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About Data Science Dojo

Data Science Dojo offers online and in-person data science bootcamps in Redmond, Washington. Data Science Dojo believes that anyone can learn data science, and provides comprehensive, hands-on training that helps students jump into practical data science, including R programming, AWS, and Azure tool. The curriculum is taught by experienced data scientists covering both data science and data engineering. All students participate in an in-class Kaggle competition against their peers.

Pricing Options

The tuition at Data Science Dojo ranges from $2,799 to $9,999, depending on your choice of course and location. For example, the full-time data science and engineering course costs $3,499, while the part-time data science certificate program costs $2,799.

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Graduate reviews

Kalin Yanev

Technology Consultant

Ratings :

Data Science Dojo is an amazing boot camp – it worked perfectly well for me although I have certain background in statistical analyses and ml itself. I believe that same would apply to various types of experts (as it was the case within my class itself) since the camp provides a very ambitious overview of almost anything that may concern a data scientist – from the field itself to the important big data engineering.

-via Course Report



Ratings :

This online course was excellent. The main professor is, not only an excellent instructor, but a super approachable person. He even add classes to complete the program since we got delay because we asked so many questions. He is totally patient. After that, I wanted to check another bootcamp, which I am doing right now in a very prestigious university and it is not half as good as Data Science Dojo.

 -via SwitchUp


Eytan Bensoussan

Technology Consultant

Ratings :

Data Science Dojo was effective in forcing me to level up quickly and rigorously, there’s nothing like being in a room for five days learning data science.



Ratings :

The instruction of the bootcamp was really top notch — both Phuc and Dave were great. This bootcamp serves as a really solid and surprisingly thorough introduction to data science. The take-home course materials seem to be a really valuable reference. Specifically, I found the random forest, bagging, boosting, and cross-validation sections to be very useful.


  • Easy to use
  • Offers quality content
  • Very transparent with their pricing
  • The price matches the quality
  • Beginner-friendly


  • A bit expensive
  • Free users get a relatively small amount of courses and other content

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