Neil Gaiman Masterclass Review

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Syllabus of Neil Gaiman's Masterclass

  1. Introduction

  2. Truth in Fiction

  3. Sources of Inspiration

  4. Finding Your Voice

  5. Developing the Story

  6. Story Case Study: The Graveyard Book

  7. Short Fiction

  8. Short Fiction Case Study: “March Tale”

  9. Dialogue and Character

  10. Character Case Study: “October Tale”

  11. Worldbuilding

  12. Descriptions

  13. Humor

  14. Genre

  15. Comics

  16. Dealing With Writer’s Block

  17. Editing

  18. Rules for Writers

  19. The Writer’s Responsibilities



Neil Gaiman's Masterclass Review

Robert Wood

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When the MasterClass began, I doubted Gaiman’s ability to assess the nuts and bolts that the average author needs but, while it took a little while for him to really start labeling tools, he succeeds, and you’ll leave his class with at least a couple of tools you won’t find elsewhere.

Whether it’s worth your money is a matter of your personal budget, but I will say that if you’re definitely willing to spend the price of admission on good writing advice, this is the place to spend it


Ratings :

I’m enjoyed it–Gaiman is one of my favorite authors, and there are some excellent bits of advice in there–but it definitely trends downward when it comes to whether it’s for beginners VS advanced writers. It’s all excellent advice, but I feel like I’m already following most of it.

The valuable part of the class comes when he talks about his works in detail–what he wanted to convey, why he chose to do certain things, etc. If you’re familiar with the books you can get a lot out of that.