 – How to Deal with our Negative Emotions Mindfully

Day 23 – Mindfulness is not about being Passive

Day 24 – From Auto-Pilot into Healthy Choice

Day 25 – Mindfulness Games: Light-Hearted Approach to Practice

Day 26 – Mindfulness Infuses your Life with Personal Meaning and Purpose

Day 27 – Mindfulness in Movement

Day 28 – Obstacles to Mindfulness – and How to Deal with Them (3)

Day 29 – Meditation vs. Mindfulness

Day 30 – Mindfulness Adventure Completed: Moving Forward

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