Nanodegree Vs College Degree

Varun Joshi, Full-Stack Web Development, Udacity (2019)

Let’s take my own example.

I did not do well in my Engineering Entrance Exam but luckily I got into Computer Engineering in a decent college.

For 4 years, I studied almost 40 subjects, most of them legacy content. All the new advanced stuff was limited to basics. Let’s be honest I think the only good thing college provided was the choice of pursuing Computer Engineering. It introduced me to programming languages. Other than that, my college degree has had very little impact on what I currently do. A college degree teaches you how to memorize things and not how to implement it.

Now let’s have a look at my Udacity nanodegree. I am a graduate of Udacity’s Full Stack Web Developer ND. 

The concepts I’ve learned while doing this program completely out weigh the stuff I learned in college. Projects are related to what you learn & are not easy to complete. You need to do a lot research to accomplish it. They make you think and implement something out of the box, and that makes you a better developer. I’ve been maintaining my Github profile since I took the nanodegree and I’ve seen tremendous progress. The community is super helpful and mentors provide all the help & guidance you may need.

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