Mapping your way out of stress caused due to online learning

Online learning and online Gurus are the new “Go-to” thing. With a year since learning has completely shifted online, many of you might have been subjected to anxiety, stress, discomfort caused by the idea of a long day online, and more. Hence, here we are to guide you through managing stress caused by online learning.

Mapping your way out of stress caused due to online learning

Stress management for online studying isn’t a new topic of discussion. However, it certainly is about perspective. The way we deal with online stress, incorporating a positive learning experience is upon us. It is essential to identify the kind of stress or emotions you are feeling while studying online. Ask yourself, are you overwhelmed while you’re studying online? And if you are, what is causing it? Have you been focused enough?

While you adapt to learning online, you might have to figure out how to deal with the new-age living of an online study setup. Unlike the group study sessions with your friends, or the times where your friend’s notes saved you from failing the exam a day prior. With online learning, you are now on your own. Read on to understand what might be the cause of your stress and how can you deal with stress caused online.

The anxiety of not learning enough

While students are used to the usual physical and mental involvement in learning at an institution, the energy spent on learning a topic satisfies the pupil. We feel a sense of productivity on our regular days. However, with online classes, students aren’t just exerted but also are anxious about not learning enough. Or have doubts about the subjects they might be pursuing.

It is natural to feel doubtful and anxious about something where you’re expected to teach yourself anything based on material online. Here’s how you can deal with it. Talking to your peers, discussing with them about the topics that interest you might not just help you grow confident but also increases your knowledge-sharing capacity.

Peer pressure and distraction

Stress is also caused due to peers learning online who might not be as interested as you might be, Or distractions caused by people or social media might create tension among students too. When you’re amidst the roller coaster of learning and distraction, you are either distracted easily or are stressed as you try hard to remain focused. This focus struggle doesn’t just trouble the student but can also cause headaches, irritation, and more. When you find yourself stuck in a plane of distraction and want to figure a way out. Here’s what you can do – Focus time yourself. Time, for how long you can go about without being distracted. Keep a check on how long you can stay away from social media and your peers.

The duration doesn’t matter. It can be 20 mins or two hours. ‘Your focus time’ is what matters and you should stick to making yourself productive in that duration.
Identify your focus group: It isn’t difficult a task to know who is really interested to grow online. Engage yourself among peers who intend to create a better learning experience online just like you would wish to. Creating online study circuits among peers not only helps you focus but also keeps you engaged and positively entertained.

Take breaks & hydrate

Constant presence online stresses students too. Make sure you take breaks. Break yourself from your online learning sessions and keep your devices away for a while now and then. Engage in a short walk or get up for a small talk with anyone at home. You could also spare some time out for your family or pets.
It is also important that you eat well and keep yourself hydrated. Keep your body active, having a sound body and mind keeps you balanced and focused. Managing your stress can be a huge task in itself. However, this is the beginning of a new future. Set your mind towards the goal and work hard towards it.

Take time off to write and read

While you’re constantly expected to engage online, read and submit documents online. You must give yourself a break from online documents and write on a sheet of paper. Hence, maintain a journal. Write your notes down while you study. Maintain a journal or a planner to ensure you’re noting your progress. This will not just break the monotony of the screen time but also, ensure refreshingly tracking your progress. Changing your study medium will surely help change your mood.

Talk to your mentors

Be it the topics of difficulty, distractions, or even the stress you feel. It is always best you communicate about the stress you are going through. Talk to an elder about managing your moods and the stress caused by online classes. It is easier to cope up with the situation with the right guidance. Your mentor or an elder can help you balance and mind map concepts better and sooner online with ease.

By taking time off, socializing, and focusing on growth rather than stressing over the method of learning can keep your stress levels in check. Learn new courses and skills online to hone this time of staying at home and keeping yourself safe amidst the pandemic.

Stay home, stay safe and keep learning!

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