DeadMau5 Masterclass review

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Rating 8/10
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Rating 8/10

Syllabus of DeadMau5 Masterclass

  1. Introduction
  2. The deadmau5 Process: Theory

  3. The deadmau5 Process: Practice

  4. Building Your Home Studio

  5. Developing Melodic Structures

  6. Turning Melodies Into Arrangements

  7. Introduction To Synthesized Sounds

  8. Experimenting With Modular Synths

  9. Digital Vs. Analog Synths

  10. Shaping Sounds With Effects And Processing

  11. Beats: Part 1

  12. Beats: Part 2

  13. Structuring Songs

  14. Remixes

  15. Mixing

  16. Mastering

  17. Mastering Case Study: Snowcone

  18. Starting Your Producing Career

  19. Understanding the Music Business

  20. On Stage: The Music

  21.  On Stage: The Technical Side

  22.  On Stage: The Show

  23.  Closing


DeadMau5 Masterclass Reviews

Genefe Navilon

Ratings :

This MasterClass has a lot of personality. It’s snarky, funny, and one that I think, should not be taken too seriously. If you know deadmau5, then you know what you’re in for.

You’ll learn a lot technically, for sure. You’ll learn how to develop your chord structure. deadmau5 will teach you the basics of his approach to gain structure, Qing, and limiting. The course covers a lot in music production.


Ratings :

After watching the whole series of video lessons, I would recommend the deadmau5 Masterclass to anyone slightly newer to making music (or beginning to take music seriously) and/or interested in hearing insights from a big name in electronic music.


Ratings :

The deadmau5 Masterclass is a great course for someone looking to enter the EDM music production realm. It would also be valuable for someone who is more advanced, just to see what another producer’s process looks like.

Masterclass has done something pretty cool with this course. They are allowing you to try it before you buy it… Take the deadmau5 Masterclass and if you love it, you might consider taking the Armin Van Burren Masterclass!


Ratings :

Deadmau5’s live performances are always exciting. Unlike some other EDM performers, he uses his DAW live. Instead of recording everything in advance.

He does not like to play it safe and just hit the play button. Manipulating sounds on the fly keeps him engaged and ramps up the excitement.