15+ Best Character Design Courses & Certification Online in 2022

While having a degree in animation is already a great achievement, most employers will need to see a portfolio of your work to ascertain your skills as a character designer.

Even if you don’t go the traditional way of a college degree, if you want to learn character design online and become a freelance designer, you’ll still need to get your hands dirty with the best character design courses and certifications online.

These character design tutorials will teach you color theory, digital painting, and how to draw Manga and Anime like a pro.

So you’ll be able to work with the description handed to you by your editor or director to develop drawings that actually reflect a character’s personality.

In this article, we are going to look at the best character design courses and certifications online to help you learn 2D game character design and animation. You’ll also pick up some skills in Blender and Clip Studio Paint.

Let’s get started.

1. The Complete Art Drawing Course: Draw Characters Like a Pro | Udemy 
2. The Ultimate Character Drawing Course – Beginner to Advanced | Udemy 
3. Character Art School: Complete Coloring and Painting Course | Udemy 
4. Manga Art School: How to draw Anime and Manga Course | Udemy 
5. The Ultimate 2D Game Character Design & Animation Course | Udemy 
6. Create Game Characters with Blender | Udemy 
7. Ultimate Guide to Drawing Animated Characters | Udemy 
8. Complete Guide to Realistic Character Creation in Blender | Udemy 
9. Character Design For Animation in Illustrator | Udemy 
10. The Ultimate guide to drawing cartoon characters | Udemy 
11. Character Design for Beginners | Udemy 
12. Character Modeling: Master the Anatomy of 3D Characters | Udemy 
13. Create Detailed and Poseable Character in Adobe Illustrator | Udemy  
14. Blender Character Creation Masterclass – Orc Warrior | Udemy 
15. Digital Painting in Clip Studio Paint – Character Design | Udemy 

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