Blockchain Council Review 2021: Should You Enroll It?

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The average completion rate for Blockchain courses is more than 2x industry standards. With Blockchain, you learn Blockchain today and apply it tomorrow.

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About Blockchain Council:

Over 5000 graduates have chosen blockchain Council over a few years, and the number is increasing Day by Day.In this section of the Blockchain Council Review, I have covered some.

Due to some great features such as expert training, In-depth blockchain use cases, lifetime access to courses, globally acknowledged certificate, and flexible schedule.

They have built Great partnerships over time which of the renowned associations like:

  • Softblock
  • ABCA (American blockchain and cryptocurrency Association)
  • MIG blockchain consulting
  • Shinelearning
  • Brainchain
  • Blockchain learning

And many more like this mention all on their official website.

Some of the unique features of this Academy are scholarships, EMI options, lifetime access, access to webinars and events, short courses, and certifications.

Reviews Of Earlier Graduates

Bilal Abuarjah

Associate at Rain | Financial markets

Ratings :

I’m happy to start this year with a professional certification from the Blockchain Council. It’s always great to learn, especially when it comes to Blockchain as I truly believe that Blockchain and Crypto adoption will keep growing and become the backbone of our financial ecosystem.

My major takeaway is understanding which platform and consensus algorithm would best fit a particular use case.

I would definitely recommend this certification to anyone who wants to learn something new!

-via Linkedin


Marketing Intern at Tata Steel

Ratings :

Blockchain technology is more than just a cryptocurrency, which is emerging rapidly with a vast scope in the future. Blockchain acts as

Owing to this multitude of benefits and features, companies are now shifting their centralized and traditional working system to this trending and futuristic technology #blockchain.

I have completed the “Certified Blockchain Expert” Certification by Blockchain Council. This course develops a completely practical application of blockchain technology in cryptocurrency.

I would like to thank New Delhi Institute Of Management for arranging this certification program and Encouraged us to continuously upgrade with the future

-via Linkedin

Lale McNamara, Dr.

Associate at Rain | Financial markets

Ratings :

Revolutionize and transform Supply Chain with Blockchain: -Remove the intermediaries to reduce costs and bring transparency, -Ensure traceability along Supply Chain, -Smart Contracts for efficiency, and no interruption

-via Linkedin

Michael Carlson

Mergers and Acquisitions Consultant

Ratings :

Just wanted to share with you my excitement over getting this certificate. This is part of my new passion that I want to build on and help others. I hate the fact I had to take a multiple choice test, but I did it and I credit Danielle Rinkoff Carlson for convincing me that “no, you aren’t the smartest in the world and others can teach you.” She said it in the nicest possible way….mwah!

Putting my money where my big mouth is. #Happiness

-via Linkedin


  • Beginner-friendly
  • Offers quality content
  • Average pricing
  • Industry leaders


  • Not a major community
  • Contents only in English

Opportunities After Course:

  • High chances of getting hired
  • Implement blockchain on business applications
  • Detailed latest Insights and advance knowledge of blockchain
Companies using blockchain Technology Now:
  • Spotify, to manage corporate issues (Musically)
  • IBM, to build a tracking tool
  • Eastman Kodak, create storage of stock photos

Offers Going On:

There are many active coupon codes throughout the year, which can help you save money on your courses.

Save 25% on live training Use Code-ILT25
& Sitewide Use Code-BCC10

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*I recommend going with yearly subscription either with basic or premium feature

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