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Exam Edge is a great platform for students to clear exams. Exam Edge promo code is a great way to save money on their services.

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Why Should I Choose Exam Edge?

There are various reasons why Exam Edge has become an industry leader in the world of online exam and test preparation. Out of them, we will explore some features which really make Exam Edge stand out from the crowd. 


With Exam Edge, you always have an option to study and give your practice test from the location and time you want. Their system is quite adaptive and will detect your device automatically. 

Like you are giving your exam or test on pc and because of some reason you need to stop the test or exam right away, so next time you restart your exam through your mobile phone then the Exam Edge system will automatically pick you up from where you left. 

Also, you’re practice exam or test will be available all 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. All you need is to have internet access in order to take your exam or test.You get best offers in exam edge black friday sale.

Unlimited Test

It’s one of the most popular reasons for choosing Exam Edge. This Unlimited test feature means that your practice tests will never expire.

You can take them anytime, anywhere where you feel more comfortable.

Testing and Review Process 

Exam Edge tries to create a real and unique practice test environment in which you will feel extremely close to the actual test. This rigorous practice test which is taken many times makes you feel comfortable in the real or the actual test or examination process.

This removes the discomfort and anxiety that one may feel during the actual test or examination. This does not happen with everyone but demotivates the person facing it downgrading his or her performance.

There is one exception or you can say a difference between the actual test or examination and the Exam Edge practice test and that’s the guidance on your decision that where you are right and where you are wrong.

Exam Edge system guides you on every question that you are right or wrong, additionally, it also explains to you that how and why you are wrong.

This review process makes sure that you don’t need to wonder about your references and study materials in order to find out that why you are wrong and where you need to improve.

Not only Questions

Exam Edge’s practice tests not only prepare you for tackling and solving the questions but also prepares you to optimize your performance under pressure. Nowadays, test and certification exam tries to measure your performance under pressure in addition to extracting out your level of knowledge. 

With that practice of solving the entire test questions as a puzzle, you feel more confident and comfortable to walk into your exam and pass it with decent scores.

Exam Edge Refunds:

Exam Edge does not provide any kind of refund if you have already used their practice test or exam. No matter in which mode on which devices you accessed the exam or test but if have accessed it then no refund will be entertained except in some specific cases which end only by contacting customer support. 

In case you have really not accessed the practice test or exam then you can contact them and ask them to start the refund process. If you have placed two orders for the same test or exam then don’t worry you will only be charged for a single practice test or exam.

What is Exam Edge 100% Pass Guarantee?

Exam Edge is confident in its practice test which is the reason why they provide a 100% Pass Guarantee. This 100% Pass Guarantee states that Exam Edge will allow you to retake each of the practice tests you’ve ordered up to 10 more times in case you did not pass the corresponding test within 2 months after the completion of the Exam Edge practice test or exam sets.

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Exam Edge Customer Care 

In case of any issue with the refund, accessibility, login, or the practice tests you can contact Exam Edge by calling them on this number -> (215)-853-2943. 

You can also contact them on their email support@examedge.com. In addition, you also use their contact form to send your query in detail.

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What Makes Exam Edge Different From Others?

Exam Edge unique features

Ya, Exam Edge is not only the online test or exam preparation platform available, there are many others. That’s the reason why you need to know that why Exam Edge is different from other online test or exam preparation platforms.

Don’t worry, for that we are here, and in this Exam Edge promo code we will tell you what makes Exam Edge different from other online test preparation platforms. 

Being used to and feel comfortable in the actual exam or test is important for your mind to be calm and with the Exam Edge practice test you will find an exact copy of the actual test experience.

In addition to that, you will get valuable feedback on getting your question correctly or wrongly answered. 

Exam Edge review and feedback during the test will provide you easy to understand actual explanation for each answer making you more strong and confident about the actual concepts and it’s fundamental.

Their online practice test has three different options for customization with the help of which you can manipulate and change it to your style of studying or practicing. 

The first option is known as Timed. As the name suggests this option will make the practice test a timed practice test. This is the best option to practice when you have your exams really near. With the help of this option, you will feel the same pressure as you will have to face in the real exam. 

The second option is “No Time Limit”. As the name suggests this option will provide you the freedom to give your practice test as per your time limit so that you get a chance to explore each and every question before selecting an answer for it. It is best for the initial days of exam preparation when the exam is not really near.

The third and the last is the explanation mode. This mode is can take your confidence to the next level. In this mode, the question serves as a study guide providing you the freedom to explore the answers as you continue to give your practice test.

Exam Edge Review:

Exam Edge Promo Code

Exam Edge is one of the most popular online test preparation platforms helping a lot of students to pass their exams. Test or exam preparation has evolved synchronously with time and nowadays students are more focused on online tests or exam preparation rather than offline ones. In this post, we will share various Exam Edge promo codes with you with the help of which you can enroll in their courses at an affordable price.

Exam Edge claims that they can help you prepare for a certain examination or test faster than you’ve ever thought possible, even if you suffer from Test Anxiety, this, along with various other features are the reason why it has become the industry leader in online test preparation. 

Exam Edge works with various institutional partners such as CACVT, Rochester university, Southern University, etc. to provide you a variety of practice test that helps you to crack any big exam or test. 

They work on providing an actual test environment to the students. Giving mock tests and exams on the real pattern removes the anxiety and the odd feeling that one feels during the real examination.

Their practice test covers the same questions, patterns, and skills that one requires to claim a passing score in a certain examination or test.Get exciting offers on exam edge black friday sale

Exam Edge offers the practice test and exams for various industries which we will cover later in this post. Testing and exploring any online platform services is always a nice feature, Exam Edge also provides this feature known as the “Take a free Sample test” available on the test pages with the help of which one can take a free sample test to explore the value and quality of the content or practice materials.

In this Exam Edge promo code, we will also have a look at the reason’s why we should be choosing Exam Edge for online tests or exam preparation.

Exam Edge is serving its clients since 2006, so you can understand its experience and how long it has been for them to exist in this online test or exam preparation industry.

These were a bit detailed review of Exam Edge as an online test and exam preparation platform. Let’s check out that why should you choose Exam Edge over others.

Exam Edge Is For Which Type Of Test Preparation:

Exam Edge has a lot of practice tests for various industries. You can say that the practice tests are classified on the basis of relevant industries. In this Exam Edge Promo code, we will be telling you that the practice test catalog is divided into which industries. This can help you a lot in selecting the right practice test as per your aspirations.

Let finds out which practice exams and test are available on the basis of the industry – 

  • Accounting
  • Business
  • Canadian
  • College Placement
  • Dental
  • Financial
  • Fitness
  • Government
  • Healthcare
  • High School
  • International
  • Medical Laboratory
  • Nursing Nutrition
  • Optometry
  • Pharmacy Technician
  • Radiology
  • Service Industry
  • Teaching
  • Veterinary

From the above list, you might get an idea of the variety of industries for which Exam Edge provides practice tests. Some classifications also have a sub-category, for example, in the business industry, the practice test will also be covering the basic fundamentals of accounting, financial, business, etc.

Most of the categories above are the sub-category of the Healthcare industry which is one of the largest industries in the world working day and night to save mankind. Medical laboratory, nutrition, pediatrician, pharmacy technician, veterinarian, optometry, dental, fitness all are part of the Healthcare industry.

Various students use Exam Edge for the preparation of the test or examination taken for the healthcare industry.

There are hundreds and thousands of colleges all over the world. The placement of every college can not be unique and extremely powerful as every year lacs of students end up completing their graduation or post-graduation.

For scoring good marks and become eligible for your dream company Exam Edge provides Education practice tests that are extremely beneficial for the students of colleges, high school, or intermediate.

For the Test in which countries does Exam Edge provide practice materials?

Most of the Exam Edge practice test sets and packages are created and designed for an individual taking a certification exam or test in the United States. 

However, there are practice test sets and packages for the test in other countries. There is a specific classification for the Canadian certification exams or tests as discussed in the type of preparation block.

More than 200 Canadian exams are available, and more than 100 exams are available for other countries. 

You can easily avail of attractive discounts for the preparation of various certification exams in your countries with the help of these Exam Edge promo codes.


Online learning is on the boom, and so as online preparation whether it is for a test, competition, or certification exam. Students are loving these new ways to learn and practice online.

Exam Edge is a popular online test preparation platform offering various practice tests or mock tests which helps students to learn, practice, and pass the required exam faster than they think they can.

Exam Edge offers a 100% pass guarantee which means that this online preparation platform has confidence in the quality and the pattern of their test materials.

Exam Edge also has some videos that can guide you to navigate through the website, manage your study materials and gain specific knowledge about the test.

With the Exam Edge promo codes given here, you can save a lot on purchasing the practice test or exam sets and start your test preparation as soon as possible. 

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Also, exam edge black friday sale and exam edge cyber monday sale is a great way to save more bucks.

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