My Experience of Udacity’s Data Scientist Nanodegree

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Today We are going to talk about udacity’s nanodegree program.
So, what is Udacity? What is a nano degree program? And which nano degree program are we talking about…..

Today we are going to talk about udacity’s data science nanodegree program.

Udacity is a platform where you can do online courses, just like udemy, linked learning, Coursera.

Udacity is an online platform where the trainers and the educators are highly professional.

The data science nanodegree program of Udacity is prepared and taught by the tech experts and the CTOs of big companies such as Uber, Starbucks, Google, etc.

That is why they are a little expensive compared to the other platform we will discuss later on.

We are going to discuss three things in udacity’s nano degree course,

The whole review of the course and the
benefits you will get after doing all these courses,
a ratio of cost to certificate whether it is valid or not

But before we do that, let’s understand what the course is about, whether you know about data science or not.

When you open and watch Netflix, you see recommendations of various movies; for example, if you watched Lucifer, you watched dark, stranger things, so you will get to see that kind of movie as the suggestion or the recommendation, so what is this?

It is data science; data science is a very vast field, just as artificial intelligence and machine learning where these kinds of tools are used and mathematics, statistics, and probability are used as well through which the output can turn out to be perfect to the users.

So let’s start with the data science nanodegree’s review.

So first of all, when you will purchase this course, you will see a kind of interface which is visible on the screen where there will be an option of program home and the moment you click program home you will get to see a lovely view of the classroom where you have to clear the mild stones to project by project.

Let us see the syllabus now.

They have beautifully designed the syllabus.

First of all, they have mentioned the welcome to the nano degree program where an introduction is conducted with your trainers, with your educators are all the educators.

Then you will get 2 or 3 projects related to data science. The first project mentioned is “write a data science blog,” which we made through the medium. So if you want to learn to blog, this course will also teach you that the next project is to “optimize your data profile,” where I learned how to optimize my data profile.

Earlier I did not have so many repositories. Then when I did this course, I added the repositories I added up the projects.

Then comes the next part: software engineering. All the programs that have full stag development and have programming languages and prepare a dashboard are taught under this category.

Then comes the data engineering under which there are two projects categorized as “Disaster management pipeline” and the other one is “improve your LinkedIn profile.”

I have improved my LinkedIn profile, and my profile is now much better than ever; and everything was included in this course, and I have utilized this course pretty well.

Then the next comes the recommendation system with IBM, and I worked on this project as well.

And the last project was named the capstone project, which was quite a long project, and under this, I worked on a dog breed classifier project which was quite an exciting project.

statistics, git & github, data visualization, SQL, Python all these things were included in this course

in this course under extra curriculum which many of the people leave, so you should also use this section, I wanted to learn spark so I learnt it from here and by this way you can use all these.

Now, what are the benefits which we would get from this course?

the first point which we covered is the features, that what all things are included under this nano degree program,

so when you see the program home option there is a study plan option there, you can mark there when you want to study whether in the morning or the evening or the afternoon according to that you can set up your plan, this is one of the best features which I felt was very good because I had a study plan, you can plan as per your wish how so ever you want to study.

One more good thing about this course is that they have focused not only on the studies but also on professional things such as LinkedIn, get a hub. All these things have been given proper focus.

They also have a help center where you can chat with the peers.

They have a system where one can communicate and interact with each other; here I can chat. For example, I can clear my doubts I can directly clear all of the doubts.

Here all the peers chat and ask their doubts which is very rare in various other courses.

These are the benefits which I feel are different about this course and now, at last, let us talk about the certificate,

when we complete the course, there is an option available which tells graduate when you will complete all the projects. You will complete the course. Then you will get an option of graduate and the moment you will click on graduate,you will get a certificate.

certificate photo

Now let us talk about the last point, which is the ratio of the certificate to cost. The moment I clicked graduate, I got the certificate congratulations Shubham you have earned it,

now I can add this certificate to my profile, I can share it but can I get a job using this certificate?

For this certificate and for all these things how much I have paid, when you will see the udacity’s nano degree program and when you will click enroll then you will see the price of 82,236 which is very expensive for an average student,

so is the value of the certificate worth 82000 rupees of investing and from my experience I would like to tell you that I do not want to hurt anyone, anyone’s feeling, anyone’s passion, for doing this certification but in today’s date skills are valued more than the certificates and if you are improving your skills by paying 82000 for this course,

working day and night for your skills, the things you didn’t know and you are now master of that thing then yes 82000 rupees is worth payable but if you have opted this just for a certificate then paying 82000 is not worth it better you can do diploma from any of the government colleges or else do a small course.

So these were some of my insights, updates, reviews about udacity’s a nano degree program,

Job Scenario

Currently, data scientists are one of the highest-paid professionals, and there is a considerable need for skilled and certified data scientists. 

As per Forbes, an average Data Scientist in America earns an annual salary of $120,931

Very few people can process the data successfully and derive valuable insights from it.

If you think you can be one of them, then don’t let your passion die. Also you can find data science jobs on Jooble.

I hope you have gained some knowledge from this and if you haven’t gained any knowledge tell me in the comment section so that I can improve more and can make more detailed videos, that’s all for today. Thank you for watching. Keep watching the train with Shubham.

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